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Making of Defense

To view this bigger please use the edit symbol (that wheel thingy) :heart:

It's been ages since I did a tutorial - unfortunately, I do not have as much time (and muse) for these things as I used to, so this is kinda the fast version of a tutorial: just time lapse with some comments that I hope explain some things a little better.

If you would like to know more, don't hesitate to comment and ask :love:

Time lapse speed is 5 times the original, so the original footage is around 1 h 15 min long. This is excluding searching for stock (boooooring ;)) and I think I messed up recording 10 minutes fiddling with the creature's clothes (fixing some light spots), but meh.

The video has no audio!

(so don't think something is broken & feel free to listen to whatever you like)

  • watch me do a manip start to finish
  • did you know you can tell Photoshop (also in older versions) to "blend if"?
  • why Smart Objects?

Original deviation:
Defense by kuschelirmel

Stock Credits:
woman mjranum-stock with model BiancaCaito | clothes for creature Dewfooter | head for creature wolverine041269 | staff unholy-stock | crypt OsorrisStock | cemetary faestock | extra grass mspeike | clouds Andahliasaur and (as overlay) JewelsStock | smoke texture MD-Arts | circle brush RavenGraphics | cloudy smoke brushes and photomanip brushes kuschelirmel-stock

Special shout out to DraakeT and his deviation Dementors :love:
I know, took a while to get this out, but it's finally here :heart:

Yes, I'm on youtube Icon YOUTUBE as well --> kuschelirmel
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Energiaelca1's avatar
awesome tutorial
3grrrs's avatar
Wow .. awestruck! thank you so much for this. Though I don't own PS, I think I can figure out some things in PSP
you are truly an inspiration1
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
:heart: thank you so much for the compliment and encouragemet to keep going
lauraypablo's avatar
asmazing tutorial dear Jasmin :huggle: thanks for share!!:la:
FreeSpiritFotography's avatar
This is amazing, and it can help beginners like me understand things better. How do you decide on what size a canvas will be for a manip?
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
:hug: that is great to hear!
I usually start with something around 4500 x 4500 px at 300 dpi or 4500 x 3000 for landscape / portrait formats with 1:2 ratio or around 5333 x 3000 for a 16:9 movie feeling (I don't usually stray from these ratios because they are common ratios) - this will be a decent size for printing, though you could nowadays surely go bigger with the stock available. Often I change the aspect ratio by cropping throughout my process - depends on the image I am trying to make and on how set I am on that idea. 
FreeSpiritFotography's avatar
Wow! Thank you very much for this detailed information. I've asked around and never received a response like this. Now I feel more confident going forward.
This really, really helps me a lot. :glomp:
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
you are super welcome - glad I could help :love:
xxIntricate's avatar
This is a question I've always looked for an answer for but couldn't find with detail. Thank you!
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
Pakurno's avatar
Amazing! :+fav:

When you were editing the witch's spell, why you ddin't use the Perspective tool instead of Transform?
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
because old habits die hard :giggle: I've been using Photoshop since version 6, lots of tools weren't around then and I got used to getting along without them. When new tools come around I often need a reason to try them (a tutorial or someone telling me about it)... and then it needs to be memorable or I'll just forget about it ^^;
BillyNikoll's avatar
Just amazing! Thank you so much for the share!
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
you are most welcome :hug:
Prue84's avatar
This is true sorcery!

I'm in awe. :)
Danilo-Costa's avatar
This tutorial is marvelous,are awesome :heart: 
4LadyLilian's avatar
awesome tutorial thank you so much for the share I think I've fainted. Hug 
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
:love: thanks! Hope it helps!
4LadyLilian's avatar
yes so much helps Heart 
I saw things I didn't know was there photoshop :O 
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
that is so great to hear :love:
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