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Getting to know Photoshop

Uploading older tutorials for migration of #photoshop-tutorials' gallery to the new groups system - I didn't remember I had this many uploaded just over there ^^;

First uploaded: December 23, 2005

Don't be afraid of all the options Photoshop has to offer - this tutorial shows you how to get started! :aww:

IMPORTANT: This tutorial was written for Photoshop 7 and therefore, some expressions may be slightly different from what Adobe uses in the newer CS versions.

:bulletblue: If you use this I'd love to see (and fave)!

:bulletpurple: For more kuschelirmel tutorials go here [link]
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Thank you so much! I couldn't have figured out Photoshop without it!!
This looks good, can't wait to study it - thank you very much :)
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Thanks for this ^^
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How do you get a brushstroke where the ends are not round? And for some reason, mine are jittery even though the brush settings have jitter off... D:
Thanks for making this tut :)
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This is so helpful, I know nothing about photoshop and am editing pictures via I am to the point where I want to take college classes in web design and photo manipulation because I have no one to show me how to use photoshop Thanks!
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thank you for posting this helpful guides ^^
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I think you have made a great tutorial for those who are starting to experiment with Photoshop. Man, I wish there were something like this back when I first tried to software - my feelings were pretty much the same as your about closing the whole thing or at least trying to search guide for everything I tried to do with it, which wasn't much. :D
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You're welcome.
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Kann man das auch auf deutsch bekommen? Ich würde mich riesig über so eine Anleitung freuen!!!!
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
sorry, aber meine tuts gibt's nur auf englisch. ich weiß die begriffe auf deutsch meist nichtmal...
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