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How do you learn something new?

For me this is often a quite chaotic process that I used to have a hard time grasping the essence of. But after recording my attempt to learn Photoshop's 3D feature for my image "Lost" and reviewing the footage (which I will show you in this video) I came to the conclusion that there actually are some basics I would like to share.

If you take nothing from this video, I hope you'll take away at least this: learning is not something straight forward, it can be messy and it takes time. There is no shame in not mastering something in record time and if you let yourself take said time, the outcome will probably be worth more to you than following a step by step guide in one weekend...

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LOST by kuschelirmel
original artwork with credits
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something a bit different that took me ages to complete - because hey, why not try to use After Effects to animate a shit ton of stuff trying to learn the program... but then, I guess that's all in the spirit f the video, so :D

I hope you'll like it even though the artwork is now old by internet standards and so much other stuff has happened in between starting and finishing this that the urgency with which I tackled the topic (after seeing all the dumb-ass advice of using this crisis and maybe your unemployment to optimize yourself by learning new things wile disregarding the fact that learning takes time and cannot be forced during a time of crisis when you have so much other stuff to worry about --> see the small rant I wrote when I published LOST

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You did a great job.....I remember i had tried ps 3d above all the part relative the shadows.

For sure 3d on high level is an immense ally..well if you think all movies use this and we are not able to recognize the part fake from real....this say all!

What immense mess has been the crisis of past months! 700 virologyst and medics broked our balls for 3 months each day saying us to wash the hands like we were poor cave men living into some cave :rofl: and better don't talk about the other immense mess relative lock down all........One of the most incredible shit of the story!! fined people about 400€ because walking in some immense forest without 1 soul...but i could take about the elycopter following a poor christ swimming at the sea alone ahha....and then when football has been active again tons people all to celebrate the victory of their squad in a square hahaha and anybody said nothing fantastic! I could write 3 books!

Anyway this shit has hit all i was for example ready to come back in february and the change of life has freezed all. Of course this year cool spring and all at home hahaha shit!!! Damn rarely in the past years there were springs so cool!

kuschelirmel-stock's avatar

:hug: first off, sorry for the super late reply - I just kinda forgot about this account ^^; nothing seems quite as important as it used to. Despite Germany not having a hard lockdown in spring, the whole thing has been kinda exhausting nonetheless. I have collegues from Italy and Spain and when things got worse and worse in spring it was hard just sitting behind a PC, working from home and not even being able to be there for the properly. Not that I could've changed the state of things, but I would've liked to have been more present for them while they were worried about family and friends.

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Yes hard expecially the first weeks...I remember i was ready to come back on DA with the creation of some manip on february but good mood anymore thanks the immense action of terror created by media 24h on 24 of horror details......useless extra details like horror movies! This to do business!!

Where i live i never been in real danger and i never ever seen scene of panic or similar things! but thanks media the reality has been distorted like an apocalyptic movie and this of course has destroied many things than the virus. Mistakes on mistakes + business back virus.....these have been the real issues! Today we discovered the entire lockdown was useless..........Only 4 italian cities had to be closed....fantastic shit!!! indeed the north is the only to be hitten harder. My isle in those months for example was pratically covid free.....10-15 real cases couldn't considered an issue! Thanks these shit media indeed italy expecially at the begin was considered completely dangerous....and i remember also well when america or great britain were laughing about us...thinking we were lazy people because all at home in lockdown! The fake news thanks media of those months have been more dangerous than the virus! and media still didn't learnt the lesson.....