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Curves and Adjustment Layers



This is my very first video tutorial, so be gentle!
I hope to work on the occasional stuttering in the future...
And for all the folks who wonder: that accent is German ^^;

DON'T press download, it'll screw up the aspect ratio and look like shit instead of letting you actually download the file.

I explain the Curves Adjustments (contrast, brightness & colour adjustments) as well as the difference between Image > Adjustments > Curves and a Curves Adjustment Layer and what makes the latter so interesting (not only for photographers but for manipulators, too).

Photoshop Version:
Even though I'm using CS3 Extended, this will work in all Photoshop version from PS 7 and up (below I don't know - in Elements most likely not because that's not a full Photoshop version).

File Size:
over 20 Mb so be patient, let it load a bit before you start it to prevent it from hacking up.

approximately 6 minutes

A BIG BIG thank you goes to `DigitalPhenom for helping me set this up :heart:
Image size
800x618px 20.72 MB
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