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Crack and Peel

Uploading older tutorials for migration of #photoshop-tutorials' gallery to the new groups system - I didn't remember I had this many uploaded just over there ^^;

First uploaded: July 15, 2005

Honestly, the result is quite crappy (compared to what I'd do today) but the principles in this still stand. I'd still start out the same way as in the tutorial - I especially recommend the part about not letting the cracks cross over multiple fingers ;)

IMPORTANT: This tutorial was written for Photoshop 7 and therefore, some expressions may be slightly different from what Adobe uses in the newer CS versions.

:bulletblue: If you use this I'd love to see (and fave)!

Stock by ~liquid-venus-stock (girl), ~parker-stock (texture), ~janograf2 (texture), ~PrettyBrush (brushes). It'll work with other stock as well of course.

:bulletpurple: For more kuschelirmel tutorials go here [link]
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Hi there!

I've featured this wonderful tutorial over on my blog, PhotographicShortStories :) photographicshortstories.wordp… Thank you for sharing this beauty!

Have a lovely day,

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Thank you so much for this tutorial!
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Thank you very much for your great tutorial. I've learned something new!…
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this is great..
ps - i only have ps3!! lol but the same applies there.
     - i also have no speakers, am very glad that this tutorial is not an audio. i have been wanting to lean this technique however most tutorials are not written as is yours. I really appreciate this.
hugs, miapicassa
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Ich hab Englisch auch "nur" gelernt. Wenn Du etwas nicht verstehst und Hilfe brauchst, warum versuchst Du dann nicht wenigstens auf englisch zu fragen, damit Dein Gegenüber eine Chance hat zu verstehen was Du willst. Versuch's doch mal mit Google Translate, hat bei mir ja auch funktioniert, um Dein Chinesisch zu verstehn ;) Besser als ein Chinesisches "ich verstehe nicht" da zu lassen, mit dem ich nichts anfangen kann wäre es allemal. Oder was erwartest Du von mir?
Vielen Dank für Ihre Geduld und Übung.
Mein Englisch ist nicht gut, es gibt keinen Weg, um genau drücke ich sagte, ich will tosay, vergessen Verständnis.

Thank you for your patience and tutorial .

My English is not good, there is no way to accurately express I said I want tosay, forget understanding .

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I hate this tutorial. haha j/k I LOVE IT! Very straight to the point, very informative, and Im sure you already know its been featured as on of the best photoshop tutorials on many lists online! good for you! Ive added it to my folder for tutorials and Im going to go and give you a watch as well :) thank you again
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very informative , thank you
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This tutorial is COOL! 
Thank you! 
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Can't wait to try this, getting back into graphic design, photo manip. and ugh, wonderful!
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Thats amazing o.o instant fave!!
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