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United States

Hello, visitor-of-my-page. I'm Kusari-G, but you may also call me Neenja or simply Kusari. I earned the nickname Neenja because, sometimes, I wander off without telling anybody. From my friends’ point of view, it looks like I disappeared. Nowadays, I don’t ‘disappear’ as much, since I know my friends better, but the nickname stuck. I picked the name Kusari after the ninja weapon kusari-gama – a sickle and chain weapon. I think it’s a wicked cool weapon and hope to learn how to wield it someday.

As you probably can tell, I like G.I. Joe. A lot. Namely Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes (because those two are awesome – admit it). You will also see Scarlett and Junko (who ISN’T dead, dangit. No body = not dead. Show me a body, then we’ll talk). If you have any opposition to my pairings, then kindly look elsewhere.

A few things about me:
1.) Nutella is my drawing fuel.
2.) I am Chinese.
3.) Chances are, I’m younger than you think I am. Unless you think I’m thirteen. I am most certainly NOT thirteen.
4.) I enjoy writing, drawing, and composing music.
5.) I’m scared of ghosts, zombies, and people who are WAY too obsessed with something.
6.) I don't generally like crossover pairings. Crossover friendships, why not? But not pairings.

About my drawings: Don’t be surprised if my art style changes drastically from time to time. I still don’t have a default ‘style,’ so I’ll be experimenting every now and then with new concepts. Feel free to make suggestions. Who knows? You might get lucky one day and I’ll draw something you suggested.

What I will NOT draw:
- Explicit Yaoi/Yuri. Although you can expect gay jokes in some of my drawings.
- Crossover pairings. This should be self-explanatory.
- Extreme OOC. Yeah. Don’t expect to see Snake-Eyes talking (unless the drawing takes place before the accident that took his voice).
- Any canon character paired with your OC. Unless your OC is actually good and I love him/her to bits.
- Any canon character paired with you. Don’t even bother asking me to do this.

Things I would do if I had the time/skill/ability:
- Redraw all of Master & Apprentice V2 just 'cause I can
- Help draw a G.I. Joe fancomic
- Draw every goddang drawing idea I have
- Write every overly-long, overly-cheezy story idea I have
- Visit online friends in real life while wearing a mask and armed with a frying pan
- Learn Klingon
- Learn how to draw Vulcans
- Meet important people and (hopefully) not pass out from excitement
- Learn animation
- Animate a Snake-Eyes vs Storm Shadow fight.


Proud To Be Asian Stamp by Crystal-Artist
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Requests in Progress: Character Drawing for CrystalEllinon



Since there is a G.I. Joe 3 in the making, I thought I should put down a few of my thoughts. You know... to compare them to the movie once it comes out.

The Plot

Firefly is dead (supposedly), and Zartan is dead. So I think that we'll see the twins in the third movie. Also, Destro was never 'killed' on screen. Hey - maybe the liquid in his tank protected him from all the fire. We'll have to see. My prediction? Destro escapes somehow, and he's pissed at Commander. Commander hires the Twins who proceed to creep everyone else out with their finishing-the-other's-sentences thing. Destro hires (or brainwashes!) Storm Shadow to be his bodyguard and attacks Cobra, and the Joes get caught in between. Happy happy joy joy the world explodes into pieces.

The Characters

Duke - to be honest, even though I don't like this guy much, he's a pretty important part of G.I. Joe, and I wouldn't mind seeing him back on the team. How? I'm sure Mindbender will think something up.

Roadblock - why the hell did the movie say he trained with Snake-Eyes? Last time I checked, this was G.I. Joe, not G.I. EBAN (Everyone Becomes A Ninja). Yes, Roadblock is a decent leader, but he isn't General Hawk or Duke, who are my preferred leaders.

Snake-Eyes - No lips? Check. Awesome visor? Check. Uzis? Check. Suit designed for a military ninja? Uhhh... sorta? There isn't much to say about my expectations for Snake-Eyes, because Retaliation pretty much hit the nail on the head. However, I do have a slight nitpick about his outfit; it doesn't look very flexible or comfortable. not to mention it is HELL to draw.

Jinx - I must admit; I was quite disappointed with who they chose to play this character. Yes, Elodie Yung definitely fits the bill skill-wise and she's an excellent actress, but her accent throws me off and she has almost no similarities to Lee Byung-hun. Cousin to Storm Shadow? Sure. Convince me. I wouldn't mind seeing her in G.I. Joe 3, but it wouldn't hurt for her to brush up on her English.

Lady Jaye - Hair. Chop chop. Other than that, her character is well-done. It would be nice to see her interacting with Scarlett, if she's in the movie. 

Flint - Beret. Then I'll be satisfied.

Joe Colton - to be honest, I can't bring myself to care about this guy. What the hell was up with the whole 'Brenda' thing, anyways? Kill him off, for all I care.

Cobra Commander - AWESOME. OUTFIT. Retaliation did an excellent job on him. I greatly prefer the deeper voice to the Starscream-esque one. He also seems a bit smarter than the cartoon version. Can't wait to see what he'll do in G.I. Joe 3.

Storm Shadow - ah, my favorite ninja. Poor guy; he's so bitter and vengeful. Snake handing him the Sword of Justice was a way of saying, "Sorry, bro. Sorry I thought you killed our Master. Here ya go. You go kill that #@$#!" However, Storm's expression at the end obviously showed that he hasn't forgiven Snake yet, so there's still the chance of a white-and-black ninja fight in the third movie. My guess is that he joins Destro in stopping Cobra Commander ('cause the Commander would be an IDIOT to rehire a traitor) and will have to fight Snake should the latter try to stop him. Who knows? Maybe poor Tommy will have to brainwashed.  

Other Characters

Scarlett  - please please pretty please have her in the third movie! Snake-Eyes and Scarlett had such a history in the comics, just for Stephen Sommers to pair her with Ripcord just because it was 'too difficult' to show a relationship with a masked mute on-screen. If Larry Hama can do it with text and drawings, then Sommers has no excuse. Plus, it'll be fun to see someone bring out the human side of Snake-Eyes.

Beach Head  - WHY NOT? This guy is a BAMF. His job is to kick butts. Not to mention he's a good soldier. oh, but his language might clash with the movie rating...

Timber  - Snake-Eyes' faithful pet wolf. Note: I DON'T want Timber in the third movie if it means he'll die. I. HATE. WATCHING. PETS. DIE. And Snake's suffered enough losses already.

Destro  - he's going to return. MARK MY WORDS. It's going to be M.A.R.S. vs. Cobra vs. G.I. Joe.

Baroness  - screw the whole nanomites-turned-her-evil thing. I say the whole turning-nice thing is just a Cobra ploy to get her into the Pit. She's a spy, people! And it's Duke's fault. This would be a nice thing to smack right at the end of the movie - her revealing that she's still with Cobra.

The Twins  - Tomax and Xamot. Cobra's money-managers. Personally, I find them a little creepy, but creepy is sort of Cobra's thing. Plus the punch-one-and-the-other-also-feels-it thing can get quite entertaining.

Billy  - man, what I wouldn't give to watch a scene of Storm Shadow training Billy. But if Billy was in the movie, then there's the issue of, "Who's the mother?" Thus, spawning a hundred Mary-Sue fanfictions in the already tarnished G.I. Joe movie section on So, regrettably, I vote to keep Billy out of the movie.

Junko - for those of you who don't know Junko, she appeared as Storm Shadow's apprentice and lover in Master and Apprentice V2. However, since she is a generally unknown character, I HIGHLY doubt that she will appear in the third movie. Thus, I am not bringing my hopes up. and because a lot of fangirls will go nuts at the thought of Storm with anyone else but their Mary-Su- uh, I mean OC

Ripcord  - unfortunately, this guy (read: idiot) left a bad impression on me in RoC. I would prefer not to have him back. Seriously. Don't want him.


C'est tout, mon amis. I will update this journal entry as times passes. 
  • Listening to: G.I. Joe: Retaliation Soundtrack - Storm Shadow
  • Watching: YOU
  • Drinking: green tea


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