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THE WASPMAN - wallpaper pack

By Kurrus
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Finally, it's done.

Early August 2008. I am bored, so I decide to make a new avatar for my friend PromoStarr.

Three days later. I am bored again. I look at the avatar I made for PromoStarr and like it. I make a similarly-styled one for myself, which I'm still using on Steam.

Mid-January this year. I get even more bored, and grow tired of my old wallpaper, so I decide to make one of my own. Wallpaper is made.

Thirteen days later. I get bored again. I make another wallpaper again.

7th of May. I get bored again. I make 2 more wallpapers.

An hour or so later, you're reading this.

And that's the story of how boredom and procrastination gave birth to some wallpapers!

Since the first of those wallpapers was made quite a while ago and I'm lazy, they just come in a resolution of 1280x1024. Next wallpaper or pack will be in more sizes! I promise!

And yes, Wallpaper #2 is mostly filters. So sue me.

Credits to PromoStarr for inspiration, support, the name, and being a kickass guy. And everyone in my Steam friends list because, hell, I want to.
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I like the 1st one, the rest are meh... :|