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Easter Step by Step Part 1



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 What you will & won't learn in this video:
After we looked at some advanced lighting in the last video, this time I decided it would be nice to have something to follow along. In part 1, it concentrates on cutting techniques, including how to combine different methods (pen tool, layer & vector masks, quick selection, refine edge -- for clear edges, good transitions, blurry transitions, fur and hair etc) and then in part 2 goes on to explain a little about quickly setting up some lighting and a nice glow effect to make everything blend together nicely. The stock you will need is listed at the bottom.

 Quick Finder (total length: 33 minutes):
Part 1: 01:08 different cutting techniques (Layer Masks, Vector Masks, Pen Tool, Refine Mask Tool, Quick Selection Tool)
Part 2: 00:00 basic lighting techniques (blend modes, gradients)
Part 2: 07:00 basic glow

 More Video Tutorials:


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Manip Tips + Tricks: Pen Tool by kuschelirmel-stock Manip T+T - Cutting Techniques by kuschelirmel-stock ManipT+T Layer Masks Explained by kuschelirmel-stock

More Tutorials in general:

Overview: Photoshop / Photomanipulation TutorialsThis is an overview of the Photomanipulation / Photoshop Tutorials available in my Gallery. Some are a little old (still using PS7), but the principles are still valid (even though some of the really old ones may seem outdated aesthetically). Generally, the further down in each list, the newer the tutorials. Tutorials with this symbol youtube Icon  are video tutorials - the newer ones can also be found on my youtube channel.
At the bottom, you will also find a list of possible future tutorials, a collection of ideas. If you have something I could add to this list, do feel free to comment and let me know!
Photoshop / Photomanipulation Tutorials Overview
Note that some tutorials would fit in more than one category, but I chose not to repeat them!

For Beginners
If you are new to Photoshop / Photomanipulation,
 or in my gallery folder.

Aaaand I'm on youtube Icon YOUTUBE now as well --> kuschelirmel

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Eggs by SarahharaS1 [x] ~ Bunny by Miguel-Santos [x] ~ clouds from kuschelirmel-stock [x] ~ brushes used (not necessary, but maybe useful) kuschelirmel-stock [x]
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You rock! Your tutorials are so informative, well-paced and practical. You have created such a fantastic resource and I am sincerely appreciative. Thank you for all your hard work and willingness to share your knowledge. Plus your final pieces are magical. Have a blessed day.