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Yahata No Kami 2077

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やはたのかみ 2077

Tools: DAZ Studio, GAOMON M10K2018, Paint.net, Paint Shop Pro
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Wow !!!! This is new terminator.

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That's so badass!

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Excellent render and excellent postwork! Original idea the Cyber ninja.

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Thank you very much!! Shy

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The First Samurai:turbopoke:

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Soooo.... did Skynet send a Terminator to Samurai-era Japan?

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Haha, no-no - this is a powerful defensive program - something like lethal Black IC (Shadowrun) in a visualized environment (like the Matrix).

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Uhhhh... okay. Whatever that means. ^^;

I know what the Matrix is, but not the rest of it.

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Black IC is a term from the "Shadowrun" RPG/Universe - IC means "Intrusion Countermeasures" and there are several kinds of IC and Black IC is designed to directly harm the decker (the one that hacks a system). So in the end it's like in the Matrix, too and the attacker could be killed in both the system and reality by such a program.

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Okay, but I think I liked my Terminator in Feudal Japan idea better, tbh. :giggle: :D

Image if it was sent to keep foreigners like Commodore Perry out of Japan - for some reason. ^^;

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And that's absolutely ok, too - it's even one of the reasons why I usually like to give none or only a few infos in the description, too - so that everyone can use their own fantasy to explain what they see. :) Vulcan

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Sounds like a solid idea; you're probably wiser than I am. :D

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