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Journal CSS - Part 2



EDIT Jan 2014: This way to code, while still valid to a degree, is rather outdated.
You can find an updated guide here:
Journal Css Gruze Style Part 2 by kuschelirmel-stock Journal Css Gruze Style Part 1 by kuschelirmel-stock


Part 2 of 2 - the corresponding template can be found here…

This tutorial deals with custom divs: how to set them up, what can be used, what code is needed in the journal etc.

You might want to read Journal CSS Part 1 first:
it deals with the process of designing a CSS journal and of how to get the basics coded.

If you have no idea what CSS is, I suggest you read up on the basics before tackling this tutorial.
In here, I just assume you know what a div is...

EDIT: To make the right colum work properly in IE as well, add position:relative; to the div called .right - I'll update the file to reflect this asap!

Also try these links:
thespook is compiling a CSS guide (I'll link it here when it's finished), he also has a nifty Journal structur reference in his gallery.
If you speak German (or French), you can try - it's not only great for learning HTML, CSS, Javascript,... but also offers quick references on the code you can use.
zilla774wrote a news article Journal CSS Resources which has some more links to things you might find useful.
And last but not least, the link to the Lorem Ipsum Generator which also explains where that text comes from.
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Thank you very much for this great tutorial!
Here is what I made: [link]