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Dee (Miniature Base Edition)

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A character from my Steampunk project "Marie Rogêt - Diary Of A Dimension Traveler"

If you've seen 'Dee', then you already know a bit about her.
During the creation of the that piece I also created a WIP render using a miniature base and because I like those base shots so much, I decided to do a full 4K render of it with some little extras.
I plan to do such shots for a number of my old & new characters (some with the same and some with different bases) and the next one will finally be the main protagonist of my Steampunk project... Marie Rogêt (together with her two pets Caseus & Maus).

Race: Tiefling
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Occupation: Botanist
Age: 20

More infos soon™!!!

Tools: DAZ Studio, GAOMON M10K2018, Paint.net, Paint Shop Pro

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Great character concept.

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yaaay Steampunk :3