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Manip T+T - Creating Fire

I've been asked how I create believable fire as seen in my image On Fire, so here are some pointers and my method of adding flames :aww: I hope it helps some of you :heart:

The image shown in the tutorial was created for the tutorial specifically. I'm not sure yet if it'll ever be finished (i.e. if I can polish it enough to be satisfied with the outcome), but if it is it'll be uploaded on my art account ^kuschelirmel

:new: I added a Collection to show off what you create with this tutorial!
:pointr: Creating Fire Collection
If you use the tutorial and credit it in your description, shoot me a link and I'll add it!!!

:bulletred: This tutorial exists (only on dA and for free) because I've learned so much from others that I want to share what I can, too. This does NOT mean that you can take it and upload it elsewhere or use it in any other way! That includes translations! I don't care if you do it "for fun" or to make profit: you can't use it for anything but your personal education. Period. If you want others to find it, link them up!

Stock from `mjranum-stock (featuring *miss-mosh), *CAStock, ~FallowpenStock, ~Ayelie-stock and `wroth via #resurgere :love:

M O R Et u t o r i a l s

:dalove: More Tutorials

R E L A T E D p e r s o n a l . a r t

:dalove: More art at my art account

R E L A T E D u s a g e

:pointr: Creating Fire Collection
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Very Helpful. Thank you
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great tutorial thanks :clap:
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Thank you for this fantastic tutorial :)
Used it to make this:…
Fantastic thank you will use for sure . great stuff :)
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Awesome tutorial... you wouldn't perhaps know how to create this particular effect ( note the feather infront ass well as the wings in the back) 
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
I do, but it's not explained in a few sentences - there are a lot of ways to get this effect, none of which are easily explained in a few sentences. Mainly it's adding light with brushes; partially layer styles can be used, but not exclusively (that looks too generic); in any case, you need to experiment with blend modes (soft light, hard light, overlay, colour dodge are great to get glow).
How I would do it is approximately described here
    --> when the sharp lights are added behind her head and on the basket
and to an extent maybe here:
  --> especially in part 2, the spider
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Thank you for this.... yeah I've read these two tuts sooo many times, never occured to me. Sometimes I tend to want to make things over complicated, should always just remember to go back to the basics.... Thanks again for this!!!
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Very nice!  thank you!!
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Thank you alot.
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Thanks a lot
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Fire is tricky but this provides some good insights on the matter. Thank you for making this.
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you are welcome! Thank you for leaving a comment :heart:
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This is fabulous! Very helpful, I'll have to use this the next time I use fire :)
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you doing it wrong ! you missed the lights and matching colors and if you put some color on her dress it must be more than that
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
"you're doing it wrong" wow. and who are you that you think you can barge in here like that?
Do yourself a favour and read the whole thing before revealing your ignorance. If you had you'd have seen that this in fact was not considered finished and the exact things you "suggested" are suggested in the tut as well.
Bottom line: read before you comment and learn some manners. I don't want to see you on my page again, and neither do I want you to use my stock - consider yourself banned from using it.
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i haven't seen your tutorial but i had the same idea [link]
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Thanks a lot for sharing :iconburningplz:
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Thank you for sharing <3
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