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Svass' Community One-day Smithy Commissions by kuroya-ken Svass' Community One-day Smithy Commissions :iconkuroya-ken:kuroya-ken 41 34 His Majesty by kuroya-ken His Majesty :iconkuroya-ken:kuroya-ken 22 17 Griffia Inktober Challenge 2018 [WARN: BIG FILE] by kuroya-ken Griffia Inktober Challenge 2018 [WARN: BIG FILE] :iconkuroya-ken:kuroya-ken 8 14 Inktober - 'Monster vs Monster' by kuroya-ken Inktober - 'Monster vs Monster' :iconkuroya-ken:kuroya-ken 15 13 Inktober - 'Full Moon' by kuroya-ken Inktober - 'Full Moon' :iconkuroya-ken:kuroya-ken 9 18 Inktober - 'Danger Noodle' by kuroya-ken Inktober - 'Danger Noodle' :iconkuroya-ken:kuroya-ken 13 8 Inktober - 'Biggest Fear' by kuroya-ken Inktober - 'Biggest Fear' :iconkuroya-ken:kuroya-ken 16 9 Inktober - 'Candy Struck' by kuroya-ken Inktober - 'Candy Struck' :iconkuroya-ken:kuroya-ken 15 8 Inktober - 'Scarecrow' by kuroya-ken Inktober - 'Scarecrow' :iconkuroya-ken:kuroya-ken 12 5 Inktober - 'Puppets' by kuroya-ken Inktober - 'Puppets' :iconkuroya-ken:kuroya-ken 13 5 Inktober - 'Bones' by kuroya-ken Inktober - 'Bones' :iconkuroya-ken:kuroya-ken 15 5 Inktober - 'Ghosts' by kuroya-ken Inktober - 'Ghosts' :iconkuroya-ken:kuroya-ken 14 7 Inktober - 'Pumpkin' by kuroya-ken Inktober - 'Pumpkin' :iconkuroya-ken:kuroya-ken 14 7 Inktober - 'Shiny' by kuroya-ken Inktober - 'Shiny' :iconkuroya-ken:kuroya-ken 16 10 Inktober - 'Shadow' by kuroya-ken Inktober - 'Shadow' :iconkuroya-ken:kuroya-ken 20 7 Inktober - 'Dark Harvest' by kuroya-ken Inktober - 'Dark Harvest' :iconkuroya-ken:kuroya-ken 11 4


Commission Status:

:bulletred: Abstract-angular Pagedolls - closed
:bulletred: ‘Noodle’ - closed
:bulletred: Detailed - closed
:bulletred: Lineless-painted - closed
:bulletred: Abstract-angular Paintings - closed
:bulletred: Chinese Ink Paintings - closed
:bulletred: Comic Pages - closed
:bulletred: Reference Sheets - closed
:bulletyellow: Logo Designs - Please enquire!

*I am a very flexible person by nature, so if you really want a commission despite it saying it’s closed above, do poke me and try your luck; if I happen to be free at the moment, I might just take you up on it.


.Rate: $15 (USD) per hour
.I accept dA :points: [Rate: $1 = 100 :points:]
.Commissioned works are for personal use only unless otherwise discussed (no profit is to be made from/with the work by the commissioner)
Works for commercial sales/usages (e.g. logos, book covers, t-shirt designs, prints, etc) have a different rate. Please inquire.
.I retain the right to be identified and credited as the creator of the work. Commissioner may not claim they created the work.
.I do not allow editing or drawing-over my work. If you wish for something to be changed, let me know (this also applies to template-styled works such as reference-sheets, base-styled icons, etc). However, adding text and cropping for use as icons/avatars or for display on your website is allowed so long as credit is given.
.I do not supply the PSD file.
.Payment up front, unless returning customer whom I trust
.I take roughly 1~3 days for small commissions, and around 2~3 weeks for bigger works.
.You are more than welcomed to ask for updates on progress, and to view my work queue.
.Refunds are fine if the work hasn’t started. If it has started, then hours spent on the work will be deducted from the refunding sum. If work is nearly completed, then refund will unfortunately not be available.

What I will draw:

- humans, animals, creatures (any), anthropomorphic characters
- ARPG species (tokotas, kukuris, draco stryx, etc) and CS
- Logos and emblems
- 'ships' of any and all orientations/genders/fluidity
- gore & NSFW (please inquire! Some topics I may not be comfortable with drawing)

What I will not draw:

- machinery, architectural structures, maps
- offensive artwork (racism, sexism, LGBTQ-bashing, religion-bashing, etc)
- ‘copied’ artworks from other artists (e.g. “can you draw exactly the same as this picture by so-and-so but replace it with my character?”)


- Abstract-angular Pagedolls -
Draco Stryx - Aphelion by kuroya-ken Draco Stryx - Branwen by kuroya-ken
Tokotoko - Pagedolls Moo by kuroya-ken Tokotoko - Pagedolls Alice by kuroya-ken
Kukuri - Tyuni by kuroya-ken Land Shark by kuroya-ken

- ‘Noodle’ -
Kukuri - Is it alive even by kuroya-ken
Play Possum by kuroya-ken Sharing is Caring by kuroya-ken

- Detailed -
Berry Bonds by kuroya-ken
The Lion's Share by kuroya-ken
Tokoween - 'Who's in love with the Big Bad Wolf?' by kuroya-ken
Bond. by kuroya-ken

- Lineless-painted -
Not Yet by kuroya-ken Baby it's Cold Outside [Explore] by kuroya-ken
Pumpkin Juice, Pumpkin Juice, Pumpkin Juice! by kuroya-ken Ragnarokota Online by kuroya-ken

- Abstract-angular Paintings -
Commission - Meeting in the forest by kuroya-ken
Tribute to Galyx - Whalesong [WARN: BIG File] by kuroya-ken
Daius Nokt - Tribute of Reflections [BIG FILE] by kuroya-ken
Bird train  [BIG FILE] by kuroya-ken

- Chinese Ink Paintings -
XuanLong by kuroya-ken
A Walk in the Woods - Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4 by kuroya-ken
Commission - White Noise, Black Trees by kuroya-ken
Commission - Flow by kuroya-ken

- Comic Pages -
[Daily Life of Lop and Svass] Page 1 by kuroya-ken
[KNOW.] Page 10 by kuroya-ken
[KNOW.] Page 21 by kuroya-ken
[KNOW.] Page 60 by kuroya-ken
[KNOW.] Page 70 by kuroya-ken

- Reference Sheets -
Svass the Blacksmith [Reference Sheet] by kuroya-ken

- Logo Designs -
Tokologo by kuroya-ken
Please inquire via notes.
Commercial uses have differing rates.




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Terry K. Lawrence


Freelance artist and hobbyist
Digital art | Earthenware Sculptures | Literary works
“I create in a wide variety of styles,
and as such my gallery is often a mix match of cell shading, paintings and abstract art, with writings thrown in between.”

Requests - Closed by SweetDuke Trades - Closed by SweetDuke Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDuke

.From Taiwan, though living in Malaysia.

.My time zone is GMT+8. I am less reachable on weekends due to family matters. Please note me if things are urgent.

.I am pro-LGBT, so be aware that there will be works in my gallery which express characters and relationships of such.

Wacom Cintiq 24HD User Stamp (small) by mnvulpin Adobe Photoshop User Stamp (small) by mnvulpin


Svass 15793 by TotemSpirit
Tokota-sona. Mate to spouce’s character, Lop.

Ferrette 427 by EyeOfGalyx
First ARPG critter and most beloved birb<3

Fiskr 961 by EyeOfGalyx Mjaldr 1574 by EyeOfGalyx
Fiskr & Mjaldr
Spouce’s Critters. Day and night guardians of Lop’s temple.

Yuer 735 by Shivali-Lorekeeper
Bundle of joy and flabby skin

Ljonar 126 by Kuku-ri
Breaker of Wrists


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