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Light into the Dark CSS


This CSS was originally created as promo css for the Light into the Dark photomanip contest which ran until Jan 2011. Feel free to use the css for your own journal as long as you follow the rules laid out below.

Terms of Use
  • Do not manipulate the jpg files, they are not stock images - either use them the way they are or create your own pictures. I react very allergic to colour changes and "additions" to the images. That includes slapping text on them to use as "box headers" on your front page. The images are for the journal only!
  • It should go without saying that redistributing any of the images (with or without code, altered or unaltered) provided with the journal is a no-go.
  • If you use your own images and adjust the code to fit, please credit me in your first journal- if you want to make me happy, show me what you've done, I'm curious like that
  • If you want to upload a dA journal css that is based on this one, don't just swap the images and call it yours - that would pretty much be cheating, wouldn't it? - make it your own and I'll be fine.

How to
  • You need to be subscribed to use this CSS!
  • Click "Install to Journal" just below the preview image and follow the steps.
  • All tags and stuff that you can use are explained in the preview - most are the normal html tags. There's two custom headers with the classes "title" and "t2" which will give you the headings. And another one called "footer" for the bottom part with the line at the top and the dark font colour.

But the font in the preview isn't the one I see when I install the CSS!
If you do not have Tempus Sans ITC installed on your system (I think it comes with Windows or maybe with Office) the font displayed will fall back on Verdana or Arial - it's not the nicest thing, but it's not a bug either.

More Help:
This journal was coded in gruze-style - if you need help on the customizing part (i.e. which code to use inside your journal) you will still find Journal CSS - Part 2 useful (even though it was written for the old style journals). My other tutorials on CSS can be found here

:heart: Comments are always welcome and cherished - even if I may not have time to reply to all.

Stock Credits: lantern by ~Pieceofmestock, brushes by ~missfairytaled, !Kikariz and ~SoleNero

EDIT 20.2.2011: As the contest has been over for a while now I changed the image and the text to reflect that. I also made some (very) minor adjustments to the code, so no need to re-install, it was just me being nitpicky ;)
© 2010 - 2021 kuschelirmel-stock
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SakuraNights's avatar
Downloaded, thank you! <3
VictoriaFallArt's avatar
Hi, so sorry to mither you. I installed this beautiful skin today but the images are not showing up? It also seems a bit compresssed and it’s just showing black. Is it me doing something wrong as per usual or? 

Preview -…

Thank you you so much for your time x 
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
the preview does not look like it'sbased on this css at all, so maybe you are getting it mixed up?
I just tried to use it on my journal and the images work fine as far as I can tell
VictoriaFallArt's avatar
Oh sorry! I’ve changed the journal skin now. Thank you for your reply though :)
NoxYukianesa's avatar
Aora-Li's avatar
Hello~ I've been using this skin for years (before I decided to delete everything and start from scratch.) I was curious if there will ever be a front page css for it. I don't know if it's been requested or not or if it's even something we may even be able to commission off of you~

Thanks again for the wonderful skin~
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
Thank you for the wonderful words! I'm afraid there won't be a front page skin nor do I do commissions.
Aora-Li's avatar
O goodness. No worries though~ Thank you so much for replying though. I'm honestly surprised you did. ^^ :heart:
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
I always try to reply (though honestly sometimes the emphasis is on "try" ^^; )
Aora-Li's avatar
Lol. Well, I appreciate it regardless~ :heart: HAGD! ^-^
sunnybunny1199's avatar
I haven't tried this yet, but it looks amazing! :D
jenepooh's avatar
This is absolutely gorgeous!!! :O :clap: :love:
ArikarinLair's avatar
Hello! I'm currently in the process of writing up a journal with this skin, and I can't seem to figure out how to add a second heading such as "Don't Forget" and "Light into the Dark Contest Winners" in this example. I've tried looking at tutorials, but can't seem to understand. Could you possibly instruct me on how to add a second heading? Thank you!
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
if I remember correctly, you need to use <div class="title">title here</div>
ArikarinLair's avatar
Oh, yes that worked! Thank you so much! I'll send a link back to the finished journal here soon! :la:
Beltaneh's avatar
Thank you for this :)
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
WinterSnow7's avatar
I used your wonderful the journal css. here
Thank you so much Heart Hug
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