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arin112211's avatar
Try not to get caught up in another save the world cliché moment
CartoonCrazy007's avatar
Yeah, you'll try not to die or get killed or anything like that
Shining-Aura's avatar
He can try, but I think we all know that he'll get caught up....again.
AsheAndCJThePikachus's avatar
Too bad:/ that's how the die roll so no world save plot today:3
Spartan-771's avatar
Not saving the world again?

GuyroMaster's avatar
Hmm... I wonder if an unstable magnagate is why Miles is an eevee again on the cover?
Spatan98's avatar
Spacial/temporal misconfiguration causing biological regression in terms of age. I LOVE IT! :D
GuyroMaster's avatar
Not impossible. I mean there is also a De-evolve Orb in Gates to Infinity that de-evolves a pokemon and drops them to Level 1 again so...that could be be the culprit too.
Spatan98's avatar
Wait really? sweet i never found it yet.
GuyroMaster's avatar
Look it up in the Orbs list on any wiki on Gates to Infinity and you'll find out all about it.
Spatan98's avatar
I did. I WANT. so useful...
GuyroMaster's avatar
Fastest way to get them is is to build Oodles of Orbs and fully develop it. They are sold there for sure.
GuyroMaster's avatar
It was how I recruited my Eevee in Gates.
Flyboy5901's avatar
Don't worry guys Grace packed that bag with every McGuffin for any scenario
ioonarina's avatar
Okay,, a nitpick...
one problem with this page: the magnagate is underwhelming compared to all other appearances
KurtisTheSnivy's avatar
That was intentional
Dedalo-el-Hispano's avatar
"Try not to get caught up in another plot to save the world..."

Narrator: But they could and they did.
mgunnels3's avatar
Espeon you know how to ruin the fun 
lobo91's avatar
Alexander: With Pika, Miles and Grace going on this trip Espeon... im afraid you just jinxed them.
StevoBrine's avatar
You had one job! ONE JOB, PIKA!
3jaustin's avatar
Sorry Espeon, but they are going to get caught up in another plot to save the world.
the look on pika's faces tells me it is not going to happen XD
bakubreaker98's avatar
Follow-up to Espeon's comment:

"Try not to get yourselves killed out there." -Soldier:76
LaCheesy's avatar
 Next minute, gets stuck in a plot to save the world.
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