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Standing alone in frustration,
I\'ve lost sight of that once clear road.
Drowning myself in illusions,
Will my reason to live unfold?

Many times I\'ve stumbled with tears,
On the verge of losing hope,
But I can\'t give in to my fears --
Overlook this kaleidoscope.

I\'ll close my eyes and brush away
The haunting colors of this world,
To find my true self, that someday,
Will become like a precious pearl.

An existence, so small and frail,
Hides a glimpse of uncertainty.
With these hands, I\'ll paint my own trail
Across the sky of destiny.

I\'ll hold my chest-full of sorrows,
And walk forward without regrets
To see my path of tomorrows,
Even if it held my last breath.


Alone on the path that I\'ve taken,
An ache within still lingers.
This feeling I have forgotten
Belong to those of true dreamers.

A dream that beats with half a heart,
A voice with half a melody,
Drifting endlessly in the dark
To find a hope that shines brightly.

A guiding light, I see clearly,
In the shape of your love and care.
Your open arms welcoming me
With your sweet smile and gentle stare.

My missing half, I thought was lost,
But with your touch, you\'ve made me whole.
Life\'s winding roads, I know I\'ll cross
As long as I have you to hold.

Feeling the warmth of your embrace,
I\'ve found my reason to exist.
Because of you, I\'ve found my place
In a world of eternal bliss.
Umm, my first poem with two different parts... The first one is mainly my journey through life, trying to find my purpose... And the second is for the love of my life. *^^*

My head hurts from all this thinking... =_o;
gwack Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003
jeey! finally another poem! xD This is so damn beautiful =) (Smile) Going right into my favs ^^ +fav
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June 25, 2003


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