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Heading Out

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Personal log, stardate 49165.7. Today I'm going to take command of one of the new Saber class starships. The U.S.S. YAYOI. Clea told me, that Admiral Leyton seems to be quite impressed by the performance of this class and had members of Red Squad fly them in a computer simulation in which one was even capable of defeating a Defiant. When I asked her why he would simulate a fight against a Federation ship, Clea meant that it probably was some kind of prestige thing. Whatever - it definitely seems to be a very capable ship and my first duty will be to do various battle simulations with the real thing, so let's see what this baby can do.

Captain's log, stardate 49168.0. All preparations have been made and we finally head out to meet Captain Pearce for the battle simulations. Contrary to other ships of this class we have a contingent of Advanced Tactical Fighters instead of Shuttles which gives us a lot more firepower and a tactical edge because this is kept secret. But we'll see if this is enough to surprise a veteran like Pearce. Also when we left the dock, there was a minor incident when one of the umbilical cables got loose too soon and almost hit a Worker Bee.


After the prototype of the Saber-class already showed great potential, Starfleet built a few more of these vessels to test several configuration possibilities.
The U.S.S. YAYOI, NCC-80034 was one of them. Contrary to the prototype and other versions, the YAYOI featured:

-6x Adv. Tactical Fighters which were able to launch very quickly thanks to a newly developed Quick Deployment System (QDS)
-Advanced Extended Shielding that covered a huge area and helped the fighter's surviveability immensely
-Two addtional dual phaser cannons
-One additional quantum torpedo launcher
-An advanced warp core with 1900 plus Cochrane

The additional space needed for the changes was achieved by reducing the crew that was needed to operate the vessel and adjustments to all quarters and facilities. Also, all shuttles except for one Type-9 were removed. This was certainly no ship for a luxury cruise.


Saber-class Design by Alex Jaeger
Saber-class Model by gruaro
Space Dock Design by Adam Lebowitz
Space Dock Model by morenostefanuto
Worker Bee Design by Andrew Probert & David A. Kimble
Worker Bee Model by Raul Mamoru
Modifications, Re-textures, Render & Postwork by Kurumi Morishita

Tools: DAZ Studio, GAOMON M10K2018, Paint.net, Paint Shop Pro
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Pleaaase .. o7

#desbizoux #plindés

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A Sabre-class ship on her way to the Cardassian Border to fight alongside the alliance against the Dominion.

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Your welcome 🙏
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Awesome work!

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You're welcome!

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One of my all time favourite classes of ship.

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Hehe, then you will probably be glad to hear, that there are going to be some more pics of this ship in the future (incl. interiors)! *^_^*Vulcan

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Sweet! Can never have too much of a good thing :D

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A gorgeous render of a Saber class starship.

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"Yayoi". Where does that name come from?

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It's Japanese. The name (弥生) means 'New Life' and is the traditional name for the month March. For my own character's ships, I often use Japanese navel naming conventions.

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What is the captains name? What species, gender, age...background?

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The story just began... *^_^* - just be patient and the answers will certainly reveal themselves.

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What are Adv. Tactical Fighters?

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The story just began... *^_^* - just be patient and the answers will certainly reveal themselves. Vulcan

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2372 (SD: 49000's) eh?

That was a (not) fun year.

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Yep... shortly before Leyton's coup. A dreadful year!

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Just wait until 2373 - the 2020 of the 24th Century.

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