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these deviations are the bee's knees !

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1975 Blue by kurtskoolaid 1975 Blue :iconkurtskoolaid:kurtskoolaid 3 2
how often am I high off of you?
You are my ecstasy.
My angelic bottle of ecstasy.
The bottle I dash to and down.
I inhale it to the last glimmer of beauty.
My head starts to spin;
My heart starts to dance.
I am warm, my cheeks pink.
Look how lovely you are,
Covered in glitter and my lipstick.
You are singing to me.
Your fingers and lips are writing me a play.
Our eyes are glowing.
Our skin, swimming.
We are drowning in our euphoria.
:iconkurtskoolaid:kurtskoolaid 0 0
you will run and
i will run and we'll be perfect someplace else.
we will spend all our days
our steps and always looking
over our
shoulders    to make sure no
one is behind us to ruin what we have,
what we have     earned.
our hearts will explode with the love   we have
for us and our life   we've
worked so hard to achieve.
we will die   together and we won't be remembered.
we will   be exactly what everyone
tries to avoid.
what everyone tries not to end up as.
but you and i are love
we   know exactly what we want
and what we  need.
when we   parish  slow and
painfully we will laugh   and look into
eachother's eyes.
the   others that have captured
us   will throw yet another   torch into
  the fire that  burns us
:iconkurtskoolaid:kurtskoolaid 1 0
dead to me by kurtskoolaid dead to me :iconkurtskoolaid:kurtskoolaid 0 0 glass-stache id . by kurtskoolaid glass-stache id . :iconkurtskoolaid:kurtskoolaid 0 0 i.d, yo . by kurtskoolaid i.d, yo . :iconkurtskoolaid:kurtskoolaid 0 0
Let go.

Letting go is not as easy as it sounds. It us a long process of grief, acceptance, and moving on. Different people have different needs. While some people can do it on their own, some need help. Some talk. Some listen. Some need music, others silence. Some need to remember, others to forget. People do not "get over it". We grieve. We accept. We move on.
We let go.
:iconkurtskoolaid:kurtskoolaid 0 0
yes, some oxygen would be nice

i need something to hold onto.
something i can trust,
that i know what float away and
leave me treading in the ocean.
something i can grasp.
look, my hands can hold it.
i can wrap my arms around it.
i will not fall, because i have this.
why is that hard for you to understand?
how could you do this?
how could you just leave?
how can you feel that what you're doing is okay?
its not.
not at all.
thanks to you i cannot even begin to
explain how frustrated i am.
do i need some kind of safety vest?
just to protect me from people like you?

how could you just leave me hanging.
:iconkurtskoolaid:kurtskoolaid 1 0
l o v e
a freezing bath of lava.
a blantant silence.
an unrefined elegance.
an irritated comfort.
an atrocious benevolence.
a grotesque beauty.
you and I.
:iconkurtskoolaid:kurtskoolaid 0 0
heads in clouds.

you do not have beautiful eyes.
they are just blue.
the golden fringe of eyelash around them are not stars.
they are eyelashes.
your voice does not make me melt,
and the sweet nothings you whisper do
not make me  f a l l  i n  l o v e .
is this our love song?
:iconkurtskoolaid:kurtskoolaid 0 0
Alpha and Omega.
its a little hard to believe something that
people derrive from an old book.
it makes me think sometimes,
if i write something down in a book,
i wonder if people will worship that too..
then again.
who do i pray to in desperate times?
who do i pray to when my family goes through tough times.
when i lose things?
when a friend needs help?
when a love dies?
who helps me
when i need things?
"desperate times call for desperate measures"?
i think we all like to believe in some sense that
we're not alone in this world.
that we all have someone watching out for us.
that no matter who we don't have,
we at least have someone there.
do i blame us?
no. i don't.
its comforting.
we would all be lost without our beliefs.
:iconkurtskoolaid:kurtskoolaid 1 0
simultaneous explosions.
my life is an EXPLOSION
of dandelions.
of magnolia petals.
my LOVE for you
is a FIRE of
something i cannot even
the pieces of my HEART
feel like lava rock.
they are WARM
for YOU.
:iconkurtskoolaid:kurtskoolaid 1 0
my heart is deadbeat;
but I am feeling so much.
It's love on steroids.
I've got quite an urge to dance.
My head is spinning.
Oh please sing with me.
I see my thoughts on repeat.
Your eyes are glowing.
We have killed some sun.
Don't be angry,
Now that we're done.
:iconkurtskoolaid:kurtskoolaid 1 0
love without bones.
our fingers interlace but give off no warmth.
our conversations don't dive deep and
linger in the ocean;
they simply skim across the water like
smooth stones, but instead of submitting
to something more dense than what it  
flew in, it vanishes.
we look deep into each other's eyes.
we search and search.
but we find nothing.
:iconkurtskoolaid:kurtskoolaid 0 0
your eyes are like the centers
of daisies:
yellow and ready to explode.
almost liquid gold when the sun
warms them just right.
they are serious;
usually filled with your anger.
turning you into somthing of a monster.
but are you?
:iconkurtskoolaid:kurtskoolaid 1 0
you know when you say you don't care,
but you actually care so much it hurts?
you can't even have a good time, you know?
sure, you're laughing and rambling on
about the new girl's hair,
but then your mind wanders back to:
he's dead.
it happened last year,
rumours have died down,
the town has deemed him
but is he?
you go to sleep.
but you remember:
nooses are tight,
and your eyes shut tighter.
you fight sobs
but it's entirely too hard.
you wish you could run out onto his grave
and empty your bottle right there:
i'm scared all the time.
what if i die too soon?
what if i'm alone?
i hate myself.
the way i look,
the way i feel.
why am i selfish?
why don't i have a father who cares?
what if i die alone?
he's gone.
and you'll never see him again.
i'll never see him again.
:iconkurtskoolaid:kurtskoolaid 2 0
please take a peek :heart:






♥ m b e r
United States

:music:baby i like it : enrique iglesias .

i am not a romantic.
i change my mind about things constantly.
i give new meaning to the phrase " movie junkie "
im a hippie at heart:peace:

my favourite bands include :
  • The Beatles.
    The Doors.
    OK Go.

singers :
  • Katy Perry.
    Lady Gaga.
    Michael Jackson.
    John Lennon.


my favourite colour right now is navy blue,
yesterday it was purple,
but my horoscope said it was red.

i find myself making fun of love a lot when
i write.

my name is amber,
i havent decided if i like it yet.

i really dont have a stereotype.
i think im a little of everything.

indie bands are a kick :heart:

kurt cobain is my soulmate.
courtney love is disaster with red lipstick.

Current Residence: wonderland
Favourite genre of music: anything that sounds good.
Favourite style of art: the kind hippies put on their vans.. (:
MP3 player of choice: ipod touch.
Favourite cartoon character: Billy, Mandy, & Grim, ren & stimpy.
Personal Quote: anything sarcastic.

unhealthy obsessions.

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 29, 2010, 4:45 PM

:bulletpink:the city life.
:bulletpinkDonnie Darko.
:bulletpink:Jake Gyllenhaal(:
:bulletpink:mike posner's voice (:
:bulletpink:cowboy boots. i need new ones with turquoise tops.
:bulletpink:piercings. i need my ears a couple more times and a monroe, baby!
:bulletpink:tatooooooos. peace signs, daisy chains, ETc.
:bulletpink:haircuts and tanning.
:bulletpink:the radio lately.
:bulletpiink:blondies. my old teacher called me blondie.
:bulletpink:mike posneeeerrrrrr.

baby please dont gooooo,
if i wake up tomorrow will you still be here?
:heart: amberrrrrr.

  • Listening to: hahahh. mike posner. baby pleease dont goooooo.


:iconcan-i-get-a-haplz: :iconindie-girls: :iconretrophotoclub: :iconladygaga-fc:

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