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Vicky Chang and friends

By KurtLogan
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Vicky has a few very close friends who have been at her side for years. Mindy, her best friends since 1st grade in school and the two boys Peter and Nicco, who live in the same apartment complex with her.

One of their favorite places to go hang out is the beach. A place where they can fool around. VIcky loves that most of the time they treat her as if she had not changed and was the same normal girl, that is until one tries to do something silly like trying to lift her up on one of their shoulders, then they remember she is an amazon with very dense and powerful muscles. Still, they always find the humor and have a big laugh at the ackward situations they get into.

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I think only her legs are even heavier than the boy

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I can carry her easily

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What the boys don't yet know is that halfway between the start line and the finish line is going to be a row of groin kick girls (the boys thought they were only cheerleaders), who are going to bring all the boys down !!

Then, in phase two of the beach fun race, all the boys will have their faces busted with face punches from the woman they carried ....

the first girl to break a nose and a lip gets the prize money !!!!!  and the second to 5th girl to do so win prizes too !!!
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"Nice try. Why don't I just Head Scissors you instead."
zhengguoguangxi's avatar
if her waist is broader that will be better
KurtLogan's avatar
Maybe, but I have a soft spot in my heart for extreme hourglass figures ;-)
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Great scene. Could you talller babe be fair and could she carry her man
I suppose she just need 1 arm 

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Happy you enjoyed it. Cheers
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This is asking a lot of him sweetheart 
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