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Commission: Lightining Psyche

By Kurumi-Lover
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This was a bust commission for :iconjadiner: of her OC Lightning Psyche.
Done before the emergency bust commission push, but finished just in time for it to start I guess > u <

Artwork (c) Jonathan Castleman :iconkurumi-lover:
Lightning Psyche (c) JadineR :iconjadiner:

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Interested in commissions from me?

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Special Bust-Only limited edition sale commissions:
$10USD Emergency Bust Commissions - Closed!
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© 2017 - 2021 Kurumi-Lover
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Zero-Q's avatar
Her multicoloured hair looks especially good in your 90's anime art style.  ^^
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
Thank you so much!
I'm always so happy when someone thinks my art is old-school lookin' ; A ;
JadineR's avatar
At the risk of repeating my note I LOVE HERRRRRR :love:

I love how you drew her hair, I love the background and I just generally love dem details<3 I can't stop looking at her expression either. I'm so happy!

Thank you again <3
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
I'm so happy you do ; o ;
And thank you~~ Sorry if she looks really menacing, I meant to make her look more determined awawawa
And, no, thank YOU for commissioning ; v ;
JadineR's avatar
Naaaaahhh, I had no problem with her expression at all! I can see it both ways, and I love both ways, haha <3
OgawaBurukku's avatar
Oh! I know this character, heh heh. Looks great!
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
She's got a cool design, like a punk, no-nonsense high school girl hahaha. Thank you!
Subarufoxboy's avatar
Looking awesome (and fierce in her case)! That background suits her well ;)
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
Yeah, this girl looks like she doesn't want to take crap from nobody. I think I made her look a little more menacing than intended though hahaha.
Subarufoxboy's avatar
Yeah, that makes sense xD
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
JoshBeta1's avatar
You are welcome. xD
AaronBrawnstone's avatar
All that detail! I just can't believe it! >U<
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
Is there a lot of detail in this one? o:
I always felt my bust pictures were my least detailed (since I can crank 'em out the fastest)
AaronBrawnstone's avatar
The thunder bolts look like you put a lot detail to. On Lightning Psyche you used a lot of amount of gleam and shading!
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