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Kurumi - Aspects Of Chaos And Law

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This is the second version of myself as Tiefling character.
As mentioned in the description of "The Queen Of Forbidden Knowledge" (the first version),
I'm going to use it mainly as portrait for CRPGs like Pathfinder: Kingmaker.
This time as Monk - another of my favorite classes.

While usually highly chaotic in her daily life, Kurumi often meditates to find inner peace and order.
One of her best kept secrets is how she became a Monk while she insists, that she never belonged to a monastic order.
In general, she tells very little about herself & her past, but her fierce combat style speaks volumes of the inner fight with her fiendish heritage.
What she lacks in strength she makes up for with unparalleled agility & speed.
Her lightning fast attacks are highly accurate and usually hit where it hurts most.

Kurumi - Aspects Of Chaos And Law
-Baroness of the Stolen Lands
-Cursed by Lamashtu

Race: Tiefling
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Monk

Kingmaker "Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Monk" Build:

DEX 20+2 (Level 12,16)
CON 11+1 (Level 4)
INT 12
WIS 17+1 (Level 8)
CHA 5+1 (Level 20)

Lvl  1: Deflect Arrows; Weapon Finesse - [Athletics; Mobility; Trickery; Perception]
Lvl  2: Dodge - [Athletics; Trickery; Perception]
Lvl  3: Skill Focus (Perception) - [Athletics; Mobility; Trickery; Perception]
Lvl  4: Ki Power (Barkskin) - [Athletics; Trickery; Perception]
Lvl  5: Blind Fight; Shattering Punch - [Athletics; Mobility; Trickery; Perception]
Lvl  6: Crane Style; Ki Power (True Strike) - [Athletics; Trickery; Perception]
Lvl  7: Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strike) - [Athletics; Mobility; Trickery; Perception]
Lvl  8: Ki Power (Restoration) - [Athletics; Trickery; Perception]
Lvl  9: Crushing Blow; Hammerblow - [Athletics; Mobility; Trickery; Perception]
Lvl 10: Improved Blind Fight; Ki Power (Abundant Step) - [Athletics; Trickery; Perception]
Lvl 11: Iron Will - [UMDx4]
Lvl 12: Ki Power (Diamond Body) - [Perceptionx2; UMD]
Lvl 13: Vital Strike; Defensive Spin - [Perception; UMDx3]
Lvl 14: Ki Power (Diamond Soul); Combat Reflexes - [Trickeryx2; Perception]
Lvl 15: Improved Vital Strike - [Trickeryx2; UMDx2]
Lvl 16: Ki Power (Quivering Palm) - [Trickery; Perceptionx2]
Lvl 17: Greater Blind Fight; Leg Sweep - [Mobilityx2; Trickeryx2]
Lvl 18: Ki Power (Sudden Speed); Improved Critical (Unarmed Strike) - [Mobility; Perceptionx2]
Lvl 19: Greater Vital Strike - [Mobilityx2; Trickery; Perception]
Lvl 20: Ki Power (Wholeness Of Body) - [Trickeryx2; Perception]

Free items used:
Sandals by Quanto
Spotted Alien Overlays by adamr001 (modifications by me)

Tools: DAZ Studio, GAOMON M10K2018, Paint.net, Paint Shop Pro
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Extremely, extremely awesome. If there's something "not right" here, I'd need to spend two eternities to search it and still couldn't find anything. :D

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Oh wow... I... I just don't know what to say - you're my absolute fav artist on DA and you've just made me VERY happy!!! Shy - Thank you!!! *>_<*

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BEST pose ever! The bolt of lightning in the background adds so much to the scene. I can still hear the thunder in the background!

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The outfit reminds me of Maris Brood from Star Wars

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I just love the style and the colors
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