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Frozen Valley Guide

This is a short recap of my deviation Frozen Valley (you can find the proper stock credits at the original).

The images included in this guide have been assembled to form a looping animation which can be found here

It is based on a post in my photomanip blog, which can be found here.

:bulletpurple: I hope this helps you some - just don't expect a walkthrough. If there are points that you would like me to elaborate on, please tell me which!


:bulletblue: Layer Masks Explained on ~photoshop-tutorials
:bulletblue: Manip Tips & Tricks: Pen Tool
:bulletblue: Curves and Adjustment Layers, a video tutorial
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used this for inspiration here [link]
pifkesmacker's avatar
Haha, it's funny how you made a norwegian winter look serene. It's actually no fun. At all. Trust me on this one.
Anyways; beautiful art!
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
I'm not much of a winter person and can't find much fun in our German winters - so I do believe you :) And thank you!
Neitin's avatar
amazing tutorial dear.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge
KippenZ's avatar
Amazing! But this is not a hut, this is a Norwegian church.
atheas's avatar
Nice work,
the only thing i needed to comment is that this is not a norwegian hut, it's an old church from the year 1350 :)
stonechat's avatar
Amazing work! i love ur style of manipulation.
Lupsiberg's avatar
Thank you very much for sharing :bow: :iconasnowmanplz:
DeepBlueDesign's avatar
What a great tut! Just what I needed. If and when I finish the manip I'm working on right now ("dancing on ice" thing) I'll send you the link if you like. In the mean time I just wanted to let you know that you helped me out on a tricky point or two! :)
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
I always want to see what people do with my resources :D I'm curious like that :giggle: glad I could help :#1:
Raziel017's avatar
Hi! I followed your tutorial and applied it here..although they look identical i tried to add more variations of my own i hope you like it=)

kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
they do look identical. Which leaves me wondering if you read the introductory paragraph at all... if you think that beyond trying to figure out how to do certain stuff by creating a copy, this was actually worth uploading, it's your prerogative :shrug: I'm not going to argue with you about lack of originality, you have to know how much your "variations" make this stand out.
Raziel017's avatar
I understand, i apologize if they looked exactly the same i studied the approach and used the same stocks so i can better understand the tutorial. i tried to put in my own approach to it but i think its not good enough, ill try to make them better next time.sorry about that.=(
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
it's not about "good enough" - it's about originality. If you think it's original enough to be in your dA gallery, when all you did was copy a tutorial that wasn't meant to be taken word-by-word in the first place, then okay. I am just a bit disappointed that all my tutorial seems to have been good for was to use the three stocks I used and basically copy the image. You wouldn't have needed a tutorial for that in the first place. If you're happy showing the world how well you can do that though, I won't be the one to tell you to take it down.
Raziel017's avatar
you dont need to. ill take it down, thanks for the tutorial its really great. hope you come up with more great tuts in the future.=)
MagpieMagic's avatar
Fab tutorial. Layer masks are fabulous, especially for blending backgrounds. :-)
ULTRArei's avatar
Looks great :) But the second version in the Color/Contrast segment has it's own charm which appeals to me more than your finished deviation. What helps you decide what color to use in a finished piece? Is it your mood? The music you were listening to at the time? Or maybe you already have a story/message behind the image that you try to show with the color you choose?

Would love to hear your thoughts/inspirations ; )
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
hmmm, it's very hard to say. it may be any of the options you listed depending on my overall mood I guess. For this one, I think I got so lost in my "one-million-ways-to-colour-this" that I ended up asking my boyfriend ^^; which depending on his mood may or may not help me along :giggle:

So mostly, I tend to go with gut feeling. Sometimes I will also consider which colour would fit the mood I am aiming for best (so here more blue tones instead of the purples mixed in to make it more lonely and cold). But there is no "one way" really ^^;
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