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Kurumi - The Queen Of Forbidden Knowledge

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I always wanted to create myself as a Tiefling character and over the last few weeks worked a lot to finally fulfill that dream.
I'm a big fan of SirTiefling's art (who creates the best Tieflings imo) and certainly am highly inspired by it.

As for the character - as mentioned it's kinda self-portrait (with some artistic changes of course) and I'm going to use it mainly as portrait for CRPGs like Pathfinder: Kingmaker.
This means, that I also will create more artworks with this character in different (class) outfits (like "Kurumi - Aspects Of Chaos & Law") and already have 2 more that are almost finished (Rogue/Assassin & Zen Archer).
Each character will also come with a build I used for it and a (short) bio (that might get more info over time).
I also want to create more Tiefling chars, but my focus for the moment is on myself incl. Sci-Fi Tiefling artworks, too.

Feel free to check out my Twitter to see WIP stuff & more.

Kurumi - The Queen Of Forbidden Knowledge
-Baroness of the Stolen Lands
-Blessed by Lamashtu
-Chosen of Abraxas
-First of the 7 Sisters of Sin (Sister Tenebrarum) representing "Darkness" & "Lust"

Race: Tiefling
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Dark Elementalist (Pyrokineticist)

Kingmaker "Queen of Forbidden Knowledge" Build:

DEX 19+1 (Level 4)
CON 15+1 (Level 20)
INT 19+3 (Level 8,12,16)
WIS 10

Lvl  1: Weapon Finesse; Fire; Kinetic Blade - [Mobility; Trickery; Knowledge (Arcana); Perception]
Lvl  2: Skill Focus (Perception) - [Mobility; Trickery; Stealth; Perception]
Lvl  3: Point-Blank Shot; Extended Range - [Mobility; Trickery; Stealth; Perception]
Lvl  4: Iron Will - [Mobility; Trickery; Stealth; Perception]
Lvl  5: Precise Shot; Burning Infusion - [Mobility; Trickery; Stealth; Perception]
Lvl  6: Improved Iron Will - [Mobility; Trickery; Stealth; Perception]
Lvl  7: Blind Fight; Water (Water Blast) - [Mobility; Trickery; Stealth; Perception]
Lvl  8: Shroud of Water - [Mobility; Trickery; Stealthx2; Knowledge (Arcana)x3; Perception]
Lvl  9: Spell Penetration; Eruption - [Trickery; Perception; UMDx3]
Lvl 10: Kinetic Healer - [Trickery; Perception; UMDx2]
Lvl 11: Greater Spell Penetration; Wall - [Trickery; Perception; UMDx3]
Lvl 12: Improved Blind Fight - [Trickery; Perception; UMDx2]
Lvl 13: Weapon Focus (Kinetic Blast); Pushing Infusion - [Mobilityx2; Stealthx2; Perception]
Lvl 14: Greater Blind Fight - [Trickeryx2; Knowledge (Arcana); Perception]
Lvl 15: Improved Critical (Kinetic Blast); Fire - [Mobilityx2; Stealthx2; Perception]
Lvl 16: Skill Focus (UMD) - [Mobilityx4; Trickeryx2; Stealthx4; Knowledge (Arcana); Perception]
Lvl 17: Dodge; Cloud - [Mobility; Trickery; Knowledge (Arcana); Perception]
Lvl 18: Tidal Wave - [Mobility; Trickery; Knowledge (Arcana); Perception]
Lvl 19: Toughness; Pure-Flame Infusion; Metakinesis-Maximized - [Mobility; Trickery; Knowledge (Arcana); Perception]
Lvl 20: Skill Focus (Trickery) - [Mobility; Trickery; Knowledge (Arcana); Perception]

Free items used:
Dawnfire Scimitar by MCDLabs’ (textures/fx by me)
Sandals by Quanto
Spotted Alien Overlays by adamr001 (modifications by me)

Tools: DAZ Studio, GAOMON M10K2018, Paint.net, Paint Shop Pro

Other Editions
L1 (Watchers-only)

Always use the Download button for the best image quality!

Updated: 2020/08/22
-Added an alternate "Level 1" version with a normal Fire Kinetic Blade (link to my stash above)
-Completely redone the artwork (too many changes to list)
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Great character! I love the work you put into her! Great details and expression. And I have to admit, I'll now always picture you like this. Flaming sword and all! :clap:

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Hihi... *^_^* - thank you so much - I'm very happy you like her!