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The Disaster Pokemon

3 hour speedpaint of that new Absol form. Because they finally made a fuzzy quadrupedal pokemon with 'wings'. Tried to keep their basic shape while adding a bit more of a feathery look.

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This is so beautiful. The shading and lighting is gorgeous <3 
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Very cool, though strangely every time I hear that name I expect this giant sentient robotic space squid of doom
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The lighting is bloody gorgeous. OuO
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This is amazingly beautiful! Sad to inform you some sites are setitng it up as a "free' wallpaper i suggest you watermark it. Lovely work, best absol fanart ive ever seen.
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Probably the best painting of Absol on deviantART, I can only think of one other which comes close. I love the expression, well done. 
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omg its beautiful D:
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The lighting makes this so perfect. <3
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Its realy well made c= the details on the lighting are just spot on! And absol's design as well c= fav all the way
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 Those majestic fake wings! :o
So beautiful
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May I use this as my Facebook profile pic? Will link back to this... I am just in awe...
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Georgeous.  Very dramatic with the coloring and the pose... I love the expression on the Absol's face.  
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WOAH! I love it! Faved.
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Its magnificence knows no bounds
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mega absol - devil with wings
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Awesome job, love the fur :3
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Wow...So beautiful.:)
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My favorite Pokemon...made even more beautiful. I am crying tears of happiness.
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