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I'm a ghost~~ wooo~~~

It's been a loooooong time ><
You can find me at twitter
It's where I let off some steam/doodles from the piles of work I have... orz
There's adult content for both girls and guys, so just a warning! 18+ please!

I went to Sakuracon and came back from Japan >w<
I'll be attending Anime Expo and Anime Revolution ^^!
I'll have more info on those cons next time.
Take care everyone~! └(└^ο^)┘
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Journal Entry: Mon Jul 1, 2013, 5:22 AM

(Sorry for cross posting!!)


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Hello Everyone!

Journal Entry: Wed May 29, 2013, 6:39 PM

This is a bday report from tumblr~ but instead of a link I wanted to post photos here too to brighten up my journal! haha ^^
On my bday, bro and the others didn't have time so I went with sis and parents to the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden! Small but pretty ^^

We ate at a well known pastry place~ and walked around areas that I remembered from my childhood! But of course right in front of us, there was a fight and a dude was running away from the police lol They caught him but he was all bloody and … whew… that's Chinatown for you! After that, parents when home and we went with my best friend (in the whole wide worlldddd, I always get my numbers mixed up but I think it's about 18 years now xD) to eat at a really cool hot pot place! Yummm!!!

The day after, we went out with Louis, bro and his gf Kiyoko-chan~ we went around Vancouver! We live in such a beautiful city ヽ(*´v`*)ノ

Went out for dinner after~ another yumyummm!! After Louis went home, bro, sis and Kiyoko told me to wait while they got something ready in his apartment o.o When bro picked me up he lead me into their garden area instead! And surprised me with a cake and a cute outdoor setting with candles at night! (Although the wind kept on blowing the candles out xD). Annnnnnndddd AHAHAHAAAA I totally LOL'd… omggggg

(sorry bad photo, it was at night;; )  The clear pic~

SIS STRIKES AGAIN LOL I love how when we were gunna cut it she's like "yeah cut through the impossible couple" xDDD (it's too bad when the creator likes Velt/Sioul sob sobb) After that we walked around the garden~ it was really fun and touching ;_; and I gotta take pics of my FATE GIFTIES!!

It was a wonderful day and thank you everyone here for your wishes and support ;v;

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This is late but Happy New Year everyone!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!
2012 has been quite tough on me and my family (yep, the problems I've mentioned before just escalated and it's affecting us even more) but we are all looking forward to 2013 with more determination.
All we can do is support each other and try to help our parents.

I got a PS vita for cheap from my bro, but as my Christmas gift he and sis got me 16 GB memory card, P4G and Ragnarok Odyssey. I didn't start P4 yet, but played RO which was quite fun! I am so in love with my vita! I bought FFT:WotL again.. it's like my 4th time playing it. My favourite game of all time~ then later bro got me a 3 month plus account to try it out... FFT was for free there lol But I downloaded Gravity Rush~ I just finished Sound Shapes, it's such a cute game! I'm a classics freak though I just bought Lunar Silver Star Harmony with my PSN gift card from a friend heee

Work wise, nothing has changed. It's starting to affect me in some ways so I'm starting to reject offers and try not to take on so much at once. Annnddd I also got a RL part time job for Christmas seasonal! I've always wanted to work with people and just be around customers to make their day, so I'm really glad I did that. I hope to stay there as long as I can! I'm trying to balance my work load.... drawing everyday can really stress you out;

I'm on my twitter, sometimes I chat or update stuffs ^^

Wow, 9 years on DA? >w< I'm really glad I've met a lot of people here and all the support... I'll never forget it ;w;
I'm quiet around DA because I'm honestly scared of some really opinionated people nowadays;; I really miss the old days when people were so nice and everyone is so friendly!
Now there are blogs and tumblrs attacking artists and it hurts to see people I admire being talked about that way. So I kinda shy away from the internet >< I think my mind is still from many years ago when I was at Ochiba oekaki or first playing RO or posting on LJ!  It was just so fun and carefree! Change through times is inevitable though, I know that ><

Let's see what 2013 has in store for us ^^

I wish everyone well here and I can't wait for con season again! My fav days of the year where I can meet you all!
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Hey Everyone! + Anime Exp 2012!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 24, 2012, 5:16 PM
Hi guys ;w;!!

I really really want to come to DA more ... I miss talking to you guys and faving awesome art ;_; I'm just.. kinda(?) around other sites and eventually I'm not even online much at all... my DA's such a graveyard >.< I'm so happy to have everyone support me! I hope to come back like I used to.. it's hard with a lot of work on my hands ;_; I have so many things due;;; I'll do my best;;;!!

That said, my AX table is C27!

I really had no time but I squeezed in 6 new prints just for Fanime... and I squeezed in a few more for AX! AlthoughImsodeadformydeadlinesnowLOLLL So these are the new 11x17 ones, of course I'll have previous prints as well ^^

I didn't do a report for Fanime, maybe I will combine the 2 *^^* I've met a lot of great people~ (thanks for the lovely :iconkata-009: for sharing with me)!! Thanks to those who came by and bought something ;w;;;!! But all in all I was just at my table so nothing out of the ordinary happened... I ate a pretty good pannini tho *_*

Ok I got up late and now I'm in trouble lol;;;
Work work.. I'm looking forward to AX! (it's like my vacation too;;; ) <33

Oh yeah! My tumblr is here
If anyone wants to come by *^^*

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Thankyou and Fanime 2012!

Journal Entry: Mon May 21, 2012, 4:45 AM
Thankyou for all the comments and even sharing your stories! It was hard to write it out (and we didn't even go into the details! lol;; ) and I felt really shy about it, but it was a learning experience ^^ I wrote from my point-of-view and what I had to say about it~ both sis and bro have their own stories about it too, but that's for them to write out if they ever wanted to ^^ When we went through all that, they were so poised!! I was like "ommggg I need to talk about this but I know, I know, we should keep it inside jsakdjsk". So writing that journal was a lifesaver :tighthug:

My brother and sister both read and know about the comments, they were really happy to know that it inspired people to never give up hope ^^

From all of us, thankyou so much!

And thankyou for all the bday wishes :hooray: !!!

I'm going to Fanime and AX :squee: !!

I managed to make some new prints for Fanime~ I'll be making more for AX as well :evillaugh: (I hope the prints work out because of work, I did made these before printing deadlines and... I just hope it goes through >.<)

I'll be with the lovely :iconkata-009: @ T288 ^^!

:empllama: See you there!! :emplllama:

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A bit of a ramble from me to you

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 22, 2012, 11:10 PM
Hello everyone! Long time no see.

I'm going to take this time to reflect on some things.

I was talking to Moorina and she inspired me to write this in detail and share with you all ^^

I've been doing doujin work and publishing in Japan for 4 years now... looking back, there has been a ton of sacrifices and bad decisions to be made. My life in general was kinda weird.
This is quite personal, but I though I'd share my life/experience with you guys.

My family was never well off. A lot of our friends don't know of our situation, of course. Our mother was gambling every single day and our father was never home. Mom would take all day looking around the house for hidden cash (stashed from my dad) while dad goes out to play pool with his friends. Our family borrows money from relatives and that's how we get by. If you go back to my journal entries from 2004, those were the days where we had to go to the internet cafe just to use the net because we couldn't afford to pay for anything per month. A little after when I asked about books to read in a journal entry was because we weren't even living in a house at that time. We lived in a empty house (thanks to my dad's friend who was cleaning it to sell it soon) with no electricity and hot water. We had nothing to do so we would walk to the library to borrow books and read until we had to use a candle. Honestly, it was fun. We had each other and that was enough. Although during the stay, my dad would try to lock my mom out and she would try to break into the house lmao. They would give us $20 to use weekly.  It was not until years later that I found out my mom lied to a friend of mine to borrow and gamble $4000 - during the time from the $4000, she gave 3 kids $20 in total to spend on food in a week. How awful was that? We could only buy 1 rice combo and we split it (it was $6-7 for 1 combo for 3 kids, 1 meal a day). Besides the fact we were hungry, I remember when my bro was hanging out with a friend, I convinced my sis that we could go in a Japanese restaurant and order...a roll to share. It was expensive. It was $5. But it was so SO delicious. Most of the time we'll just eat plain rice when we ran out of money, or nothing at all. My parents were all over the place so in my lifetime, I've been to 11 schools. I couldn't even keep a friend even if I wanted to, I was jumping from province to province. It was either my mom owes money or my dad was cheating on her, we always had to run. Funny thing is, my mom loves to tell loan sharks where we live so when they do come to demand money, it was only the kids who were home. I can't even get into the many (dangerous) situations where they barged into our house and we had to tell them to go. There are times when I got a waitressing job, they would come by and tell me to give them my paycheck or they will be in a lot of trouble. Even after that when bro and I started to work at McD's, I gave my mom the rent money at our new place to give to the land lord... after 3 months of living there, the landlord came to our place and told us to get out the next morning. Why? Because the money never made it to him and they were being kind that we haven't paid for 3 months. I had to plea to him that we'll work extra hard and pay him back. Bro and I took extra shifts - dad didn't do anything and mom was never home. All my mom ever did was steal our stuff and pawn it off, even her wedding ring. Or afterwards, steal from my bro's bank account. This is just scraping the surface of other major problems in my life, but it's a glance.

Drawing was so important to me. I'm so grateful for it. During all that chaos all I had to keep me sane was drawing. I never thought about improving, I never thought about anything, really. I just wanted to draw anything I wanted, creating stories and just daydream. In grade 5 was when it all started - a girl wearing a Sailormoon tshirt waltzed in front of me.. then the rest was history (like I've mentioned before). During that time, mom was at an all high gambling spree and my aunt even considered to fight for us in court. I met my best friend then, and I kept my life a secret. I told her how loving my parents where but usually I wouldn't eat my lunch in front of her... she always had the best sandwiches packed full while I had 2 pieces of bread and a ham in between because I had to share with bro and sis and save the rest. Sometimes I didn't even have food at all so my best friend would share with me. Drawing was so fun... I was making stories left and right with my friend... I was never depressed. I think drawing and making friends online really saved me. I think I speak for my sister too, she feels the same way.

I never thought what my mediocre art could do for me until a friend popped up a possibility about helping me publish my first doujinshi. Through the entire time until now, there were lots of ups and downs. My bro and sis really supported me on the way. Especially my brother... when I quit my day job to do this, he really helped us by working harder. I owe him a lot... without him, I wouldn't have gotten any kind of start. I was being selfish on my part.... I didn't make any money at all. What I tried to do was from some of the profits of doujin making, I would help us go to Japan for a family vacation (just me, bro and sis) for the first time ever! I worked on 3 commissions during that time to pay for hotel and food~ and we made it happen ^^. After that though, it was hard to make ends meet. Sis was still in school and bro was working so hard because he was determined to get promotion after promotion to help out. I was too chicken to open up commissions because I never thought people would want to pay for my stuff.....  I wish I thought it through and got another day job. I was taking up work after work that I didn't even get to think about that. Afterwards when sis could get a job, we were all working together to support each other. Now, we're ok. The past is behind us and we're just trying move forward.

In the recent years, my parents got sick... and now they are slowly changing for the better. I feel like it's never too late to change, but without saving money, some of the medication they have to buy and not covered by the government is so expensive. Right now they are living with us and they don't have to pay for the rent. It's ok though... they tried to work and save some money last year... and actually bought a used car... I'm so proud of them! However last month, their car was stolen and they had to pay for damages the insurance wouldn't cover.. and they are now back to square 1. I think my mom went gambling too but it's not as severe as  before but still......

Despite all that we love our parents dearly. I know they love us too. Mom just walked in here with pears, smaller pieces for sis because she can't bite into bigger things and bigger pieces for me cuz I like it that way *w*. Mom will always be mom and dad will always be dad.

Even though I'm working as a freelancer, it's not healthy to stay indoors so much. I've sent resumes out last month but still didn't get any reply... I want to get a part time job to shake things up.

My advice if you're independent is: get a real job. The freelancing I do is not very steady at all. Sure, a lot of people want to do what I do but it's not easy. You can't bargain with Japanese companies.. they can give you an assignment of 3 full cgs for less than $100 in pay OR with my recent situation - 15 cgs for an android game and they ditched me. Signed contract and all. Sigh, whatever. The best thing you could do for yourself if to get a real job. Not only it's good for you (exercise, socialize), it's steady pay. The money you make from freelancing is just the cherry on top.

If you're supported by your family: go for it! I wish my mom and dad supported us so we could go to university and stuff. Yes, we never went to university. Our situation wouldn't allow it.. we moved from place to place too much. Later on I wish to go back to school. I wish I could freelance without trouble sobs hehe

Every one of you are capable to making your own dreams come true.
To be an animator, freelancer or whatever you have in your mind, just never give up and be determined!
Remember to be realistic too - no matter what money is very important. Don't let others control your life and dreams because of it, grab life by your own hands and make it happen yourself!

I'm very happy I have the support I do.
I've very happy I could inspire some people!
I thankyou all from the bottom of my heart ><!!

Sorry this entry is all over the place TwT; I don't consider the things that happened in the past as crap, I considered it a blessing... it only made me stronger *v*

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Oh hey look it's Gogo Yubari...

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 14, 2011, 3:14 AM

... holding the light novel I drew for (*w*). In fact the author won the Chiaki Kuriyama prize xD I'm very honoured to have drawn for it! (image from

The story is about a race of "bishoujo" coexisting with humans. Bishojos have the perfect looks (loli vampire, ninja, witch among others) and have special abilities (to fight). There are different attributes to a bishojo... ex: the blond haired twintails one (Sabrina) is apparently a 40 year old man.... don't ask me even I don't understand @_@ The brown haired one (Iroha) is some grandpa xD;; Hey they don't tell me these things I found out via reviews!! It's a harem love comedy but when I drew it, I don't feel the fanservice that much... I hope its not so cliche since Chiaki Kuriyama picked it @_@  But I had a lot of fun drawing it and I'll do my best for the second volume ><!

The main page with more pics and preview pages of the novel:… (Can you spot Velt and Sioul??? :D!!!)

Oh sale now!

(image from…)


Thankyou all for visiting me!!!! I hope to be more active *cry* I.... I still have deadlines *dies* (2 due today) jsdkasdkas. THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT EVERYONEEE T_T

Join me on iRO if you play - server Valkyrie - it's free. Come, come :D

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AX nya @.@

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 28, 2011, 9:47 PM

I'm at A8! :D
MAP provided by e1n…

*dying from deadlines*

But I did squeeze in new AX prints … 2 weeks before haahahah. 3 11x17s -Touhou, Pokemon BW and AoEx- and 8 character posters, AoEx, TnB and Madoka … you can see the Rin and Madoka ones here ^^.  Now it's just work deadlines so… please enjoy the new stuff if you buy em! Thanks guys :D Hope to see you all there 8D!

Aka-Shiro has a great list where other artists are so please take a look!…;

I can't wait to get my hand on some of YOUR GUY'S stuff @_@ Man you all are crazy! Awesome arts at AX MUST GET @_@ Save some for me yo…. orz…..

I'm seriously looking forward to AX but not so much working in my hotel room afterwards tho @____@ Dead meat orz....

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Ramblings and Preorders!

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 25, 2011, 4:30 PM
Fun times!

Hi everyone!
First off, thanks for coming to Kintoki-con! Sis and I had a great time despite the fact that we got sick during the con >_< I apologize to those who tried to find us ;_; The panel went well, we weren't nervous at all! If there is another opportunity to talk about my experiences with people, I'll be glad to do it ^w^ I want to thank everyone who worked hard during Kintoki and it's official that it did very well for attendance for a first time con >w< Everyone is working hard to make sure next year will be even better!

I'm currently still in Sac (writing this trying to avoid the 4 looming deadlines orz). We went to Japan Town again... what else.. the California Academy of Sciences!! It was so cool, we went to the aquarium, the planetarium and the 5 story rainforest they had indoors xD  It was fun hanging around RyusukeHamamoto hehe

Thanks to Nicole for driving us around ;w;;; And is Sac weather HOT OR WHAT! @___@ It's like Japan minus the humidity!! *dying*

We went to a Wendy's yesterday and we caught someone cosplaying her at the counter ^^ Cute!

Uwawa AX is coming soon isn't it ^^; I've got a couple new prints done, I'll give info soon~

Work is going to get the best of me ^^; I got into comiket for summer but I don't even know what I really wanna do. I got put in a weird section for Touhou so.. *shrugs*

The Contract - Madoka Fanbook

:iconmaracuyass: is taking preorders on a gorgeous Madoka Magica artbook! There are a few guests in there and I'm one of them ^_^

Highly recommended!

Smile Project

:iconkonoesuzumiya: If you missed it the first time, there are a few books left for the Smile Project!…
Smile Project Artbook SAMPLES by konoesuzumiya
Please show your support if you can and help by purchasing this wonderful artbook :D

See you guys soon!

Taken at the food convention held in Vancouver.. we drank lots of beer and wine from around the world WOO!

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Journal Entry: Fri Jun 10, 2011, 6:31 PM
| No requests please | Not open for personal commissions |

Custom black rabbit by Eorii v v sooo cute!!

Hello everyone!

Thankyou very much for stopping by at Fanime! I had a lot of fun and met a lot of new people and old ones alike! It was tough getting through the days but I had people important to me help me get through it so it went alright. I wanted to meet and spend more time with my friends but because of certain situations I couldn't >_< I apologize to those who kept on coming back for reprints but we kept on running out... really sorry;;; It was always a 2 hr process and we had to do it at least once a day for reprinting... it's my fault I didn't know how much I should reprint T_T

The cutest Rin paperchild EVER from Twitchyyyyy ;w; He's with my Yukio (without glasses cuz Rin has em on the other side ;; )

I finally got to see the Winchester House with everyone and it was a lot of fun! Beautiful house~ Thanks for the great times, you know who you are :D!… We got to look around Japan Town and Santana Row!

Shiroro was so nice to give me this Kuro she made... I was soooo happpyyy I love her work T______T

FLOW's concert was so fun and amazing!! They are such talented people and I love their songs!!!!! It was one of the highlights of Fanime ^^

Kata strikes again with her kindness and gifts!! Man that girl xD I wore that shirt the next day <3

I think mostly for this trip I'm more touched by people and their kindness... they take their time to cheer me up or even make little gifts. Makes it so so worth it to come every year.

From Panda and co..... they were so sweet and adorable ;_; I'm so lucky to have them around ;_;

So! Next events would be Kintoki-con and AX! I'll put up more info later.  I'm doing my best to have new prints for AX too!

Thanks to Nicole for helping out so much :blowkiss: And Miluda+Liz for sharing a room with us!! <333 I also got a Flandre shirt from Lisu~~ I wore that too afterwards~ it was so comfortable!!! <333 Thanks to Jen for helping with the swap meet! Christine was so sweet too <333 Tomo and Satsuki of Moonstream was so nice and it was nice to meet Rubab~!

If any of you didn't know about it yet, Kintoki-con is a new con run by the most amazing, hardworking people. It's cheap and it's going to be loads of fun! Why don't you all give it a try? :flirty:

:star: If anyone has the time, please go over to Team4D's journal and vote for Lackadaisy if you're eligible… Thankyou :D  :star:

:threaten: Ohhhhh if anyone wants to visit my tumblr there's some art crap there too

hehe is it obvious I like Ao no Exorcist?  >w<


And ahhhh my pc have viruses ^_^; sighhhhh whyy
Life is hard but I'll try my best to get through it T.T

June 18-19, 2011
Project Smile
Pre-order information…
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First off, thankyou to everyone who put me down in the influence maps : )
It makes me so happy! It makes my journey all worth it, no matter how much I hate my art, no matter how much crap I had to go through... if my art even touched just one person and enlighten them to draw and pursue their passion, then it's very very worth all my experiences thus far ^__^

Thankyou everyone, forever and always!

I feel really guilty not being online like I used too... work has taken it's toll and a lot of the days, I do wonder if it's really worth it.... well health-wise. I really do just take a vacation like 2-4 weeks a year, depending if I'm going to Japan or not!

I really do dislike being busy. I have so much I have to do outside of work too.

Here are some photos I wanted to share! Can you believe I took these early last year? Before I moved to my new apartment. I didn't even have time to properly show it orz This is just some for now :) All works on paper from many years ago!

Check what I drew for the cover of my "flight" project back in '98 LOL It doesn't even look like the Highwind!! xD

You could so tell what I wanted to draw for all my projects and assissgnments in middle school!!! LOL lame!

My collection of paper drawings since I started drawing :) It's 15 years of stuff lol

Oh hey! Such oldies but good game :) I think this was '99?

I like to create OCs and I still do :) I used to draw lots pics and stick them to my wall!!! This was Vital Access~

And then I would make booklets with character infos lol

Another book!

And another! lol


Aww memories. I drew a lot of Suikoden 2 and joined my first internet online family back in '99 or 2000 was it...? lol

All my school papers looked like this.

I hope to share more, I took lotsa pics lol
It's fun to share!

How are your experiences at school with drawings? It's pretty much the same I'll bet xD
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Yeahhh I came back from Japan more than a week ago. I think lately I just don't say as much as I used to on journals.... Funny thing is, everytime I go to Japan, I come back with less and less pictures. =_=

Even for Comiket... I wanted to take more  pics... but now I only have 1 LOL It’s because this time I was in a new genre, Touhou, that I thought I was a n00b and back to square one… ya know.. thought I won’t sell and I would have lotsa time…. But I was so wrong ^^ ; After being shut out for an hour for being “late” (about 4 people fainted in line from the heat), we got in at 10am, where the rest of the general comiket goers go in as well… which was so gay. Anyway after fighting the crowds and getting to my mark, as we put our stuff down, a line started to form and yeah… the only pic I got when the rush died down for a bit. Sob.

Bad presentation as usual… no time… orz. I sold out of the Touhou artbook in about 1.5 hrs. We had arrived and set up pretty late when we got in…. You can go here to see what was for sale:
I didn't say or announce this earlier anywhere really, just because it's my debut book with straight cars in the garage. Dunno, kinda embarrassed.
Thankyou for all my friends who participated in the guest card collection works! I especially bugged my fav 8059 circle to draw TOuhou.... heeeee. Everyone did great!

Many many thanks to mah BBs MB and Youko for helping out~ <3 Youko you fought well!! Kudos ><

Companies came by to say hi and gave me goodies XD

I'm friends with an artist who works for a company that does Koihime Mousou so he gave me the company's C78 bag for freeeee *dies* It came with see-thru posters, postcards, artbook and a towel!

Work for CUFFS (again! Mine's on the right) He gave me a box of yummy Tobu chocolate cookies and the C78 CUFFS set~ well cuz I drew for the book too xD But like there were 2 big posters included… too bad I can’t put it up cuz of boobies  ;_; Also, my first Touhou work ever guy came to give me the cd of it!! How nice!!

Work for pixiv~ I took a pic of a guy holding it at the train station xD pixiv told me that it sold out on the 1st day in the first hour outta the 3 days xD I took that pic on day 2 cuz I only went on day 2~ thinking that they had a lot left over lol I had my art in 2 other of their books too but they didn't send it to me yet at that time xD;

The Reimu dakimakura guy came over too :D I'll get one too yay! Cuz he's gunna sell it for 12,500 yen a pop and I can't afford that even tho it's my own work xD; And I had fun finding the Forest Pireo CD in stores! You can always go to my site to see info on my works.

huge pixiv book as always~~ sis and I are nearby on the special box cover ^^

We passed by this on our way to the train station after Comiket


Grats to everyone who participated /helped out each other in C78! Febby, Rune, Ayli, Mid, Ruka, kasugai_gummie, Naka, java, Bee! We have to look forward to C79 ^^ I hope I get in! I'm doing DRRR!! this time around ^^ I want to thank my friends for being there for me and making it such a fun trip ^^ Especially MB~ ilu~!!!

Japan is not like how it used to for me lol Somehow because of financial problems and just... more refined doujinshi shopping sense.. I wonder how I could walk out of a Kbooks spending 15,000 yen at a time there 5 Japan trips ago. Now.. I cringe when I even spend 800 yen on 1 book. orz. I did get DRRR doujins tho. Here's my new wall section

I hate Japan in summer. Hate. Haaaateeeeeee.
Anyway I realized I didn't even talk about the time I stayed 3 months in Japan lol Not much really.. that time was work work workkkk with a broken down used laptop. Staying with Rika was fun though!


My original manga Rizuvel Kingdom is in the works~! You can purchase 3 special prints here from my publishing company's website!…
They feature the main characters~ I drew it just for Fanime and AX ^^ Now it's available! 3 prints on great quality paper for only $9.95! Get it while supplies last~! (I'm not the one sending the prints so if you have any questions you can ask via contact on the site ^^)



I have a lot of loose ends to tie and lotsa of work!
See you all!
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Heya all! *hugs*

So sorry for the lack of replies >__< Thankyou so much for coming over at Fanime and saying hi~~ and supporting me!! It's always because of you all I can do what I do ^_^

This time I'll be at Anime Expo! I'm... not quite sure where I'm at just yet and I'm not sure if I will get internet access to post anything if I get my info~ so.. if you wanna come take a look... you can make it a game to try to look for me in there??? xDD;;;;;

I'll have prints for sale! Sorry, no doujinshis this time around.. I'm all sold out :0 You can still grab the exclusive summer comiket Reborn book there!

If you have the time~ do drop by my publisher's booth at the dealers room! :D There, you can buy prints of my original manga coming up, Rizuvel Kingdom! You can also check out the other awesome publications and goods they have at the table too ^^bbb

I leave for the plane in a few hours *dead*

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!! There are a few other cons happening too~~

*I've been loving South Park hard for a month now and still going so. Yeah. I knew it since I was younger but like, I'm obsessing over it now. Very hard lovin'.
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Hiya all!

I'll be at Fanime from May 28-31.

Artist Alley table : around T61-64... I dunno which one is mine yet.

Gunna sell:
- prints (some from last year, some newly picked ones)
- my Kurot anthology/doujins... whatever I have left
- the Reborn A4 summer book

Prices will be decided when I get there.... I can't think right now;;

I'm leaving in like.. 6 hrs and I have nothing prepared... didn't even pack yet.

I'm not saying it's hip to come on over (but it'll be nice to say hi), I just really wanted to draw Butters doing that for no apparent reason what-so-ever.
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Work I’ve finished/published in the past 4 months:

- Touhou Kisume CD (I drew a wallpaper) – only commissioned work I didn’t get paid for lol
- Of course my Kurot anthology (Reborn, Tsuna uke)
- CUFFS (hentai company), they commissioned me for a wallpaper for a winter goods release product and I got the whole package *sniff*

It’s still at Rika’s ;w;
- Touhou – Youmu poster for a circle
- Bang Bang Bambino Reborn only event, I drew Tsuna, Mukuro and Hibari with Yurihara Aki (Statice) for the event to sell (eco-kairos). Although the company sent me hers instead of mine. Oh well!
- Toranoana Touhou music themes artbook + rough illusts (I can’t wait to get it!!!!) I got Komachi (the rest of the site…)
- Kowaremono in Reborn “force” themed anthology. The company sent a copy to Canada! How nice!
- Touhou C77 art collection book + calendar (the one on the right is a previous book)

- MukuTsuna collab with MB for R11 (and later, MB translated it into Chinese and it was sold in HongKong and Taiwan! ♥ Love my BB ^.^)

- 8059 doujin for C77! My 19th Reborn book.
- Clap Comix HibaTsuna – kiss themed story (I JUST finished this lol Reborn is still my love~ v v sample↓)

- PIXIV Girls Collection… My art was used for sample *cry*
- PIXIV interview…
- With Danny Choo (If I haven’t linked it here yet)… (You can see me draw...actually it’s embarrassing because a sketch like that takes me less time to draw it out.. but I was so nervous.. lol; )
In the works lol
- Touhou Reimu dakimakura for a Reimu-only event
- Touhou CD cover for Forest Pireo
- Character design for a mobile game + 11 cgs
- Touhou CD cover for another circle
- The only non-Japanese work, Rizuvel Kingdom! Manga I’m slowly working on. I hope to get it out in shelves soon. My Boss is a saint lol
- I hope I get into Natsucomi for more doujin works ^^!

Whew. Is that it for now?
*sigh* I apologize when I get to things like replying late… I’m just so busy ;_; sorry >__<;;
Thankyou all for your continuing support!! ;___;

How could I have gone through all the work?
By the strength of music! I love to listen to music while I work!

Song recs

Epic versions IMO though. Well, some epic, some pretty.
Whatever sounds like it’s from an RPG, it’s epic to me. These are my favourite kinds of Touhou remixes.
Here are my selected few (because there are 12187283782 remixes out there). I provided the originals from the games composed by ZUN, if you want to compare. You can still enjoy it not knowing/not being familiar with the style of music. To us Touhou fans, we fap to this.

Original (fire of hokkai)…
Original (Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind)…
♥Fires of Hokkai & Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind (Most epic remix I’ve ever heard. Must listen. I teared up when I first listened to this because I’m manly like that)…
♥This is a vocal of Emotional Skyscraper but.. the PV is animated by the guy who drew for the FMA: Brotherhood 1st ending… Just had to share! It’s the cutest UFO PV ever.

original (Evening Star)…
original (Necrofantasia)…
♥AMazing Evening Star / Necrofantasia by SOUNDHOLIC…

Original (A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander)…
♥O-life Japan…

Original (The Primal Scene of Japan the Girl Saw)…
♥Sound Octa…
♥k.waves lab…

Original (Septette for the Dead Princess)…
♥remix by nazz-can…
♥k-waves lab (sounded like Wild Arms a bit in the beginning? xD)…

Original (higan retour – Riverside View)…
♥XL Project…

Original (Fate of Sixty Years)

Original (memory of forgathering dream)…
♥k-waves lab…
♥12.3 version…

☢ CAUTION☢☢ CAUTION☢ original (Nuclear Fusion)

Original (Eternal Shrine Maiden)…
♥TAMusic… (pretty)
♥ Vocals aren't the focus but I'll add this anyway because remixes of this song is rare…

original (Doll Judgement)…
♥THE FAMOUS ONE EVERYONE PROLLY KNOWS… (off topic but just adding it here lol)
♥Amazing arrange. So RPG-ish~~…

Originals from the fighting games that I like:
♥12.3OP… (sounds rpg-ish ;__;!!)
♥Hakurei  Shrine…
♥Flowering Night…
♥Eternal Steam Engine…
(remix of Eternal Steam Engine, sounds like something outta Chrono Cross ^^…)

Extra pimp:
♥Remix of Necro-Fantasy and Sakura, Sakura - Side vocals by Shimotsuki Haruka (One of the singers for Ar Tonelico songs, Rozen Maiden, etc)… (This is really pretty)
♥Remix of U.N.OWEN was it her? – vocals by Jimang (Sound Horizon)…
♥ORIGINAL Touhou song for a fan game -… (one of my fav songs to listen to!!)

I have a lot more to recommend and more favs but this will do for now;

Which one did you like?
Any other orchestral/RPG-sounding ones would you recommend?

(sorry for the edits, my pics weren't showing up lol; )
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So it's old news that I've been liking Touhou for a while now.

For people who don't know Touhou, it's a series of bullet hell shooting games created by team Shangai Alice. This "team" is 1 person, ZUN. He draws, programs and compose everything. I love the music of Touhou the most. Touhou is not an anime, eroge or some kinda meme.

Anyway, thought I'd share some talents.
(all songs are remixes of ZUN's songs)

This circle is amazing.

Their first animation:…

Now their second one, that just got released. Vast improvement. I think I re-watched it 10 times the first time because Yuka was just that badass. Then I kept on re-watching it.…

Yuka-sama sees you.

Reminder it's just made by fans <3

Here is more from them:……

Other fan animations:……

*edit* cheericoke reminded me of Bad Apple, one of the famous Touhou vids right now…
Since it made onto news... (CNN)…
Marisa's NOT creepy. Oh so wrong in so many ways.

And of course, the fan anime:…
Hakurei Reimu - Nakahara Mai
Kirisame Marisa - Sawashiro Miyuki
Shameimaru Aya - Fujimura Ayumi
Patchouli Knowledge - Takahashi Mikako
Izayoi Sakuya  - Tanaka Rie
Remilia Scarlet - Tsuji Ayumi
Ibuki Suika - Toyosaki Aki
Narrator - Inoue Kikuko
...yup. Fan anime with professional seiyuu.

Who else care to share their favs?
Favourite character? Bgm?

My favourite Touhou characters are Youmu, Sakuya, Alice, Reimu, Mokou, Kaguya, Sanae, Yukari. I'm starting to like Yuka a lot more though... (fav full cast of characters would be from Imperishable Night).

Anybody seen Double Spoiler? Hatate is so cute!

My fav themes:
Memory of Forgathering Dream
Maiden's Capriccio
Higan Retour ~ Riverside View
Septette for the Dead Princess
The Ground's Color is Yellow
A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander
Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind
.. and many more.

*don't ask me where to download games, google is your friend. Thanks ;3
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That aside xDD
I've been buried in work. work work and more work. I have no time to do anything else. You can't imagine the level of professionalism from me when I missed deadlines and leave emails for later.... /sarcasm
I didn't realize the amount of work I've accepted until deadlines clash.

Yesterday was amazing because I got to hang out with my friends for Ayli and Jen's bday!!! *hughugs* Dinner and then all night karaoke :) Crash for sleep time at 8am... hmm but my vision got blurry for some reason when I woke up.

I got my Comic Box Jr Kurot collection in the mail today~ it goes on sale in Japan on Dec 24 ^^ 192 pages of my uke Tsuna stuffs~ plus new illusts and a new GokuTsuna story.

Pics taken via Rika's celphone!

Daawwwww they designed that rabbit for me lol

and I got my book~ thanks to Ayli for bringing it!!! LOL I can't believe I got a copy when my character, Serafina is sooooo small in her pic... fanarts with her in it is more bigger LOL niceeee book.

RIka's dog Ruru~ hmm I dont have a picture of Meru (her other dog). She has 2 more dogs.. a big golden retriever too~~

Ruru took a crap in my room yesterday~~~ ^o^~

OK I'm going back to my hermit life of drawing....
I'm way past some deadlines and I'm still working away...
Japan is getting soooo cold ^^;;

THis time I will pimp this site:
It's very interesting and you can spend hours and hours on that site.
I warned you in advance xD
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Heya all~~

In Japan!!! I'll be going home around Jan 2010 lol I'm with Maiki right now~
Thanks for the well wishes in the previous post ^^!!! I'm sorry I can't stuff all of you in my luggage! xDDD Btw on the plane I watched Year One, The Perfect Getaway and half of The Hurt Locker lol Did anyone think Year One was funny? Could anyone already guess the twist for The Perfect Getaway near the beginning ? ROFLLL For me, the first question was no, and then yes. lolll

How is everyone? It's getting colder in Japan but geez the sun is warm! It rains here too damn it!! Make up your mind, weather!!!

R11 Reborn event passed and it was fun! I'll have more info on it later lol I got into Fuyucomi! I'll see some of you there ^^ Man its going to get busy.. argh...

I LOOVEEE this PV of Bad Apple…
Can you name them all xD I love the Flandre going to Youmu+Yuyuko part, the Nitori to Yuka, Yukari's.. an heck, yeah everyone's. Brilliant! (I dont know how many times I've watched it lol)

PS: I love Oofuri!! I have 8 doujins right now LOL No it wont reach almost 800 like Reborn's but I'm just going to collect Oofuri ones I have to like.. a lot lol. Fangirling with sis everyday!

Drats I have a stuffy nose now ._.
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... tomorrow morning!

More info here if interested…

See you everyone ^^!
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