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City CSS

The code as well as the images are in the zip-file.
To use just follow the instructions in the read_me.txt

There are some custom divs included here (for the headings and the feature box), to use those try orienting yourself in the file journal.txt.
In this file is a dummy journal (the one in the screenshot) you can copy & paste into your own journal to test which code will do what.

If there are any questions left, please read my tutorials before contacting me.
Should this not answer your question, feel free to write me a note.

Picture used from

Rules are in my journal
~ the pictures in this file are not stock, you can't manipulate them to fit your needs (that includes changing the color) - either you use the css the way it was intended to be used or you use your own images ~
© 2006 - 2021 kuschelirmel-stock
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you could make a New York City stock background pack

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it's not my image, it was stock from elsewhere; I've been to NY a long time ago with a tiny point-and-shoot camera, so nothing that would hold up to today's expectations (and no night pics neither)

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can i use your skin?
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This is very pretty. <3 Thank you for making it!
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This is beautiful! Good job. But I've never used CSS before. How do I code or programme it into my journal?
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"The code as well as the images are in the zip-file.
To use just follow the instructions in the read_me.txt"

just as it says in the artists comment
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...Do I download it? I'm sorry, I'm completely lost. I don't even know how to get to that.
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yes, you use the download button to the left of the image. then you need to unzip it which should work on windows just by double clicking and following instructions - or right click on it and choose "extract here" or something along those lines (I've got a german OS). If it doesn't work, go to [link] and download winrar. it's free and it will unzip just about anything :)
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Hey, thanks for posting!

I edited your template, and this is what I got: [link]

Thank you :]

I left a credit in the footer.
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Hooray for city journals!
CrimsonCrescent's avatar
I love it.

I;m going to use it.
Thank you. <3
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nice template, I'm using it as my journal skin, thanks! :#1:
hikaraseru's avatar
Lovely stuff *A* Using!
mokongloko's avatar
i used it! thank you very much! :D

PierEighteen's avatar
I really like this layout. I'll be using it for a while! Very nice work! :D
DarkraiDreams11's avatar
please excuse the confusion earlier... but now i think i need some help about this... actually, just about every CSS that i've tried using so far won't work properly for me.
none of them have let me extract the files... which it should do if it's a zip file, correct?
it tries to send it into Word or notepad or something... and what shows up usually looks like a lot of boxes and things....
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
that is a problem that has nothing to do with the css or the zipping on my end. you have to actually use one of those programs to open the archive. if it doesnt do it automatically, right click and choose "open with" and then the programme.
DarkraiDreams11's avatar
i've already tried that, but it still comes up as if it were another language my computer doesn't understand.
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
I can't help you, I'm not a computer expert.
sinbad269's avatar
oo, v. nice, will use straight away :D
sinbad269's avatar
sweet, just posted, looks the business. credited you also btw ;)

Poisonedkitty's avatar
I'm using, just clicked send;
Took me a while to get it to blend and not do weird things;
but it's looking quite spiffy now.
Of course I credited you. :nod: [link]
NimsaYNerd's avatar
nice! I'll use it, do you want me to credit you in my journal or something?
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