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Commission: Chibi Kids by Kurumi-Lover


Commission: Stella by Kurumi-Lover Commission - Oracle of the Forest by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Britt Myer by Kurumi-Lover Star Trek Tsuriko by Kurumi-LoverCommission: Umiki by Kurumi-LoverCommission: First Revelation by Kurumi-LoverCommission: Tasky by Kurumi-LoverCommission: Lightining Psyche by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Mimiru by Kurumi-LoverCommission: Pyroc and Brizone by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Rumi by Kurumi-Lover Commission: It's Venus by Kurumi-Lover Commission: And Luma! by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Personal Maid Time by Kurumi-Lover Commission: To Eat or Not to Eat by Kurumi-LoverCommission: Possessed Honey by Kurumi-LoverCommission: A Kiss in the Enchanted Forest by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Felicia by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Maris by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Happy Honey by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Edmund by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Lady Kaede by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Donating Plasma by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Lunai by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Senshee by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Twindy by Kurumi-LoverCommission: Inori by Kurumi-LoverCommission: Murata's Fall by Kurumi-Lover Commission+ - Junko by Kurumi-LoverCommission: Soma + Seiji by Kurumi-LoverCommission: Possessed Honey Pt 2 by Kurumi-Lover Commission: '80s Senshee by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Hydrogen by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Vega by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Bread Time! by Kurumi-Lover

Waist Up:

Commission: 1x2 by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Front Row Babes by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Hebe by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Coupla Fruits by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Together by Kurumi-Lover Commission: I'll Be There For You by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Chaz by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Nova by Kurumi-LoverVisual Novel Attempt? by Kurumi-Lover Commission: White Cat by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Up All Night to Get Lucky by Kurumi-Lover Commission: We Are! by Kurumi-Lover Commission: At the Pool by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Lakeside Babes by Kurumi-LoverCommission: Full-Service Butler by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Rena by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Sousuke by Kurumi-LoverCommission: A Kiss in the Botanical Garden by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Sailor Moon X - Lunar Eclipse by Kurumi-LoverCommission: Darling in the Nana by Kurumi-Lover

Full Body:

Commission: Rutana and Lunaa by Kurumi-Lover Commission: The Lilac Princess by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Beach Relaxing by Kurumi-Lover Commission: A Winning Team by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Fallen Princess by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Season's Greetings by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Big Trouble by Kurumi-Lover Commission: The Fall of Zelda by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Robbi by Kurumi-Lover Commission: The Jewel Princess by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Vanessa Defeated? by Kurumi-LoverCommission: Dance in the Moonlight by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Vanessa Defeated Again by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Venus and Twindy by Kurumi-Lover

Mature Content

Commission: The Jewel Princess: Type B by Kurumi-Lover
Commission: The Anime Jutsu by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Nymph by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Sans by Kurumi-LoverCommission: I'ma Dunk YOU by Kurumi-LoverCommission: Crushing Defeat by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Caspia by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Nymphei by Kurumi-LoverCommission: That's Not a Pokeball by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Protection by Kurumi-LoverCommission: You're the One That I Want by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Zelda's Win by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Magical Girl Paz! by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Hawaiian Shirt Haruko by Kurumi-Lover

Commissions for commercial usage:

Anime Conventions:
Commission: For the Future by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Lazy Afternoons by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Ticket for Two by Kurumi-Lover Commission: San Japan - Sinister 6 by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Ushiko's Space Adventure by Kurumi-Lover

+Koenchu+ by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Visual Novel Girls x3 by Kurumi-Lover

+Saga+ by Kurumi-Lover Halloween Tsuriko by Kurumi-Lover Saga Desigs by Kurumi-Lover Halloween Tsuriko II by Kurumi-Lover Funi Logo Girl by Kurumi-Lover

Examples of Black and White Commissions, Commercial and Non

Volleyball Tsuriko by Kurumi-Lover Soccerball Tsuriko by Kurumi-Lover Softball Tsuriko by Kurumi-Lover Hammer Tsuriko by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Ruby by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Ushiko by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Chibi Eve by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Chibi Kurumi Momose by Kurumi-Lover Commission: Ending the Vicious Cycle by Kurumi-Lover
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I hope you and your loved ones had wonderful holidays this past season.

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukah, Happy Yule Tides, and anything/everything else that could possibly be celebrated at the end of this year to you~

My Christmas

I love love LOVE decorating for Christmas. Really sad I don't have my own house,
but I did the most I could in my apartment's living room this year.
When I get a house, you can bet that I will WRECK it every holiday season.
(all pictures are clickable)

The whole spread:
Living1 by Kurumi-Lover

My main tree:                                              My yearly Little Mermaid tree:
Tree 1 by Kurumi-LoverTree 2 by Kurumi-Lover

Then Santa came a li'l early (it's me, I'm Santa; only 3 of those presidents under there were for me orz)
Tree 3 by Kurumi-Lover

The old sushi restaurant I used to work at even called me up and asked me to come out and set up and decorate their tree for Christmas as well! Here's what I ended up whipping up:
Tree 4 by Kurumi-Lover

Funimation Holiday Party

I celebrated my 3rd Funimation Holiday this year, and this one was a lot more fun than the last two.
I was also gambling most of the time at the roulette tables, so that might also be why.
It was a masquerade themed party, but my stupid self obviously missed the memo.
Subtitlers by Kurumi-LoverSubtitler 2 by Kurumi-Lover
(you'll probably realize here that the beard I decided to grow is really making me look less half-Asian than I already did 1: Thanks, white half!)

The party also had karaoke, and I was the first person to sing due to peer pressure from my fellow subtitlers.
What did I sing? Cha-la Head Cha-la. What else would it be? Our company brought it over, after all!
I won 2nd place because it turned out to be a karaoke contest, but since the winner was an executive, he gave me the prize, my very own karaoke machine. Whoo! Also, pretty honored anyone would think I sing well????

I also finally rearranged my office both at work and at home, and will have a journal about my home office at some point in the future as well as it's now a mancave as well, WHOO!

I'm glad that I'm finally making my comeback to this site and am both talking to people again irl as well as online again.
You can bet you'll be hearing more dumb stuff from me as the days come.

I hope you guys had fun looking through dumb pictures, and hopefully we can spend another year together, talking at each other via the interwebs.
*blows you all gross kisses*

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Wow, holy junk. I haven't typed up a journal entry since January of last year. Remember all those empty promises of being able to draw again? I'm not even gonna front anymore; I will try to draw when I can. Honestly, I think I may have honestly drawn more this year already than 2016 and 2015 combined. Trust me; there's a lot of pictures coming. Gotta catch up on commissions though.

Well, anywho, I turned 28 on May 17.

It's weird to think that I'm this age; I still feel like I'm between the ages of 14-19 or so. Which is obviously wrong because I started using deviantART in 2008 at the age of 19 (even though I had the account for 2 years before that hahaha). It's crazy.
Anywho, this year, for my own birthday, I decided to go out of my way to finally purchase two items I've been after for YEARS.
First off, I bought the Cutey Honey Flash game for the Sega Pico system! I had been after this game since 2009, dude; it's been a good long 8 years trying to get ahold of it, but I finally did it:
CuteyHoneyFlashPico by Kurumi-Lover
I was so happy! But, as the collector I am, I couldn't stop there... After listening to my friends/co-workers encourage me for a bit and then getting the go-for-it from my significant other, I went after the 2005 Cutie Honey pachinko machine (If you weren't aware, I also collect pachinko machines). I had been after this machine since 2011 when I first got into pachinko, and I even had a chance when I paid for one, but then the man I attempted to buy it off of REALIZED 2 WEEKS LATER he had already sold it previously. And this machine was HARD TO FIND. So, when someone said he was selling his entire collection including this machine, it was obviously a long time coming. I drove a total of 3,740 miles on a total of 12 hours of sleep over the range of 4 days to pick it up. I only could afford it because I had sold my Eureka 7 pachinko machine 3 weeks earlier:
Honeypachi1 by Kurumi-LoverHoneypachi2 by Kurumi-LoverHoneypachi3 by Kurumi-Lover
One of the best purchases of my life. I finally feel a sense of accomplishment. But there's so much more Honey stuff I wanna be able to buy one day argh. They JUST announced a new Cutie Honey pachinko machine this year based of Re:Cutie Honey (the one I purchased was based off the original 1973 manga (and you can see all of its glory on the 20 inch screen in the machine), and while I prefer the older Honey due to how weak and stupid newer Honey tends to be, the 2005 machine doesn't have any animatronics like the new machine does which I LOVE in pachinko) and I have to get my hands on it ASAP--after I can get my hands on the Persona 4 The Pachinko or The Slot (or both).

Today (May 26, 2017) marks my 2nd anniversary at Funimation Entertainment.

Still really crazy I got hired, and I've been insanely busy since about 2 months in. Now, not as much as last year (where I was working on average 55 hours a week which is why I wasn't drawing much at all), but it's still been pretty busy. I've been making a conscious effort to draw art and work on commissions still, so please bear with me. I really appreciate all of your guys' patience~! Thanks so much for not only watching me, but also dealing with me ; o ;

Anywho, I haven't really made any posts about it, so I'm gonna try to give a short history.
For starters, I think I probably moved around spaces more than anyone else in the entire company, honestly. In May of 2015, I originally started out at a makeshift desk under a Burst Angel poster before I was moved to another desk under a Trunks (from DBZ) poster in July of 2015. Around October of the same year, I then ended up moving to my own cubicle before I got an office in June of '16. And all of my work spaces have been CLUTTERED AF:
                        DESK 1:                                                                DESK 2:                 
Desk1 by Kurumi-LoverDesk2 by Kurumi-Lover
Desk3 by Kurumi-Lover
                                OFFICE:                                                        NAMEPLATE:
Desk4 by Kurumi-LoverNametag by Kurumi-Lover
The Danganronpa art on my nametag made me so happy because I didn't even request one, so they didn't even know I'm a crazy fan of the games. It's been a crazy ride. After half a year, I was really excited when I found out that I had an Anime News Network page, and was even recently linked an imdb page for me by a co-worker that I didn't know I had either? One of the reasons I was so desperate to draw art as a younger person was that I wanted to leave behind something in the world that would prove that I existed at one point. As dumb as it is, finding out I had these pages and credits that show my name within them brings a sort of ease to my mind that I was finally able to leave behind a little something.
If you're interested in the list of stuff I've been credited working in as of now, check out my ANN page here.

But yeah. I'm kinda getting excited to go into my 30's, and I'm hoping that I can continue to work at Funimation for as long as I can. I do have to move sometime soon since my landlord raised my rent by 260 dollars, knocking my rent up to 1400 a month. My apt is only 1230 sq ft, 2 bedroom-2 bath, with a garage, and so I feel it's time to move into a house (which is why I opened emergency commissions to make sure I can make rent as well as save up money so I can move out and maybe rent a house instead. Other personal stuff includes the fact that I'm about to hit 4 years with my significant other, which is the longest relationship I've been in to date (my previous bf only lasted 6 months HA).

Idk. I'm not sure what else to write about. Just wanted to kinda update, and address 2 and a half major things in my life (the fact I'm almost at 4 years in a relationship feels like a side-mention that I'm gonna count it only as a half).

Well, if you have any questions or whatever, just lemme know? Hoping to be around more often here to interact with y'all.
Aiite see ya 'round.
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Hello there, everyone!
It's been a long time since I've written a full journal, I feel. I'll try to keep it short and sweet and to the point so that you don't become "tl;dr" haha.

Well, 2015 because a strange year for me. I graduated from University in Dec of 2014 (surprisingly) and found myself in debt and working 2 part-time jobs that barely paid anything, barely got hours, and one that ate away at my soul.
Half of 2015 was spent desperately trying to procure money outside of my 2 jobs, and just sucking in general at everything I tried (I'm slow at drawing, and no one really visited my patreon).
As you may remember from my last journal, I magically got a job at FUNimation Entertainment, North America's #1 anime company as a Subtitler, and have gone on to subtitle shows in Japanese as well as Closed Captioning for the hearing impaired on our English dubbed shows. (You can see some of the stuff I've worked on my own Anime News Network page I got:…)
As someone who's been super passionate about anime their whole life with dreams to be involved one way or another, this was a dream come true.

However, because I started working crazy hours due to having a full-time position at FUNi and keeping my part-time gig at Disney Store, I ended up working 50-60+ work weeks. I went months last year without drawing. Not only am I majorly behind on the few requests I took on before due to kiriban and trivia, but I've been SUPER behind on the more-high priority COMMISSIONS!
I want to work on commissions! I want to draw things for the people who are willing to pay me to see me draw what they want to see! I want to do so many commissions it HURTS. I just want to draw in general as well, though. I have been, and always will be, a fan artist, and there are so many shows that I love that I want to represent my love for with fan art!
And of course my on-going manga series "Chalk*Dust," my (currently on hiatus) doujin "Megaman: Bass Story," and my 4koma "Jon's Daily Life."

That is why, 2016 will be my art comeback!

Slowly working on trying to improve my art and get good, so watch out!

I also want to start talking with and communicating with people both in real life and online again. I used to talk to so many people before online (oh boy, here comes a shout-out) like
just to name a few! And so many others; countless others!
And I miss it. I miss goofing off when I get on a computer outside of drawing. I miss fan-boying about dumb stuff, getting to know people half-way across the world to the other side of the world and just connecting with strangers I may have never met otherwise in real life. Latter part of 2014 and 3/4s of 2015 made logging into dA a chore. I went 3 months without even uploading anything; I ignored so many kind-hearted messages and watches and notes.

But not anymore!
I'm trying my hardest to reach out to people I want to get to know because they're cool, or I look up to them and such ((LIKE YOU, MONO)), but if anyone else is interested in talking about anything, from fandom stuff to just a hello, feel free to do so. I am going to try to be more sociable in real life again as well, but I'm gonna focus on art and re-creating a presence for myself here again for now.

So yeah, get ready for a butt-load of art, and I will try my damnedest to get some commissions and requests knocked out of the way already!

Also, kinda wanna start another FAQ outside the weird one before. If you have any questions you'd like addressed, feel free to post 'em or note 'em or whatever ails ya.

Until next time!
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Holy man, a lot of stuff has happened since the last journal, so I'm gonna keep it short and sweet as possible:


If you don't have me on Facebook or follow me on tumblr, you missed the biggest update: I quit my job at GameStop after 1 month of working there, because I was (somehow, magically) hired at FUNimation Entertainment. If you're from North America, you'll know them as the largest distributor of anime here, as well as the company that holds such big titles like Dragonball Z, One Piece, as well as many others!
I will be starting next Tuesday (May 26) in my new position.

Because this is a full-time position with overtime as I was told, I will definitely not be able to be here as much as I used to be. (Probably even less than how often I've been here the last month)
I can ASSURE you though that I am going to finish all the art I owe people and will still be up for taking commissions, just know that it will take as long as necessary for me to get the artwork done due to working 40+ hour weeks at FUNimation AS WELL as keeping my part-time job at Disney Store (shooting to work there mainly on weekends.

I'm really excited for this position, and I really must extend my appreciation to all of the friends and watchers who knew about my applying to the studio months ago and receiving all of the support from you guys. You really helped me pull through and keep sane until I was finally given the interview 3 months after the initial application. You guys rock.


I turned 26 last Sunday! I celebrated my birthday at a local roller rink with a 90's/Pokemon themed party.
I got a bunch of awesome stuff for my birthday such as:

  • New Nintendo 3DS (I now have 3 3DS's hahaha)
  • Legend of Zelda Link Statue
  • Sailor Mercury Figuarts
  • Pikachu dishes, more Pokemon cards than you can shake a fist at
  • Big Hero 6 TsumTsum
  • Bass D-Arts figure
  • Disney VHSs
  • Little Mermaid car screen
  • AND MUCH MORE (like monies)
It was an awesome party and I was so grateful to my friends who came and the ones who were kind enough to give me things I didn't deserve (shout out to the bf :iconotargos: and :iconlederhozen: and :iconsammifroot: and :iconringtail-randl: hahahaha)


Due to years of smoking menthol cigarettes like I did (I quit after 9 years), as well as drinking sodas, and not taking care of my teeth as well as I should have over the years, one of my teeth had to be removed due to becoming infected. So now I truly am a gap-toothed hick down here in Texas, y'all. It was my most painful experience at a Dentist's office in my entire life (I love Dentists and I trust them but this was on another level), and has made me scared to go back to get my bridge put in place.

Just, please, everyone, make sure to take really good care of your teeth. I stepped up the last 4 years to take extra good care of my teeth, but it was obviously too late s: I'm still in recovery (I had my tooth removed on 5/20, 3 days after my birthday) so it's been pretty rough, ugh. I  feel like 157% more ugly than I already felt before now, so I'll probably not face cam if I ever stream again for this reason...


This one is super short and sweet: I adopted an albino clawed frog c: His name is Milton.

So, out of all the things that have happened the last month+ since my last update, these are the 3 things that I wanted to share with you guys c:
I really hope to still be here for awhile and share my art and fandoms with you guys, and look forward to getting to talk to you more and meeting you guys when I can

Please don't forget to check out my patreon at and help support if you can c: It's the best way to see artwork WAY BEFORE anyone else can!

A TL;DR: I turned 26, got hired at FUNimation Entertainment, got an adult tooth pulled in an emergency, and I adopted an albino clawed frog named Milton.

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Been thinking about it for the past 7 years since I stopped doing 'em, but now I think I might be willing to give it a shot again. I wanna get through more commissions and owed art first, of course, but I thought I might start up a list for the future.

Below are gonna be my guidelines, because I'm not gonna go all willy-nilly crazy with them like I had done previously.
1) Only mutuals. If you're not watching me and/or I'm not watching you, no art trade. Sorry.
  a) If you HAVE checked and WE ARE mutuals and you're interested in an art trade, then please send a note
     b) Comments on this journal or on my page asking for an art trade will be ignored.
2) Nothing 18+; As always, the tiddy is fine.
  a) This means no genitalia or sexual content, obviously.
     b) Nudity outside of genitals is fine.
3) No fetish stuff. I'm. So. Tired. Of. Fetish. Stuff. I'm not gonna be drawing them via commissions anymore either.
  a) I will also be the judge of what I consider to be "fetish art," so if I say no, it is no.
     b) In all honesty, if it's super tame, I may be willing to draw, but you must ask first.
4) OC > Fan art. I'll of course draw fanart if that's what you wish, but I'd rather draw OCs.
  a) I will not draw OC interacting with official characters, but am fine putting official characters in new universes.
5) Only up to 3 characters at most
  a) 2-3 characters will only get waist-up treatment on my end.
     b) If you ask for more than one character, I expect the same treatment.
*Please note that I have every right to turn down any art trade requests.
**Failure to follow the above guidelines can get you banned from any instances of future art trades.

I'm gonna go ahead and open up a list for any interested candidates here:
1) :iconprincessmakomei: = My half finished
2) :iconkrazyperson: = Planning
3) :iconlederhozen: = None given yet
4) :iconnyaly: = None given yet
5) :iconquartette: = None given yet

y!gallery (NSFW here)


Facebook Art Page
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Me and Cutie Honey

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 1, 2012, 5:23 PM

Have a great day~

Edit: New piece of sought after merch collected below!

Uh-oh. It's going to be one of those journals.
As most of you know, I'm a big fan of Cutie (or Cutey, the older media spells it this way) Honey, the first transforming magical girl created by Go Nagai back in 1973. Without Honey's impact, who knows how magical girls would be today!

Anywho, I thought it'd be a fun pre-cursor to my showing off what my room looks like to JUST show my Cutie Honey collection as it is now. I can't even tell you how much I've spent on it the last few years or so, but I can give you a hint: thousands. I've also been lucky enough to snag some hard-to-find things, though I'm nothing like Salvatore, who has one of the limited 2004 Cutie Honey live action/Re:Cutie Honey figure sets :s

Uhh, so enjoy:

And that's the majority bulk.
Oh, I also have the original wall scroll:

I always felt lucky that I scored one of the original ADV Films promo posters for New Cutey Honey back in 1994 as well:

I actually have a lot more stuff, but I figure they're not worth showing. And I'm still looking for my New Cutey Honey cel that I misplaced when I moved in with LittleRamyun last year. I really wanna frame it ; n ;
I'm going to make a list of things I'm still missing from my collection though.

Things I'm missing from my collection so far include:
Cutey Honey '73 (DVD 2, DVD 3)
Cutey Honey Flash (DVD 4)
Cutey Honey & Flash
Cutey Honey Flash (Volumes 1-4) Obtained!!
Cutie Honey: Legend of an Angel [Also known as Cutie Honey '00s] (Volumes 1-9)
Cutey Honey Flash (Game)

And that's all I really want for my normal collection :s
If you know where I can find any of these things, please let me know~

UPDATE 1: I got a hold of the Cutey Honey Flash manga (volumes 1-4) and I personally love it more than the anime version!

And back in the bulk photo in that set, I was talking about how I had garage kit Honey figures that I painted and assembled myself. It was actually really hard for me because I don't have like any sort of good painting skills, and I have giant, bulky hands :C
But I did take a photo of my kit to the official model:

The official model is painted to look like Cutey Honey's leotard in Cutey Honey 70's, while I painted my garage kit to be Honey's leotard in New Cutey Honey and the original manga series.

And that's another thing I'd like to point. Cutey Honey's hair is actually a magenta/hot pink colour, but I see alot of fan art show her with red hair. I don't understand why, since her hair didn't actually show up red until Re:Cutie Honey and Cutie Honey The Live. Other than that, it's always been a shade of pink, even a dark almost red pink s:

Well, anyway, That's my Honey collection. I hope you can now better appreciate my obsession with this character that I've been a fan of for 15 years now (I first saw the trailer for New Cutey Honey when I was 8 years old, and since then have idolized her, even if I'm a man).
Honey is probably not going to die out anytime soon as they have a brand new Cutie Honey manga series being published right now called "Honey VS" (which I haven't seen any of, yet!)

Anywho, uhhh.
A real journal will come later, yeah ; A ;

I'll see you guys then~!

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Uwaah, So Exciting~ , A ,

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 23, 2012, 8:19 PM

Have a great day~

So last night, Masashirou-san of the Japanese group ZeroZigen got in contact with me and linked me to see where one of my recent commissioned illustrations for commercial uses has gone to:

I was like "Woaaaah!!"

The ads were featured on the 3 main sites for the games:


(You might also recognize another image I did used on the left-hand side under the Japanese kana for "Circle"


Okashi Studios

I was so happy to see it in use like this (it was originally supposed to be a bonus illustration for people who purchased the games offline). Masashirou-san told me that Hikaru-san, the original character designer and illustrator for their game "Koenchu!" was "very glad" to me ; u ;

At the end of the entry with my illustration about the digital download release on the Japanese ZeroZigen blog, there was a final note at the bottom:

Which I translated as "The illustrator is an American from Texas, U.S.A., Mr. KurumiLover. Thank you!" including a link to my deviantArt > u <

Another piece I did for them was the Koenchu illustration featuring the datable girls in the game, which has since been turned into promotional posters and postcards. Postcards featuring the new illustration with the 3 girls from the games will be published and given out at conventions this year.

As for the Saga designs, she's been printed onto the Sayuri Studios business/art cards for this year <:

After seeing all of ths, even though I have been in a serious funk as of recently that I've been battling with, I have decided I will try my best, and hopefully more of my art will make it out there one day ; u ;

Also, I have a 10 page Koenchu manga I was commissioned by them to do that will be coming up soon! Keep an eye out for it <:

For more information on these games their creators and distributors, feel free to visit the following:
:bulletblack:"こえんちゅ! 代乃木声優物語: 空と君とあの夏と" (Koenchu! The Yonogi Voice Actor Story: The Sky, You, and that Summer) from Zero Zigen (ぜろじげん)
Japanese site:
American site:
Facebook page:

:bulletblack: "白丘 - セコンド・チャンス" (Shira Oka: Second Chances) from Okashi Studios
Facebook page:…

:bulletblack: Kansei from Sakevisual
Facebook page:

:bulletblack: Sayuri Studios
Facebook page:

ALSO! If you like my art enough to get regular updates on sketches and WIPs of what's coming up as well as other info and tidbits, I too have a facebook page! If you haven't already liked it, I'd really appreciate it if you did:…

Anywho, I'm off for the taking of the defensive driving.
I will see you guys later ; u ;

Also, don't forget that commissions are open D:
If you could, I could really use 'em hngh.
Until next time <:

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A Decade of 'Chalk Dust': A Look Back + GROUP

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 7, 2012, 6:50 PM

Be Proud!

NOTICE: Fan and gift art will be moved to the top to highlight them more in case they are missed due to tl;dr'ing.

This journal will be periodically updated whenever new gift/fan art is received and whenever a previous series is finished being uploaded onto dA via my alternate account Chalk-DustArchive

This is basically a journal dedicated to those who have and are currently reading Chalk Dust, either the 2008 version that's still up in my gallery that was cancelled or the 2011 version that is on-going.


For all of those who have read Chalk Dust as long as I've been using dA and uploading it here (early 2009), I thank you from the bottom of my heart. All of the people who comment and fave let me know that people are actually reading it, as well as those who tell me that they've enjoyed what they've read this far. The fan-art and art I've requested that I've received over the years has meant so much to me. Sadly, a couple of people have deleted the works they did, or deactivated their accounts deleting the artwork as well, but there's still a few pieces floating around out there featuring my characters that I would like to make a shout-out to like the following:

Heart-to-Heart Chalk by thatLD iChris Megami Coloured YAY by OjouLaFlorDeNieve Thanks for 18k pageviews by OjouLaFlorDeNieve Ayumi-AT- by kiwiisweet Gift Art: Magic Trio by Nyaly Seisei by PuddingPlushiePalace Happy B-day Kurumi-Lover by Katie-W Happy Birthday Kurumi~ by Nyaly Ayumi by SatraThai:thumb342837483: Special Gift: Shinji and Ayumi by Nyaly SeiSei Art trade by MangoOblivion Commission:Chris and Seisei by Nyaly Chalk Dust Fan Art by Yamina20:thumb367442617: Happy birthday Kuru 8D by MangoOblivion Seisei Will Cut You by KrazyPerson Super Moe Seisei by PuddingPlushiePalace For Kurumi-Lover~ by NyahPie2/5 uber late b-day gifts: to kurumi-lover by Umiki-sama Chalk-Dust by sparkyHERO Ayumi by Nyaly Ayumi and Seisei by Nyaly Chalk Dust giftart~ by Porkbun-comics Gift - Nana Sensei by Katie-W

Not on deviantArt:

by: :iconmaioceaneyes:

Artists who are still around who drew fan-art or images but have since deleted them include :iconhiyoi: and :iconretrosofa:, and even though she deactivated her account, the girl who drew me the most, Muyokoichigo ; u ;

As of February 2012, Chalk Dust has been around (in my head mostly) for over a decade! Cripes.
This journal will give details on all of the unfinished PREVIOUS versions of Chalk Dust AS WELL as links to read the versions currently going up now!

You can see all of the old versions of Chalk Dust uploaded thus far, plus much more now at :iconchalk-dusting:

The Birth

Chalk Dust found it's birth in 2001 in a TERRIBLE "pilot" (if you will) about a boy named Ryo and a girl named Ayu who, when outside throwing the class garbage into the incinerator, are caught in the midst of destruction and chaos of a giant robot battle happening in their town. Frightened, they cling to each other and hide, reminiscing about the time they spent together and eventually revealing their feelings for one another. Never received an actual name or went anywhere, but these characters eventually were redesigned and became my OCs Shinji and Ayumi, and the main robot went off into it's own other story.


Chalk Dust (2002)

Chalk Dust 2002 Cover 1 by Chalk-DustArchiveChalk Dust 2002 Page 01 by Chalk-DustArchiveChalk Dust 2002 Page 02 by Chalk-DustArchiveChalk Dust 2002 Page 03 by Chalk-DustArchive

Read Chalk Dust 2002 at Chalk-Dusting and find out more about all the in-jokes and references here:
About Chalk Dust 2002 (Updated!)EDIT! NEW INFO IN THE TRIVIA SECTION:
As Chalk Dust 2002 is finally dwindling down to its end, I felt compelled to actually go in depth about it.
Chalk Dust 2002 was created in my 7th and 8th grade years of middle school. I just did it for fun for my friends because Leland and I were the only ones of our friends who drew, and drew anime. After the pencil only "pilot" (which I had done at the same time I was doing my Project A-ko doujinshi), I would turn around to do this current Chalk Dust.
So here is trivia and facts about it because nobody wants to read a lot of stuff:
-The entire comic was drawn with Sharpies, both fine tip and regular markers.
-I did not pencil any of it. It was straight Sharpie on paper
-There was no real story planned, I just went with what I felt like.
-The uncensored version before I put the digital edits in was chock-full of cursing.
-The title of their text book is "Junk Stuff" by author "Idiot" because that's how I felt about school at the time.

Chalk Dust 2 (2003)

Set one year into the future, Ayumi and Shinji prepare for their highschool entrance exams when they come across Nana-douchie at the cafe they're studying at. Launching into full attack mode, Ayumi who has been training for the past year since their last encounter seeks revenge and chases after Nana-douchie to bring justice to what she had done. Nana-douchie accepts blame and apologizes for her crimes after being thrashed in her giant robot by Ayumi. ((NO LONGER EXISTS AT ALL))

Chalk Dust (2004)

Chalk Dust 2003 Cover by Chalk-DustArchive

And yes, before anyone says anything, that hand gesture Sei-Sei uses is totally doable, but off the wall

SPIN OFF 1: Project Game Zero (2004)
Chalk Dust 2004: Project Game Zero Page 1 by Chalk-DustArchiveChalk Dust 2004: Project Game Zero Page 2 by Chalk-DustArchiveChalk Dust 2004: Project Game Zero Page 3 by Chalk-DustArchiveChalk Dust 2004: Project Game Zero Page 4 by Chalk-DustArchive

Read "Chalk Dust 2004: Project Game Zero" at Chalk-Dusting

Chalk Dust: Another Story (2005)

Chalk Dust 2005: Another Story Pg 1 by Chalk-DustArchiveChalk Dust 2005: Another Story Page 2 by Chalk-DustArchiveChalk Dust 2005: Another Story Page 3 by Chalk-DustArchiveChalk Dust 2005: Another Story Page 4 by Chalk-DustArchive

SPIN OFF 2: Tryst (2006)


Chalk Dust 2006: The Tryst Cover by Chalk-DustArchiveChalk Dust 2006: The Tryst Page 01 by Chalk-DustArchiveChalk Dust 2006: The Tryst Page 02 by Chalk-DustArchive
Chalk Dust (2008)

Chalk Dust 2008 Cover 1 by Kurumi-LoverChalk Dust Ch1Pg1 by Kurumi-LoverChalk Dust Ch1Pg2 by Kurumi-LoverChalk Dust Ch1Pg3 by Kurumi-Lover
Chalk Dust Animation Project(2010)

In 2010, to try to revamp the series again, I attempted to make a short animation film based on Chalk Dust 2008, but I crashed my hard-drive losing all the files 2011, making my WIP I uploaded to YouTube to show people privately, public for everyone else to watch:

If you haven't watched the unfinished opening, you can find it here:…

Chalk*Dust (2011)

You can read what is uploaded so far of "Chalk Dust 2008" here on deviantArt in my group Chalk-Dusting here:…
Chalk-Dust 2011 Cover by Kurumi-Lover Transformation by Kurumi-Lover Chalk-Dust by Kurumi-Lover Chalk-Dust: Thank You by Kurumi-Lover Chalk-Dust by Kurumi-Lover Chalk-Dust: Uguu by Kurumi-Lover Chalk-Dust: Desuu by Kurumi-LoverCommission: Chibi Kids by Kurumi-Lover Chalk-Dust: Witchling by Kurumi-Lover 1,300+ with Cat-Girl Ayumi by Kurumi-LoverMerry Christmas by Kurumi-Lover

A redesigned remake of Chalk Dust 2008 version that is currently on-going. I really like this version so far, and it might make it all the way if I can keep up the interest not only from myself, but with people who read it.


Chalk Dust Animation Project 2013

((More news coming soon! Gonna release some teasers soon.))

Well, thanks for reading if you did. Hopefully this might've shed some light to those who read, or maybe got some of those who weren't interested c:
If so, you know where to find it now, at :iconchalk-dusting:

Until my next time!

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List now updated to removed finished transactions/add on who was in queue next.
Some prices will be changing after this CURRENT batch, I will send out a notification then.
Due to many different circumstances, I will be creating a ToS (Terms of Service) about commissioning art from me that I ask all future commissioners take a look at whenever it goes up.

**PLEASE NOTE: I am extremely busy, so art is slow in general, but commissions/contest entries are my top priorities**


~Now accepting POINT COMMISSIONS. Got extra points? I can illustrate for you c:
ALSO NOTE: Payment is now DUE AT TIME OF COMMISSION (unless otherwise stated).
If you're unable to pay upfront, you have until sketch process is finished.

Hello everyone! I'm taking commissions with a total of 5 slots that can be filled!

Prices and payment methods below:

Commissions2 by Kurumi-Lover

1. :iconmadhatterkyoko: (Inking)
2. :iconcheeb: (Finished, waiting on payment)
3. :iconyerblues000: (Sketching)
4. Hawaiian Shirt Tactical
5. :iconlittleramyun:

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P.S. If you'd like to chat, I'm utilizing voice chat again, so... make sure ya speakers on <:
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Saw :iconrocketdave: do this maymay, and it looked like fun:

Rules: Take the first 10 pics you posted on DeviantArt (or the earliest pics you have now that you haven't stored away or deleted), and answer the following questions:

Chalk Dust 2008: Ayumi Cover Unfin by Kurumi-Lover Cutie Honey- Sama by Kurumi-Lover Chalk Dust 2008 Cover 1 by Kurumi-Lover Steel Angel Kurumi-chan by Kurumi-Lover Shin Cutie Honey by Kurumi-Lover Gainax Girls by Kurumi-Lover Misty Wants to Battle by Kurumi-Lover Sailor Scouts Moon and Venus by Kurumi-Lover Chris Megami Fanservice by Kurumi-Lover It's Over 3,000, Honey-chan by Kurumi-Lover

    1.       How long ago were these pics posted?
From right to left:
August 21, 2008 (the first day I started using dA after I had created the account 2 years earlier lol)
September 23, 2008
October 10, 2008
May 19, 2009
July 1, 2009
July 7, 2009 (this illustration was recolored in 2012)
July 15, 2009
July 21, 2009
July 24, 2009
July 31, 2009

   2.       What do you consider to be your favorite of these first ten? (“They all suck” is a cop out!)
I honestly really like either my 2008 version of the Chalk*Dust kids posing for the "cover," or the layout of the New Cutey Honey girls for my 2nd attempt at using PS to colour (I liked both of these images enough to redraw 'em both in 2012 and 2016 respectively, which can be found below)
Chalk-Dust by Kurumi-Lover Re:Cutey Honey Redux by Kurumi-Lover

   3.       What pic do you consider to be the weakest?
Definitely the Red vs. Misty/Kasumi pic. I just did it for funsies and it took me like half an hour 1:

   4.       Are the subjects of these pics still something you draw or have interest in?
I literally fucking love all this shit still. Still making Chalk*Dust (slowly, but surely), still love Kurumi, Cutie Honey, Sailor Moon, and Pokemon tons <3

   5.       Is there any pic you’d probably not post even if you drew it today?
Hmm... Nah, I'd probably post 'em all. Except for the shitty Pokemon battle thing.

   6.       Do you recall any vaguely interesting memories on any of these pics (either drawing or the response to them)?
I was really proud of my coloured pencil work on that Steel Angel Kurumi picture, and I remember how hard I worked to colour that New Cutey Honey image, since it was my 2nd attempt at Photoshop, and also, I didn't have a tablet at the time, so I digitally coloured all of those using a laptop track pad and my finger (with the exception of the Gainax Girls image, which I recolored in 2012 using a tablet). I remember being really embarrassed by the 3,000 & Honey's tits pic; I remember someone calling me out on it and being like "I have way more watchers/pageviews than you and I don't go around trying to brag about it." I was just happy, but that dude made me feel like shit.

   7.       Is there anything you look at with these pics and wouldn’t mind trying again?
I actually have thought about redrawing almost all of these other than the 2 that I've already redrawn a lot (except for the shitty Pokemon picture.) I think I will redraw at least 3 of these other ones at some point though...

   8.       Do any of these pics still get any comments/favorites/notice?
Yes, the New Cutey Honey picture, the Gainax Girls pic (rarely, but it pops up), and the Sailor Moon and Venus sometimes. The rest, no.

   9.       Is there anything you see in these pics that you still find difficult?
Yes, a lot. Especially, drawing feet, apparently. And not drawing everyone at 3/4 ajdflks;aafjhda
Also, I feel like my art is static af now and want to be more dynamic, but looking at these oldies that are literally sarcophagi or coffins or something, I feel like I've improved a li'l over the years.

   10.   Do you feel these pics were a help in getting to where you are today as an artist?
Of course! I think every time I draw, even if it's a li'l pos sketch or something helps me improve. I'm very visual in my head, and it's hard to get down on paper/screen what exactly I'm seeing, so when I look at these old things that were my *closest* attempts at conveying what I felt, I can see how I could make them better. Feedback from watchers has always been exponential in growth as well.

Dang, this was fun.

My tumblr
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Hey everyone. Sorry I've been dead for a bit, but the truth is: I've been dead for a bit.
I really have no excuse.
Other than the fact that I'm addicted to tumblr hardxcore. If you want, my link is up there!
I have taken up playing Final Fantasy VIII (the discs) recently, and oh boy. I hope this time I can play it right without getting confused, frustrated, and angered and then end up hating the game for another decade or so.

Well, other than finishing up schools and starring in a student film and stuff like that. I haven't even worked on my "Chalk*Dust" story in a long while (which, if you hadn't noticed, I've taken down from dA. I feel if anyone really wants to read, to follow the links on my dA ID section; dA doesn't feel like the place to upload it to), and as for work I should be doing, well, phew. Next week is looking rough.

Actually, not really. Because I graduated today! I now have an AAS in Multimedia Technology. Which kinda sucks because now that I'm transferring, I'm changing my major. And prolly gonna put my knowledge of Japanese to use and minor in that. Or something. Idk. Too many things happening at once.

I bought a 3DS, and I have to say that other than the complete lack of games for it, it's pretty BAD-ASS. Also, I've been on a quest to collect every Pokemon game (sans the Ranger and Mystery Dungeon series because I hate them), and so far the only Pokemon related games I don't have are "Pokemon Box: Ruby and Sapphire", "Pokemon Trozei", "Pokemon Card GB2: Here Comes Team Great Rocket!", "Pokemon Channel" and "Pokemon Park Wii". There's also that Japanese typing game, but I'm debating whether or not to even care about that. And speaking of Japanese, I bought Pokemon Green and played it for a bit, and MAN; those sprites are UGLY AS HELL.

Anywho, my 34,343 kiriban was caught some time ago by :iconpoison-lily:! Also, :iconlittleramyun: was the only one to guess all of the characters from my "Can You Name My Favourite Characters?" meme (she misnamed one character his father's name, but she knew who it was), so she wins a free request as well.
And I'm still working on :iconkrazyperson:'s request from before as well as a commission for my friend Britt that some of you might've seen before (the Gundam Wing picture I livestream'd awhile back) not to mention some side projects I'm doing with some folks.! I will be updating my To-Do list on my page again now that I'm finally getting my drawing drive back (since January). Art-trades are on indefinite hiatus, and even if cosmographia finishes her half anytime soon, I'm not sure if I'll open them up again anytime soon.

I'm not sure how active I'm gonna be even though I'm getting my drive to draw back though because this summer is apparently going to be a busy one; I gotta sort my life out before it goes out of control. I'm not sure what I want anymore and am getting more and more confused every day. But hopefully I can pull through it and draw some craptastic pictures in the meantime.

Also, I got my hair cut…
It's my fave cut so far. When I style it, it's kinda bad-ass.

Until next time, I guess!
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*Saunters in again*
Desperately trying to find a way to get out of my shell again. I'm trying to force myself to use these again hhh. Feel free to add or something.


Instagram: or just kurumilover
(Things'll get very personal here. You'll see what's going on in my life O n O. Also, WIPs)

Other art places uguu:


Game things:

PSN: kurumi-lover
3DS(1): 4081-5565-2190
3DS(2): 3626-0234-6263 (I have 6 3DSs now, but I'm only going to list these 2)
Nintendo ID (for Wii U) : kurumi-lover
STEAM: kurumi_lover
Xbox 360: kurumilover

Until next time!
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The ten available slots have been downsized to just five again after finishing the last 4 commissions for the discount Bust Commissions! Get 'em while you can if you're interested!

-2nd character is +$10
    *3rd character on is +$5
-Super specific poses/themes +Extra $
    *Details also +Extra $
-No longer taking fetish art commissions.
    *This also includes things that can be construed as fetish.

1. :iconmonochromeagent: - waiting for payment
2. :icond-aqvila:
3. :iconsenshee:
4. :iconlederhozen:

Examples of past bust art (so you know what you're getting):
Commission: Tasky by Kurumi-Lover Commission: First Revelation by Kurumi-Lover Christmas Portrait 6: Makoto by Kurumi-Lover Christmas Portrait 5: Hitagi by Kurumi-Lover Christmas Portrait 2: Bulma by Kurumi-Lover

**Paid commissions will always come first.
***Normal commissions are also still open and being worked on.
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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Kwanzaa, and happy every other holiday that happens at this time of the year, whatever you celebrate <:
I hope that you all have a good one, and spend a great time with your loved ones, whoever they may be.

I'm so freaking excited ; u ;
After I finish this next one, I'm going to KNOCK OUT 2nd CHAPTER OF MEGMAN DOUJINSNHI

And then afterwards, if all art trade slots are empty, I will reopen.
I will repost a journal to let you know if you'd like to claim a spot <:

Anywho...uhh...I got a bunch of cool stuff for Christmas, but the best thing has to be...I got a Little Mermaid themed fishtank. You don't understand, I love mermaids, and marine life so much, I refuse to eat any kind of seafood except sushi XD

Uhm....Idk what else to talk about, I'm exhausted and all jfkda;lfjda;fj atm. So yeah.

Until next time~
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The next time I do a journal, it will be an actual update with important(?) information and junk.
But I can't resist doing another one of these.
Because I'm post-poning going out and running my errands today :C

1. What is your middle name?

2. What color is your mailbox?
We have one of those community mailboxes. So I guess white?

3. Are you available?
At the moment, but not for long c:

4. Have you ever hit a deer?
No D: But I hit your mom.

5. Do you have to drive over a bridge to get home?
Actually, sometimes, yes D:

6. Are you taller than your mom?
I'm 6'2". It'd be scary if I wasn't D:

7. What curse do you say the most when you're pissed?
I curse all the time without being pissed D: I'm a horrible person bawww

8. Are you God?

9. What do you do to get over a broken heart?
I don't know D: But it takes me awhile.

10. Do you enjoy writing in coloured pens?
I used to be obsessed with gel pens. Especially the metallic ones ; u ;

11. Does anything hurt on your body right now?
A few places, actually. Working-out is fun ; u ;

12. Do you often cry during a movie?

13. Last text message you received?
card captures? nerd.

14. Who sent it?
My friend Steven

15. Do you hate your life?

16. Do you get mad easily?
Yes I do. Very easily. But you'd never know c:

17. Do you drink?
Yes. I took some swigs of Vodka yesterday around 3 in the afternoon D:

18. What is your biggest pet peeve?
I'm not sure. D: I can't pinpoint just one.

19. Are you cold?

20. Do any of your friends have kids?
Quite a few, actually.

21. Who should pay on the first date?

22. How many years older than you are you willing to date?
Not too much. Like 10 years is about the cut off date, honestly.

23. Do you have any friends?
LOLWTF. Of course XD

24. Do you have any mean friends?
I did, but we're not friends anymore.

25. What is the ugliest colour in your opinion?

26. Have you ever dated someone who all your friends couldn't stand?
Yup D:

27. Have you ever felt like driving off a cliff, seriously?
Yes, actually.

28. Have you ever contemplated suicide?
Actually, yes D:

29. Do you scratch your ears?
What? No D:

30. Who was the last person to hug you?
My friend Maggie last night.

31. What brand are the pants/jeans you're wearing right now?
I'm just wearing pajama shorts. Idk.

32. How tall are you?
6'2" D:

33. What is the closest green object?
the grass in my desk fishtank.

34. What is on your feet?
I'm barefoot O:

35. If you were born the opposite sex, what would your parents name you?
Joanne. Seriously.

36. If you could go back to any time period, what would it be?
The 80's? idk?

37. Do you want to have kids?
No. Not really at all.

38. What is your favorite colour?
Blue/pink c:

39. Who is the friend you have that you would never have?
What? Like, have sexually? All of my female friends? idk.

40. Who do you hate the most right now?
This dumb bitch who I got a job for her at my work and she never shows up. Or does work when she's there. Ugh.

41. What's your mother's middle name?
Mandalag for my real mom, Jean for my mom now.

42. What kind of car do you want?
I don't really mind, I'm content with the car I have now ^^

43. What is your favorite video game?
Gosh, I'm not sure. I enjoy all of the following series: Pokemon/Silent Hill/Katamari/Megaman classic/Space Channel 5 blah blah blah blah

44. Do you like cake?
Actually, no :C

45. Do you have any TV shows on DVD?
Yup! I have 2 bookshelves of anime, but when it comes normal American TV shows, I have Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Queer as Folk, Dead Like Me, The Powerpuff Girls, The Simpsons, blah blah blah

46. Are you wearing make up?
LOL, what no.

47. Do you have a tattoo?
Nope D:

48. Have you ever broken a pinata?
When I was a wee child D:

49. What time is right now?
3:39 PM

50. Do you know how to draw?
I guess. I mean, this on dA. You can just look at my gallery D:

51. Who loves orange soda?
People who like orange soda?

52. Who is your hero?
I'm not sure.

53. Who did you last IM?

54. Do you work a lot of hours?
Not at all. Like, between 15-20 hrs a week.

55. Where were you 24 hours ago?
At my house.

56. Who was the last person that called you?
My friend Maggie

57. Is there anything you regret?

58. Do you know where your family name originated from?
My biological family came from a lot of places. I'll just say the main blood in me is Filipino and Irish, but there's a lot more; I'm a mutt.

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This kiriban picture I upload next may be the last picture I upload for a long time.
My father just got laid off from work this morning.
We're going to be losing a lot of things now.

I just don't understand why HE had to get laid off. He was one of their best employees, and a head supervisor. According to his salary, he got 23 dollars an hour, working at the Guardian Glass Factory. But why did he get laid off? He and the other 5 supervisors were laid off because "they hadn't been there as long as the others". Even if they're an awesome employee, they can't fucking stay because of "seniority"? Fuck that shit. addition to losing Dish Network Television (which actually doesn't bother me as I don't watch television) we may also be losing the internet, and most of our belongings. My mom is currently working on cutting budget expenses. Drastically. He may be unemployed for the next 2 months, or even don't even know.

But, if worst scenario occurs, I just wanted to say that for the last 10 months I've been on deviantArt, I've met some pretty artists, who have have helped me learn more about things I didn't quite understand before. I've made some awesome on-line friends who helped cheer me up when everything else was kinda going topsy-turvy.

I can't think straight at the moment (haha gay pun), and I'm too wracked with worry and exhaustion. This past week has been a blast: car accident, my car is totaled, I barely make it into college, and now losing our source of income.

Whatever, it's life, right?
I'm losing faith again.

So, just in case I'm not able to say this later, and to everyone individually: Good-bye for now. :) Maybe all of this will pull through, and this entire journal entry was in vain, right? :D I hope so...I really do...but, I don't even know. But, I've really enjoyed viewing other's artwork, learning things from them and teaching things to others. I cherish these small connections we've made, though I don't even know you in person. To all of the people who watch me and support my art, I want to thank you, and let you know that I really appreciate it. And hopefully......well. I don't know.

I just hope this journal is in vain.

Update: So, we had a family meeting. We're cut back alot of things, but we're keeping television (minus a bunch of crap no one watches anyway), and we're keeping the internet. So I'm here to stay, a li'l bit longer. The situations not doing good though. For once in his whole life since he was diagnosed with PTSD, my father is showing emotions, and it's not good. I mean, showing emotions is good, but not the kinds he is showing. I hope this thing turns around soon...
  • Listening to: My mom cutting budgets in the other room...
  • Reading: Madou Tenshi Unpoko
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: Pokemon Crystal
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
So I left at about 2:40pm or so to go sign up for classes.
Not even 2 miles from my house, we got into a car accident.
It was me, my mother, and my brother, with my mother driving, me in the passenger seat, and my brother in the back seat. We were going about 45 mph down Roane Rd (the street that turns off into our private neighborhood) and were about to cross over the bridge that goes over I-45, when a woman in a black BMW ran her stop sign.
My mother slammed on her breaks and steered the car to the right, but we collided with the other car, almost T-boning it, because the driver freaked out when she saw us in the corner of her eye and sped up.

My mother had been in a car accident before (back in 1987 when she was pregnant with my older brother) which caused her fibro mialgia, and so when she realized we weren't going to make it, she quickly relaxed herself. Her seatbelt didn't catch (like mine did which bruised my collar bone) so she slammed into the steering wheel. I, on the other hand, had only been in 2 accidents before (one being a major one that I caused at 14) and so I tensed up, causing me to slam my knees into the dashboard and cut my index finger on my right hand because I grabbed the seat-belt right before we hit. My brother Cody was in the backseat, but was not wearing his seat-belt, however, when he saw it coming, he too tensed up and placed his hands on the back of my seat causing him to jam his wrist.

The driver of the other car was perfectly fine, however, her passenger had scrapes all over her right arm and a slice down her left hand. Both of the dogs in the back were okay, but the bigger dog was limping (poor thing). The cops came after about 3 minutes, one of them being a state trooper on the Interstate. He said the reason he came so quickly was because On-Star had called his car stating that a business vehicle of theirs abruptly stopped from 35 to zero. This had originally confused us, because we were trying to call 911 on our phones, but for some reason the calls weren't going through.

Well...that's basically it. But the worst-THE WORST-part of this story as if some higher power thought it was already funny that we were in an accident and bumped up and shit, and that a container of salsa my mother was bringing for her friend kinda exploded on me (when I got out of the car in shock and holding my right collarbone where seat-belt hit me, I remember looking down, licking the salsa off my shirt and exclaiming "I'm SPICY!" no lie D: ), we heard thunder, and then, it rained on us. We stood in the rain for 20 minutes as an ambulance and cop cars came to hold back traffic (WHICH WAS FUCKING DRIVING THROUGH THE WRECK AND SHIT) until the toe trucks came and took away both vehicles.

I'm starting to come out of shock, and I'm starting to realize how sore my body is and how hurt my entire right shoulder is. Ugh. Also: on a kinda funny note, my mother was bringing her homemade salsa to her friend Steve which, I found out at the wreck, is a photographer for the Corsicana Daily Sun, the local newspaper. So I'm looking forward to seeing our wreck in the paper tomorrow >n<.
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