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Test Flight

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Time to show you more of the U.S.S. Jeanne Baret (some may remember her from my piece "Stopover") - the main ship for my "Stillborn 'City" project.

Here, the Jeanne Baret is seen during an early test flight that included a circumnavigation of earth in honor of the amazing woman the ship was named after.

Designation: U.S.S. Jeanne Baret
Registry Number: R7
Class: Relativity-class RRF (Rapid Reaction Force) Reconnaissance Explorer
Length: 142m
Propulsion: 6th generation Alcubierre drive (first ship that has one of that generation)
Crew complement: 25 + 1 Platoon


The sixteenth piece of a series that works as collection of ideas & concepts for a story project I'm preparing.

Tools: DAZ Studio, GAOMON M10K2018, Paint.net, Paint Shop Pro
Rendered with Spectral Rendering & Caustic Sampler.
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Interesting design.

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Nic depic ! But given the scale of the windows, is it not a little too small for a crew of 25 ?

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Thanks! & nope... the ship is 142m long and what you probably consider to be windows are no windows as the ship doesn't have any. *^_^*

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Looks great! Specs are most likely great too! I assume it goes light speed? ✌🏽
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Thank you! *^_^*

Yep, the ship features a 6th generation Alcubierre FTL drive.

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What's a 6th generation Alcubierre FTL Drive? Is this a part of this craft that you originally thought of, or is that a reference to a spacecraft show?

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It's a part of the craft that I thought of that is based on the real scientific (speculative) idea of a FTL drive by Miguel Alcubierre.

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You're very welcome!!!

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A tour-de-force of Cold War Sci-fi cues: blatant referrals to contemporary aeronautic tech on the engines; super-sleek tadpole fuselage; blacked out, wraparound viewport; and glowies.

it even has 'opera windows'!

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Hehe, wait until you see the (007-like) retractable proton missiles!! ;)

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The troop complement seems excessive, a modern platoon is around 44 troops, so they would have the crew outnumbered almost 2:1.

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That's because you consider a 'standard' platoon - specific platoons like this (from the RRF or other airborne ones) can have anything from 9-100 troops and I guess it's obvious that the platoon of the Jeanne Baret is on the lower end of this number - so yeah... usually 9-12.

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That ship is cute as hell. I ~LOVE~ it!

Excellent work!

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