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Dear Dad...

Somethings about this picture could have been done WAY better. I just really wanted to pay tribute to Mare Odomo's "Letters to an Absent Father" comics based on the Pokemon series though.

This image is based off of this particular strip:

Read the other "Letters to an Absent Father" series online here: [link]
Or at ~mareodomo's deviantART account here: [link]
Please check out Mare' Odomo's other works here: [link]

Artwork (c) Jonathan Castleman :iconkurumi-lover:
Letters to an Absent Father (c) Mare Odomo :iconmareodomo:
Pokemon (c) Game Freak, Nintendo
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SapphireSonicmaster's avatar
That boy looks like Ash
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
No wayyyy. That girl kinda looks like Misty, too, I think...
SapphireSonicmaster's avatar
you don't have to be rude, I mean if this is Ash, just say so (I could have thought it was Red)
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
Also, still not trying to be mean, but the text is quoted to Ash on the image, so I thought you were making a goof, too, honestly.
SapphireSonicmaster's avatar
oh alright, it's ok if you were merely being sarcastic

but what is this image about?
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
Sorry, wasn't trying to come off as rude; shoulda added a winky face smilie so that it'd been clear I was just making a goof.
I love it. It;s so sweet. Misty looks so cute in her swimsuit. She is my favorite character.
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
Misty is definitely one of my favourite characters ; v ;
CodenameAJ's avatar
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
digigal10's avatar
Dad: when she follows u and is some times mean ( and say u and her will get mermeid / the heartbreak of brock joho s 4 e 41
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
Haha, childish love.
Narwhale1's avatar
crap, this made me cry hard. great job! 
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
Nakanaide! Everything will be daijobu in the next series "Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls: Brotherhood Ultimate" where the fanime will follow exactly like the original mango intended it
And thank you ahhhhh
DreamTheBunny's avatar
Awwww~! So cute~!!! >V<
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
Thank you so much~ ; v ;
DreamTheBunny's avatar
It is no problem~!
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
Awwwh thank you <:
1shadowking's avatar
welcome, huge fan of Ash and Misty coupling. :)
suna7's avatar
Awwwwwww :3 <3
WotutuMummy's avatar
Aww, that's kinda sad. Love the concept though :hug:
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