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Digital Darkroom Tutorial

Sorry, this tutorial is OFFLINE until further notice

To view the tutorial, follow <strike>THIS LINK</strike> tutorial offline until further notice

Artist's Comment:
:phew: So here it is - the monstrous Darkroom Tutorial.
I had the idea last September and have been working on it on and off ever since. Had I known it would take me *this* long, I don't know if I would've started on it... I just hope it's worth it and people will find it useful!

:pointr: Please tell me what you think of it! I'd also love to see the deviation(s) where you got to use something you learned from it :aww:

~ Removing unwanted parts (phone masts, skin blemishes,...) ~
~ straightening crooked images ~
~ removing distortions from images ~
~ shooting & stitching panoramas ~
~ canvas size & crop tool ~
~ using levels ~
~ using curves ~
~ using hue/saturation ~
~ using channel mixer / black&white
~ using color balance ~
~ adjustment layers vs. image > adjustments ~
~ combining adjustments ~
~ removing red eyes ~
~ adding borders ~
~ adding text ~
~ adding a watermark ~
~ save for print & as deviation ~

and it is loaded with tips and tricks on using Photoshop and making the most of its tools!

Hopefully, this will be useful for photographers and photomanipulators alike :aww:

Please Note:
Just because you altered your image a little with one or more techniques from this tutorial does NOT mean it is a photomanip! A manip consists of more than one image by definition. You can submit your altered photos to the photography category (there even is a seperate Digital Darkroom category if you want to put emphasis on your alterations) as long as the photo was taken by you! If you didn't take the picture and are practicing Darkroom Techniques on stock, please use your scraps or if you must the Digital > Miscellaneous category. It is not fair to the photographer to do some touch-ups (no matter how long it took you) and then upload the result as if you took the pic - give credit where credit is due, please. Read more about the difference between Digital Darkroom Photography and Photomanipulation here [link]

More Tutorials
There is a list in the tutorial itself [link] including all further tutorials mentioned within the lessons and some additional ones, too (plus a list of outside resources used for this tutorial).
You can find more tutorials written/recorded by me in my Tutorials Collection in my own gallery as well as in my faves: Photoshop Tutorials ~ Photomanip Tutorials ~ Miscellaneous Tutorials ~ as well as at ~photoshop-tutorials' gallery

Special Thanks
goes to `bluem00n, ~Healersmoon and *MultiCultureFruit for beta reading - you girls rock! Another big thank you goes to Fiona (aka $chix0r) for offering up some of her server space so you don't have to download this monster :D

Suggestions for additions/alterations as well as critique and/or praise are always welcome! :heart:
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ahrianna's avatar
I would love to have this if ever you bring it back online. Your work is tremendous & incredibly inspiring. Thank you again for all you have shared.
abasg's avatar
very nice tutorial
justalittleknotty2's avatar
Bring it back for download please, I would really like to check this one out
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
I'm sorry, it's not possible to bring it back at this point, but the parts will be included in future tutorials and some are already in the ones that are available in my gallery.
LucyKitsch's avatar
I hope it comes back online soon. :\
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
it might not I'm afraid :( But I plan on redoing at least some of the parts and putting those online as individual tutorials, so there's some hope still ;)
sorry, just saw the rest of these messages. I'll be on the lookout. Thanks so much
Just wondering if this is likely to come back online? It sounds like an amazing piece of work.
Al-bionic-dust's avatar
The link is borken T_T Could you fix it? I will be forever greatful!!!
Thanks for all your tuts! ^_____^
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
teh link haz been br0ken for a while cuz teh tut is offline until further notice (just as it says in the artist's comment)
Al-bionic-dust's avatar
oh, okey, I've missed that note in your comments, sorry, I will be waiting))
saturninevenfall's avatar
I'd like to download the tutorials, but they're not avaiable :/
Katerina423's avatar
oh no! why is this amazing resource down? :(
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
we had problems with the server and had to remove it, I'm afraid.

it'll come back piece by piece on my blog [link]
Katerina423's avatar
OK... so seriously watching your blog now. :boogie:
I will get creative with linking to it in The Photography Resource Guide :D
DerGerm's avatar
When will the tutorial be back online?
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
the parts will be online at my blog Daydream Believer - I doubt I will put it up as a whole again, sorry.
DerGerm's avatar
obtusellama's avatar
too bad the site is down :(
intellideas's avatar
Great Tutorial. Can't wait to download it. When do you think it will be available again kuschelirmel?
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
it'll probably make a reappearance on my new blog in single posts - blog is [link]
TheOn3LeftBehind's avatar
Yeah, I'd really like to use this tutorial! I hope it shows up on your blog. : )
Steal-Midnight's avatar
The link doesn't work.. : /
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