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Marie (Miniature Base Edition)

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The main protagonist from my Steampunk project "Marie Rogêt - Diary Of A Dimension Traveler"

"Marie. Marie Rogêt. Cartographer, Explorer, Enfant terrible... lesbian... wanna know my shoe size?"
- Marie Rogêt

Saved from drowning and raised by a famous oceanographer, inventor and explorer, Marie quickly adopted some of the passions of her stepfather and became a cartographer and explorer at the age of 16.
Her childlike curiosity and demeanor often gets her into trouble, but often helps her to get out of it, too and more than once it also gave her access to places and information that would have been (almost) impossible to get otherwise.

"Corsets. Corsets are un-comfortable, but can catapult my corny boobs to greater heights."
- Marie Rogêt

Marie Rogêt also is a Dimension Traveler, possesses an impressive machine-thingy (to do the Dimension traveling) as well as a cat & the base of almost any ecosystem... yes, a mouse.
Her cat is called ''Maus', because she is so smol & Marie wanted to be politically correct & hence not call her "Smol".
Her mouse is called "Caseus" (which coincidentally means cheese), because she thought to call her "Cat" would be too confusing & wouldn't fit to her size.

Even though Marie is a Tiefling, too, her only fiendish feature is a tail which she is able to cloak via a strange invention she calls Tailminator™.
She has a love relationship with Dee who she met a few years ago during an expedition with her father.

Race: Tiefling
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Occupation: Cartographer
Age: 17

More info soon™!!!

Tools: DAZ Studio, GAOMON M10K2018, Paint.net, Paint Shop Pro
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I love her <3

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Fantastic. What a great looking and well conceived character.