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Sebastian X Grell Colored by Wolven-Sorceress
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Sneak Peek: The Aftermath (Raelinn x Adrian Scene)In an abandoned apartment, hidden somewhere deep in what was considered the slums of London, also known to the authorities as the ‘Underworld’, the two attackers from the other night were resting, waiting. After making their escape, but just barely, the two concealed themselves amongst the humans, to lay low and conserve their strength.Lying on the bed in one of the rooms was the wounded male demon, who they had learned his name to be Adrian. His injuries had nearly healed except for his arms, which were still in splints. Whereas his race did heal faster than any human, and a broken bone should have been no problem, Sebastian actually had shattered the bone in several places. If he were mortal, they would have been beyond repair, and he would have lost both his arms. Their encounter proved close to fatal. Never before had they seen the butler react so murderously. Having underestimated the extent of his abilities, it came as a surprise, not planning for his ruthlessness.Lying there, resting his eyes, he was cursed with the inability to sleep. At times like this, he wished he could. Demons were capable of sleep but often than not, didn’t. It became more of a recreational activity than anything.Empty whiskey bottles littered the floor by the bed. His treasured guns set on the weathered looking bedside table next to him. Likely the reason why his arms were what sustained the most damage, so he could not wield them. Soon came a noise of his partner, the female demon known as Raelinn, entering the room. Hearing it Adrian opened his eyes, a light blush across his face, a sign that he was drunk.“How are we feeling today?” The woman asked playfully as she approached the bed. His eyes followed her.“..Numb...” the man replied simply. A slight frown on his features, his expression remained unreadable.“Now whose fault is that?” she said, pointing to the empty bottles. Though she had helped him drink it since he could hardly move his arms.He had been using it to dull the pain. Though demons had a higher tolerance for alcohol, it took several bottles of the strongest kind before there would even show a hint of intoxication. It all depended on the demon.Lifting his arm, she gently ran her fingers along the bone to see how his healing progressed. Still feeling several fragments out of place, she scowled, letting go. “Tsk... damn noble has become more trouble than she’s worth with those two lap dogs guarding her...” referring to how Sabrina was protected by both Sebastian and Vernon. “I should have killed her when we had the chance...” angered by the thought of failing to do so yet again.The man was silent, listening to his partner rant; his mind a little spacey.“They even broke my favorite toy..” She continued, referring to him as a play thing. She then turned to him and smirked. “Are you listening?” Sitting down beside him, she leaned down, stealing a kiss. Almost on reflex, the man responded by kissing her back. He reeked of alcohol, but she didn’t seem to care.Pulling away, she grinned, seeming to have liked the way he kissed her, despite his condition. “I’ll have to remember that for later...” she stated teasingly, pulling on his belt but not undoing it, making a point.“…Hmph…. we’ll make that butler pay... I’ll see to that.” Raelinn was rather confident.“…..How ..d’you plan to-do that?” Adrian asked, his voice slurred ever so slightly, making his American accent stand out more.“You’ll see,” the woman said with a devilish look, a hint at her ill intent. She had a plan.
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Hello everyone and welcome to Kuroshitsuji-World, a group dedicated to the wonderful world of (none other than) Kuroshitsuji (AKA Black Butler).

First off, I know there are already ALOT of Kuroshitsuji groups out there, but, I thought why not make one more?

:bulletblue: Some Group Rules and Guidelines :bulletblue:

:bulletred: Respect admin and other members. :bulletred:
:bulletblack: Please only Submit deviations that contain Kuroshitsuji Characters or OCs, anything that does not contain either of these will be removed from the group. :bulletblack:
:bulletred: Please Submit your deviation(s) to the proper folder. If you are unsure where to submit your piece, please submit it to the featured folder so an admin will place it in the proper folder. :bulletred:
:bulletblack: Be sure mature content is marked with a mature warning before submitting to the group. :bulletblack:
:bulletred: The submission limit is 10 deviations per day. :bulletred:
:bulletblack: Other than these please have fun and enjoy your visit. :bulletblack:

:rose::blackrose: :iconbassyplz: :icongrellplz: :blackrose::rose:

Hi everyone. I just wanted to write up this quick journal to see if anyone would be interested in a group contest. If so, what should our contest be? Coloring, Character Gender bend, etc. Also If there is anyone interested in donating prizes (if there are only 3 or 4 entries there will only be a first prize, if more then 4 there will be a second prize). You can enter the contest and Submit prizes if you would like. If anyone is interested please comment here and let me know.

Thanks for reading, and have a good day.

~Wolven-Sorceress - Group Admin.
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HinataFox790 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey guys, I'm really not in a good place and I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask this, so with that being said, is there anyone here who is opened for digital color Black Butler Requests (not commissions)?
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Ah Is it okay that I submitted my commission info into the "Other" folder? The Commissions folder won't allow me to submit anything...
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Thanks for the invite~ Would you mind if I put the art I've done so far here? Also, it wont allow me to submit my art anywhere but the featured folder... would it be ok if I submitted them there?
Wolven-Sorceress Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not at all. Go ahead. There is a max of 10 submissions per day (that's the highest I could set it to sadly). 
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Okayy thank you! :love:
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Just letting you know I fixed the submission problem, you can now submit to any folder next time you submit anything. Thanks for letting me know there was a problem with that.
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