Top 10 Most Unoriginal Movies Of All Time

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I think a worse crime a movie can make than being bad is to literally have nothing new to give the audience. Might be a movie people still enjoy or even love - but since they just in the movie use what is always being used in movies, that means they do not need to think about how to make it and just automatically make them, soulless and feeling pointless to people like me.
It's all a matter of opinion maybe either way, but here we go.

10. The Shawshank Redemption
Not only do I think this is the most overrated movie of all time... but it's also incredibly unoriginal to me. It's just another prison break movie, with absolutely no new interesting twists. Yeah, it might have themes and questions in it people find interesting - but is it so wrong to have originality to go with it? It's really predictable, all the way through.

9. Van Helsing
You typecast Hugh Jackman to play the exact same character as in X-Men, but a vampire hunter instead... including having amnesia, one of the most convenient and overused plot devices of these types of movies. Dracula is silly and like a theme park attraction for kids being over-the-top and everything, and his three brides are no better - all of them being close to be comic reliefs. They force in painfully obvious love interest, the most tame and predictable mystery ever, overly modernized designs to the point of being ridiculous; even making the Monster look pudgy and friendly with a pretentious religious "shame on you" personality lacking any actual flaws or traits, just so we will see it as an obviously "tragic" character we are supposed to care for. The jokes and the action and the dialogue and everything feels like the most "by-the-book" shit ever, and it especially today feels like shit you ALWAYS see in dumb action horror flicks.

8. Avatar
People claim the visuals are something new, but I even fail to see what's new with that. The jungle of Pandora just looks like a... huge CGI jungle. The creatures looks like generic made-up creatures designed by a child and just tossed some blue colors to them. The Na'vis looks like skinny cat-versions of Draeneis from Warcraft, and they dress and wield weapins like generic natives, even with the war paintings. And don't even get me started on the laughably generic aircrafts and machines and such the humans use. And I shouldn't have to go through all the generic obvious clichéd crap with the story and characters. It's downright insulting to me. My real life friend loves it for what it is, but even he agrees with me on these points. The visuals can be as pretty as you think, but they are nothing we haven't seen before.

7. Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
This is the most loved of all the Friday the 13th movies. Why? Because it kisses the fanbase's ass and does exactly what they want, after being pissed off at them trying something new with the fifth movie. So, Jason Lives just does all the generic slasher things Jason does, making it THE Friday the 13th movie to go to to see why most people think the franchise is pretty uninspired.
People hated when they tried new clever things, such as with part 8 and Jason X, despite them being fun dumb slasher films trying to do new things with the franchise. The sixth part is arguably a fun dumb experience too, but literally giving us nothing new. It's just doing what 3 and 4 got loved for, but even more uninspired and unoriginal. Only thing is that they this time explained Jason's revival by making him a zombie... which really isn't that original to begin with anyway.

6. Yes Man
this is the prime example of why modern comedies suck. They take the same tired out concept over and over again we saw in Liar Liar (probably before that too, but I think it started the trend). It goes shitty for the male protagonist, his wife hates him, then something comes up as an opportunity of sorts, everything goes crazy for a while, but then it all screws up at one point when it seems to go well, and the protagonist thinks it's all over, but then realizes something and does something just right at the climax before it's too late, just barely. And of course, it's always about the man redeeming himself to a woman, one way or another. Click, Night at the Museum, Bruce the Almighty, The Nutty Professor, and the worst case of all... Yes Man, where it literally feels like Liar Liar to the point of having Jim Carrey again and make it feel like an uninspired continuation almost of Liar Liar. After seeing Yes Man, you could swear you've seen it before, despite it giving you a few chuckles here and there.

5. Resident Evil: Afterlife
This movie is SO unoriginal and SO uninspired and SO much only made for the money to the point of it being hilariously laughable. This actually is a guilty pleasure for me - not only is it dumb for how incredibly stupid it is written... but for how many painfully obvious clichés they throw in. It's even to the point you wonder if they threw around movie clichés here and there and then tried to half-assedly throw it all together and make it into a narrative story... which obviously doesn't work out very well. Throw in tons of Matrix rip-offs, hundreds of pointless slomo scenes, action for the sake of action even if it's not needed, copy and paste things from anything we can find. Oh, and once again like in the previous movies throw in some monster; like Licker in the first one, Nemesis in the second one, and the main bad guy with the tentacles in the third one. Who do they have this time? Oh, Executioner from the latest game... but this time, let's not really explain what the hell this monster is - just throw it in, along with the las plagas - we'll just assume people playing Resident Evil 5 will jerk off to it while everyone else will get incredibly confused.
It's like the movie was made by a machine... just wow.

4. Silent Scream (2005)
This is even worse than Friday the 13th Part 6. This is just a "I don't give a shit what I do" slasher film. Just throw in all the annoying and frustrating things in modern slashers, and there we go. I'd say it's almost self-aware - but that would suggest the director gave a damn. And this just feels like a complete noob trying to make a cool and hip slasher movie... like, a 10 year old kid or something. Even use the tagline "no one can hear you scream in the woods". It even goes to the point of throwing in clichés at random places, not caring how it adds up. I don't really know what else to say about it, it feels like ultimate lazyness.

3. Eragon
A movie based on a book written by a 15 year old kid back in 2001-2002, publishing it in 2002. And guess what happens with a story like that, written by someone THAT inexperienced? They throw in shit they are inspired by at the time - but rather than only paying homages to it, it will all feel like the elements are stolen from what he loves and blended in horribly. Obviously, this kid LOVED Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, both popular franchises just at this convenient time. And they failed to hide this fact in the movie... they rather do the opposite and emphasizes it extremely. Some dragonrider-Jedi who doesn't know he is one finds Ben-wannabe who's a retired dragonjedi and will train him, and when he touches the dragon the bad guys sees him like with the one ring, and the villain looks like a mixture between Wormtounge and Palpatine... and everything just seems so incredibly basic and I just try desperately to look for originality anywhere. It literally feels like someone would be stupid enough to adapt the Heffergrim book I wrote as a 15 year old kid into a movie. But do you know the only difference? I at least had SOME originality to it, despite the writing being stupid and basic and simplistic. And Eragon has that minus the originality... it makes it painful to me to watch, no matter how awesome Jeremy Irons and John Malkovich are.

2. A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010 Remake)
The ultimate "I don't give a fuck, just give me money" slasher movie. It tops even Silent Scream, despite that movie being independent and low budget. A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 is like a joke... a really, really bad joke. You get the feeling that either the creators of the movie are too stupid to know how to think, or they accidently got into a contract they regret and are doing this travesty while not liking or enjoying it, trying to force themselves into thinking they are.
I've already reviewed this movie, and I do not know what else to say. It just takes everything we hate about generic unoriginal slasher movies, and reminds us of how the good times are over.

1. Stan Helsing
Oh my god... fuck, do I have to talk about this one? Well... I think I know how to go with this, actually.
Imagine if alien robots watched nothing but the newer spoof movies such as Date Movie, Meet the Spartans, Vampires Suck, Epic Movie, and Disaster movie... and then watching all kinds of famous horror franchises out there, then are told to make one of these spoof movies themselves, forcing humans to be in the movie if they do not wish to die. That is this movie to me. I wish I was exaggerating, but... I have never felt more empty in my entire life than after I saw this movie. It's like... you can not even possibly laugh, giggle, chuckle, or crack half a smile watching it. I swear. I sat through the whole movie, just pondering about what the hell I was supposed to feel. I kept on and on being fascinated by just how it kept throwing all kinds of spoof clichés at me - but all the clichés from those types of movies are the ones being NOT related to the humor. Like... how the hell is that even possible to do?!
I was watching it and pondered if it was a really failed attempt at making a serious movie of people dealing with obscure moments... but then found nothing to pick out there, because there was no substance. It's almost like the movie tried to freakin' kill my spirit and soul as I watched it. It might not just be the most unoriginal movie I've watched... the more I think about it, it could even be THE worst movie I have ever watched. It made me feel dead.

So, uhm... yeah, that's my list. ^^; Like or even love any of these movies? That's great, more power to you. I'm really glad you can enjoy what I can't. :) I'm just explaining how I feel and think.
Please feel free to leave a comment to share your own thoughts. :)
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the formula of Yes man, that's pretty much what Jim Carrey has been pigeonholed into, seeing how you mentioned two other comedies that use that same formula that also happen to star Jim Carrey. 
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Although I wouldn't say The Shawshank Redemption lives up to the hype, I would say it's in the top 50% of movies, easily. As for it being unoriginal just because it's a prison break movie, I'm sorry but that's too vague a formula to claim it's been stolen from someone else. Case in point, I Love You Philip Morris. Also involving a prison break. But a completely different movie. Completely different background situation. And Shawshank isn't ABOUT the prison break. It's about the life in the prison first, and the aftermath of the breakout. What, are you next going to say I Love You Philip Morris is unoriginal too, just because that was about a prison escape? The Great Escape. Also a prison break. Completely different movie. Too vague a category to claim it's unoriginal for carrying it.

No, you know what THE most unoriginal movie of all time was? Masterminds, starring Patrick Stewart. The writers on that one just said to themselves "Hey, I have a GREAT idea. You remember Toy Soldiers, starring Louis Gossett, Jr.? Well, we're going to make a movie that's EXACTLY the same as that one, except that NOBODY will die, in the ENTIRE MOVIE, the universe within the movie will simply contrive to keep everyone alive, because that's just not wholesome for family friendly viewers." THAT was not the worst movie of all time - but it was hands down the most unoriginal.

My #2 would be Teen Wolf Too. "Hey, let's make a sequel... which is EXACTLY the same as the first one - but NOT starring Michael J. Fox! That sounds like a GREAT idea!"

#3 is Armageddon. Or Deep Impact. Whichever one was second. I'm not even sure about that one. Perhaps they mutually simultaneously ripped off each other somehow?
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Every movie on here that I've seen, I have no argument over it's placement. Although, the Nightmare on Elm Street remake is kind of a guilty pleasure, because Jackie Earle Haley is a badass
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District 9 isn't on this list? That's one of the most uninspired and unoriginal movies EVER. And people claim it's "the most original movie in years". How so?

You see, they try to portray racism without actually using race, and NO MOVIE has ever done that before! Except for...
-Animal Farm
-The Day the Earth Stood Still
-Anything having to do with Star Trek, really

But they do it in the shaky, documentary-style camera! No movie's ever done that, right? Except for...
-Blair Witch Project
-28 Days Later
-Lost Tapes
-The Office

And it shows humans (particularly, white humans) being the insolent, violent, unreasonable hellspawn that they are! And NO MOVIE has ever don that before! Except for...
-Dances with Wolves
-Stephen King films (everyone in a Stephen King story is a jerk except for the shy person/insecure poet)
-Just about every Nazi exposure movie ever made
-Almost every single environmental documentary ever made

But it has lots of shock-gore and blood spattering the camera! Which...just about every scary movie made in the last ten years has done...

And it ends with giant robots blowing things up! For Pete's sake, THREE movies that came out the exact same YEAR as District 9 did that!
In particular, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen", "Avatar", and "Terminator: Salvation".
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You know what's REALLY a ripoff of Terminator Salvation? Oblivion, the Tom Cruise movie.
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I can only put movies in the list I've watched myself. I haven't watched District 9, and never intend to. This is my personal list, not objective statistic facts.
But thanks a lot for sharing why you think it's unoriginal. :) I'll still respect people for loving the movie for their own reasons though. ^^;
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Then you shouldn't title the damn submission "Top 10 Most Unoriginal Movies Of All Time". You should entitle it "The 10 Most Unoriginal Movies I Have Ever Seen. So far."
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You know that little spinning lizard in Avatar ?  :iconfacepalmplz: Mostly hilarious but it made zero fuckin sens, why would it evolve like that? kind of useless.
Kurvos's avatar
LOL Indeed. :P Seemed more like an idea for a creature in Alice in Wonderland... you know, where making no sense WOULD make sense? :XD:
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I'm sorry, but I have to disagree. Just because something's done many times before doesn't mean that it can't be done well. I mean, many works (film, artwork) borrow from other sources for many, many years.

Here are a couple of vids made by someone who has some good insight on the subject.

Sorry, but I felt like I had to say something, even if it doesn't agree with you (I also like Van Helsing as well).
Kurvos's avatar
You're being childish now. Yes, of course it can be good. Didn't you read the things I said? I said this: "Might be a movie people still enjoy or even love" and: "It's all a matter of opinion maybe either way" and also: "Like or even love any of these movies? That's great, more power to you. I'm really glad you can enjoy what I can't. :) I'm just explaining how I feel and think."

Heck, another commenter and a friend of mine loves Eragon. Is there something wrong with that, is he wrong? No. Would there be a point in me watching those videos you link to? No, because you don't expect me to be more "understanding" - you just expect me to alter my opinion to agree more with you.
Love Van Helsing all you want - love it to death, consider it the best movie of all time if you happen to do so as well. I don't care, because it's your opinion and I want you to think for yourself. You know, just like I think for myself and only sharing my opinion? I mean, think about it. Am I saying there's something wrong with loving these movies? No, I don't.

This isn't a list meant to say what is good or bad. This is about what is unoriginal to the point of feeling like it has nothing new to give... to ME personally. Yes, I do realize all movies are inspired by previous movies. That's what homages and such things are for. But this is about copying and pasting and not really improving it or doing it different.
You said: "Just because something's done many times before doesn't mean that it can't be done well.", and that is true. But here's the thing - what is done well or not is essentially up to the opinion of an individual person. And once again, this list isn't about what is good and bad necessarily. Sure, 1 and 2 here are among the worst movies I have ever seen as well - but that's another subject and beside the point. I love watching Friday the 13th Part 6 - it's a lot of fun, just like the others of the franchise. But the only memorable thing happening in part 6 is that... uhm, they bring back Jason. Other than that, there's no originality to it. And I LOVE Resident Evil: Afterlife. It's such a dumb and silly and predictable movie, it's a guilty pleasure of mine - Wesker being over-the-top way of being cool with ridiculously over-the-top action helps the fun too. I've seen it a lot of times in movies before, but it's still fun for as said being so dumb and silly. It's also a fun movie to riff on.

I own half of these movies on DVD, and can watch them. They might be unoriginal, but I am not saying they can not be enjoyable or even good. If you can not take opinions, I can not help you. But this is a review - you need to accept different opinions if you're going to read that. Please, try to understand that. I did not write this top 10 to mock or bash on people - I'm doing this to share my thoughts on how unoriginal some movies can be.
Draccyvangirl7's avatar
I didn't mean to come off as childish. I'm sorry that I misunderstood. Don't know why I need to defend something like this so quickly. :-x (Mad) 
Kurvos's avatar
Oh no, no, it's absolutely alright! Please don't worry about it. :hug: I'm the same myself, WAY too often. This is why I wrote so much to you and tried to not be rude, because I know where you're coming from. I just forgot to say that, but anyway.
It's water under the bridge, alright? Sorry if I offended you in any way with my top 10 list. :huggle:
Draccyvangirl7's avatar
Kurvos's avatar
As long as you're fine, that's what matters. :meow: :hug:
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Not a bad list, I must say. :) And even though I like Eragon a whole lot - I am a fan of the books, too - even I have to admit that it's basically just a swords-and-sorcery version of Star Wars. (The entire book series is pretty much like that, too.) 

The only other movies on this list I've seen are Van Helsing and Avatar. Both were pretty forgettable, though one more is so than the other (see if you can guess which one).
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Well, thank you. ^^; And that's cool, that you can appreciate Eragon. I don't really like it, but that's me. XD

And I'm going to guess Avatar. XP
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Yeah, thanks. :giggle: But oh well....We all have our likes and dislikes, after all.

And you would be right. :D
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LOL "Man hug"? Really now? :XD: Oh no, I don't think so! X3 :glomp: :tighthug:
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Green Mile is waaaaayyy better than Shawshank. 

Good list, especially 9 and 2.
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