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Originally from the planet Megara (a world in the unknown regions), Maoi's parents made their way to the Mid Rim territories and finally settled on Takodana where Maoi was born.
At a very young age, she was discovered by Jedi Master Tanoka who sensed that the is force was very strong in the girl and took her as her Padawan.
On a mission to prevent ancient Sith knowledge to fall into the wrong hands, Tanoka & Maoi joined a fight between Luna & Darth Jaakuna.
Tanoka was killed by Darth Jaakuna while Luna used the distraction to get away with the secret knowledge.
Noticing the escape, Darth Jaakuna immediately stopped the fight with (a heavily wounded) Maoi to follow Luna.

A few years later a fully recovered (now 'Master') Maoi -still trying to track down Luna & Jaakuna- learns, that both probably went to the unknown regions beyond the Outer Rim.
The chase begins.

Tools: DAZ Studio, GAOMON M10K2018, Paint.net, Paint Shop Pro
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This is really cool. Great work! :-)

Thank you for submitting to RenderHub3D. Another one for the featured folder!

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Ohhh, thank you so much! *^_^*

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Wow, amazing work!

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