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Basic Vexel Tutorial

:phew: I've been wanting to make this for ages.. or so it seems to me at least.

I hope this will help some of you and I'd appreciate it if you could give me some feedback here, whether you like it or not ;P
And if you don't mind, please show me what you're doing with it - I'm curious!

The flower used as reference in this tutorial is from my own stock and available here [link] for your practicing pleasure.
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I may ask, have you given permission for comercial uses anywhere for this vector? or posted the vector somewhere? I was buying my school supplies and saw a notebook with that EXACT vector, except they added a butterfly and glitter and changed the hue a bit, i couldn't actually take a photo since my brother rushed me. It was a Norma notebook I think, I'm not sure if there's a Norma industry or something in U.S if you want to sue them or talk.

anyway, it's a beautiful tutorial, it will help me with vectors in class, which is a pain in the back sometimes :no:
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there was no permission given for the original, however, anyone is free to redo the vexel themselves according to the tutorial and do with it as they please :)

thank you for being so thoughtful to tell me :heart:
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thanks so much :love:
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Thank you. That could be usefull for me.
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I used what I learned from your tutorial here: [link]

Thanks so much!
wonderful tutorial, although i dont like the final result..
but for sure very useful !
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wonderful tutorial. I am definitely giving this a try, thanks
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I love this tut, but, I should've listened and started with a flower. xD



A flower would've ended up nicer. o:

Great tutorial, by the way~ ;u;
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Hi!! :wave:

First of all, thank you for making this great vexel tutorial..i haven't been able to find good enough ones that explain the whole procedure like you did! =)

I do have a question..obviously, vexelling a flower is much easier than vexelling an animal..and specifically a dog..a furry, i just would like to ask if there are any tips that you could give me..are there any steps extra that need to be done, or anything at all that i have to keep in mind?

I'd really appreciate your help! and thanks again!
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I don't know much more about vexeling than what is in this tut, I'm sorry ^^;
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ok..=) thanks anyway!!^^
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Great tutorial! Thank you so much! This is a style I've been wanting to try out for ages, and I finally managed to find the time to search for a tutorial and try it out!
Here is my result: [link]

Again, thank you! :hug:
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great to see its being used! :hug:
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Lovely Tutorial, Im sure my students will find it helpful!
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thank you!
what are you teaching?
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I teach photoshop, Illustrator, life drawing and painting.
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This helped a freakin lot!!! :worship: Thank you soo much. [link] Here's the result after reading this.If it's not a great pain in the ass please share your opinion with me.Danke schön! :D
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Sie sind deutsch nicht wahr?
Ich wollte fragen ob sie vielleicht auch so ein Tutorial auf deutsch machen könnten da ich gerne Vexel/Vector machen würde es aber nicht kann bzw. nicht verstehe wie es geht.
Vorallem das mit den Layern verstehe ich nicht richtig.
Mir ist klar dass Sie dazu vielleicht keine Zeit haben aber vielleicht können Sie mir sagen wo es so ein Tutorial auf deutsch gibt?
Danke schonmal :)
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
es tut mir leid, aber ich tu mir etwas schwer damit ein tut auf deutsch zu machen, weil ich die ganzen deutschen photoshop begriffe nicht kenne - ich hab immer nur die englische version benutzt. du kannst es im forum von [link] versuchen - die sind echt supernett dort und helfen dir sicher gern weiter :aww:

PS: kein grund mich zu siezen ;) ich heiß Jasmin :aww:
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danke fürs antworten : D
ich dachte nur dass es höflicher wäre dich zu siezen vorallem wenn ich eine bitte habe ^^
ich werde dann mal in dem forum fragen :)
also danke nochmal und...schönen tag noch xD
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It´s really helpful and well done. Thanks for posting it!
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I need a software that can make this without me... :giggle:
I really don´t have patience to make vectors... :D :smooch:
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