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Manip Tips + Tricks: Pen Tool

One of the many ways of cutting an object from the background is the often-feared pen tool. This tutorial is supposed to show you how to use it and what you can actually do with it.

I hope you'll find this useful. Feedback is more than welcome, as always :heart:

Show me if you use this in a deviation, too, I am always curious!

Grapes Stock can be found in my gallery

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I've tried this over and over and it ends up more rage worth than helpful. When I 'drag"it just makes these really sharp turns or loops at the top of the Line, how do you stop it from doing that?  It also want lat me Click to add onto the path, it just keeps making a new one that in turn, will cause the sharp turn/loopy problem.
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I'm sorry, I have no clue
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Hi! This is very useful! I want to know, though, regarding the last trick: how do you open a saved path in a jpg?
Thank you!
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open the jpeg in photoshop, then go to the paths tab. It will be there.
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Always good to get a new perspective now and then, thank you for making this.
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Hi ! Your great work featured here :[link]
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I shared this tutorial here [link]
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:wave: This resource has been featured here at :iconmanipulatethis:
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How do you do it on Gimp?
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How would I know? I use Photoshop. Sorry. You'll have to figure it out yourself.
Hi, I really learned a lot from this tut. I used to swear by layer masks + calligraphy/basic brushes for cutting things out. I'm still learning the pen tool, but I think it'll be a lot faster once I master it! :D It's tricky getting the path exact sometimes still. :P Thank you so much!
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:heart: very glad to hear that you were able to add something to your skill set - knowing the pen tool is certainly valiable, but in some cases the brush method you mentioned will still be able to save your day ;)
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Thank you so much! I just cut out a lightbulb - I know, no biggie. But it's the first curved shape I've managed with the pen tool thanks to your explanation. And saved the path! Woot!
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so glad to hear my tuts are useful :love:
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I've been practicing a lot and am now cutting out models for my artwork. I will be eternally grateful to you for pointing me in the right direction :love:
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hi, i shared this great tut here [link] ... this tut is good to share, i hope you wont mind :)
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thanks for the promo! :heart:
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Up until now, it's been the Lasso and/or Mask tool for me... This is one attack I may be able to utilize.

Thanks for the tut! highly appreciated! :3
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Awesome! I have used it, but never really knew what I was doing.
I do now! Thank you!!
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I was always wondering what you used it for..
I've seen tutorials but they were just like "HOW TO USE THE PEN TOOL" and didn't really specify what you were supposed to do with them.
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