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I'll be opening 3 slots for icon commissions!
They will look like this:  New Icon! by KurunaGirl <-comes with sparkles! (white in this case)
I will use this base.

100 points each!

Comes with sparkles and blink/wink animation! If the blinking is too complicated (eg. blink three times and then wink) then I can't include the sparkles sorry...

Please comment with this info if you're interested!
Art reference: 3 max
Animation: Blink/Wink/Both
Sparkles?: Yes (choose a colour)/No
Any additional things you want?:


Thanks for reading! :heart:
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School is super busy this year ack. At first I had kinda given up drawing until Christmas holidays, (I know, I know...it's only the second week of school) but I decided that I'd do 1hr challenges instead! I can train my drawing skills while using a reasonable amount of time ^.^ 

Let's see how it goes! I'll post my deviations in order below!

Yamazaki Sousuke - 1 hr challenge by KurunaGirl  Breeze - 1 hr challenge by KurunaGirl  ORAS Haruka - 1 hr challenge by KurunaGirl

Btw, I've reached 10,000 views! A big thank you to everyone who looked at my art or stopped by my profile! :glomp:
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DeviantART means a lot to me, even though I spend less time on here now. I think it's really fun to look back on these 4 years here!


Primula by KurunaGirl

Ermagosh what is this XD. This was my first 'complete' submission to dA. I was using a base and my mouse for this one. I didn't even know how to use Photoshop properly...I didn't know how to use the pen tool so look at my beautiful squiggly mouse lines. But I do remember that I spend an intense amount of time to draw this. I was really proud of the shading and colouring back then :D


Eoni [COM_8] by KurunaGirl


I drew a lot in 2012. The most out of all myyears here haha. I experimented a lot this year, and switched from Photoshop to Paint Tool SAI for drawing. It was fun learning how to use the SAI brushes properly.

I also started on commissions, and I deeply enjoyed the challenges of drawing people's OC designs. I also joined a lot of contests, mostly because I was a points manic back then. But this meant I rarely drew anything for myself.

Nonetheless, I think I really improved a lot by drawing so much, so the deviation above is my favourite deviation of the year :meow:
I really liked this picture. I'm using my own lines, improved on the colouring, shading, background, eyes...basically I improved a lot for everything and I was really happy. :happybounce:


Poplarleaves Contest Prize by KurunaGirl

2013 was kinda downhill. This is the one picture I drew from start to finish during this year. I spent I don't know how many hours on this over the course of many months, actually. I think I've improved from 2012, with more detailed backgrounds, but I didn't really feel like drawing this year for some reason. School started getting stressful since I had to prep for a public exam, so I had even less motivation to draw.

2014Discover by KurunaGirl

I had a public exam this year! After I finished all those stupid papers, I started churning out those deviations at a crazy pace for a while lol. This year, I'm drawing mostly for me. I've been drawing fanart of my OTP, drawing my OCs a lot, and experimenting with anything I feel like. I've calmed down from my points-hungry days, and I now draw mostly for me, or draw because I really want to :) I think it's really refreshing and now I feel invigorated while drawing. 

I hope I can keep improving in my artwork and I thank dA for giving me the incentive to continue improving and for me to be able to meet many fellow artists! Let's all continue working hard together! :squee:  


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I have some adopts still needing a home! Please take a look and see if you'd like to give them a home!

If you feel that they're a bit pricey, I'm open for negotiations 8D

Point Adoptable [7] OPEN by KG-Adopts  Point Adoptable [6] OPEN by KG-Adopts  Point Adoptable [3] OPEN by KG-Adopts
(Yeah so my adoptable account is KG-Adopts!) 

On another note, I've recently opened up custom adoptable commissions! More information can be found here! Please take a look if you're interested! :D
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2 min read
They seemed interesting, so here's mine!

About me:
I hail from Hong Kong, the city of hellish man-eat-man education and that's why we're all so smart
I'm currently in secondary school (I think it's called  highschool for you guys?)
School is really busy so I don't draw much except during holidays and stuff orz

Tools of the Trade:
Left hand, Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop CS5

When did you start drawing?
I've always enjoyed doodling, and I started on digital art around Winter 2011.
I'm self-taught! Art has always been just a hobby for me.

Do you do requests?
Sorry, not anymore.

How about art trades?
Um...mostly with close friends, but you can try asking! :)

Here's my commission info! [link]

Where else can I find you?
Adoptable account: KG-Adopts 
Fanfiction account (it's mostly full of derpy fanfictions written in 2011)
Tumblr account (I spazz around and post wips and art processes here!)
You can also email me at kurunagirl(at)hotmail.com :)
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