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Adding Borders in Photoshop



Second video tut :D
I still hope to work on the occassional stuttering in the future...
And for all the folks who wonder: that accent is German ^^;

There will be a written Darkroom Tutorial one day - it is in the process of being made and it is a monster. I just thought some things would be nice to be shown in addition to written down.

EDIT: the Darkroom Tutorial is done! [link]

DON'T press download, it'll screw up the aspect ratio and look like shit instead of letting you actually download the file.

A very basic tutorial about how to add even borders around an image using Image > Canvas Size and how to extend your canvas to accomodate your title and signature. If that part doesn't interest you, you can skip to 3:50min and listen to the second part of the tutorial that deals with how to use brushes to pretty up your borders.

:omg: I forgot to mention that you can use Layer Styles on your image layer (and on the grouped brush layer) for some neat effects, too. Drop shadows can look kinda neat, as can strokes -- but for the love of the irmel, please don't just randomly add styles to everything you do! Try using them sparingly and try changing the settings - default settings can only get you so far, you know.

And I forgot to tell you that you can check the box that says "relative" and just punch in your amout of pixels you want the canvas to expand by - no more calculating for the lazy ones ;P ~ thank you =JohnnySix for letting me know!

Photoshop Version:
Even though I'm using CS3 Extended, this will work in all Photoshop version from PS 7 and up (below I don't know - in Elements most likely only to an extent because that's not a full Photoshop version).

File Size:
over 10 Mb so be patient, let it load a bit before you start it to prevent it from hacking up.

approximately 7 minutes
Image size
800x618px 9.98 MB
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Nice tuts...I have just started up learning cs3 and this really helped.  thank you