D.Nd : Infection - second demo UP!

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Finally, I can put D.Nd : Infection playable demo (45MB) up for download! www.cursedmoons.com/fan/game/i…

Some things you might want to know...
-The demo lets you play through the whole morning from Day 1 (game takes place in three days, like Poisoned). It's short, but I hope that you enjoy it.
-This takes place right after the nightmare from the first demo I released, when Mello wakes up.
-Albeit the game has Boy's Love stuff, this demo is innocent and neutral in that sense, so non BL fans can play it too without trouble.
-When Mello has nothing else to explore, he might want to get some rest.
-You must extract the files to any folder instead of playing directly from the rar file, otherwise you won't be able to save game.

If you see any bug or any typo, please let me know so that I can correct it. Also, please tell me your impressions about the game so far.

I give credit to split_psychosis  for correcting all the English text before I insert it into the game. She's always helping me a lot! And I want to thank everyone for their patience as I work on the game, thank you very much for supporting D.Nd : Infection (^^)

Edit: For those who haven't played the first demo, here's the link www.cursedmoons.com/fan/game/i…
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brroookkeeeennn link :'(
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i want to play new demo and D.Nd : Poisoned game, but site closed(T_T)...
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Since your site Cursed MoonS doesn't exist anymore, do you think you could host the second demo somewhere else if you still have it? I missed this post a long time ago and really want to play the new demo! Please!! Thank you!!
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I Loved the other two visual novel games so much, with the completion of all possible endings. Please keep up the amazing work ♥ Can you please upload this to another site because the link is broken and im sure so many wanna play this 
MyLifeMyRules9's avatar
My computers (computers 'cause I tried with 4 different servers) can't reach CursedMoonS
GinevraInLove's avatar
Broken link and I wanted to play it so badly...
ZoneRobotnik's avatar
I wanna play it, but the link is broken. :(
KrossRex's avatar
when do you think the full game will be up and running?
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there somthing wrong with the link
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I played the first demo and really loved it, but when I downloaded the second one and wanted to extract it, I got the message there was a problem during the action. Although I managed to still extract it, when I want to play I get the message there is a file which wasn`t found... I tried so many time,but it always ends the same way.

Could some one help?
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Can I just say that I think the word 'norm' is supposed to be 'normal' or is that just the way it's supposed to be? This is awesome so far though :)
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i haven't opened it yet and words cannot describe my face right now.
ScreeWolf's avatar
my computer wont let me open the file T_T
any help plez?
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Hey, I'm a big fan of you and I only wanted to know if the "Dnd Infection" is coming out soon.
sound-dark's avatar
yeah!!! thanks!!! but... the game... when will the full game?? please!!!!!!!!!! T.T
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thank you x3 I'll continue to wait..
crazymellofangirl's avatar
YAY *attacks download button* cant wait for the full game
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Omg i love ur DN infection demo but when is it going to be ready??? :0 Im starting to worry that you might not relase it!!!! T_T
foxy-chii's avatar
omg our'e sooooooooo amazing :O
I really luv it, but how can I save file in this game?
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soo, when is the game gonna come out? :/ I must let you know that i'm a really huge fan of one of ur works, Dnd. Poisoned, and when i was told about the dnd. Infection i was soo happy! But then i am waiting for the game to come out for almost an year.... I kind of understand tho. i take 1 month to make a doujin page cause i don't have time and i guess that it's the same with you. but i just wanted to let you know that when the game comes out i'll be the first one to download it . I really wanna play it and i'm a huge fan of ur art ^^
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great game!! the problem is... it wont let me continue my saved games :'( pleaaaase can someone tell me what to do?
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hey what program do you use to open it?
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i saw on the site its Matt x Mello too
will there be Mature scenes of that too O_O
i thought poisoned has too .. less Of those things
Sorry ! i loved the game though!
i just wanna see more Matt x Mello story
and mature Stuff >=D
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Downloading....downloading....9 mins left....8....7....downloading..... half way done.....*click click*.....*computer freeze*

*headkeyboard* -__-

*restart* *dowloading again for another 10 mins* computer: cannot open

Me: >:(

*does some blahblah and extracting*

*game pops up*

*sees mello*

*faint* :3
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