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Commission for my beloved ~Demosthenes75 :heart:

So basically, the prompt was: "Draw a picture with Bast (Dark haired hooved guy) and Kvothe (Red haired lute player) from the book "The name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss."

Since these are existing characters in a book that I didn't write, but a book that I read and, in fact, am completely in love with, I said okay.~

Also, this scene is COMPLETELY made up. Like, it doesn't even happen in the book. Bast and Kvothe meet up at some point in time, somewhere, somehow, but.... I don't even know when or how or why, ect. That part doesn't even happen in the first book.

ANYWAY since i don't wanna give much away about the book since it's really a hidden gem... more like hidden diamond, i'm gunna not give much away about the characters... SO BUY THE BOOK, FOO! Here's a link to the authors website, too, if ya care to take a gander and a sneak peak of the book [link] (his blog is linked there too)


Enjoy :heart:

Art © Me
The Name of The Wind / The Kingkiller Chronicles © Patrick rothfuss

Ps: If y'all want, i can upload a few screen shots of me putting this together
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I love this! On my YouTube channel I'm going to be starting a new series talking about Kingkiller Lore, would it be okay if I used this picture? I would of course make sure to leave a link to your profile in the description. The videos will have a bunch of collected artwork in them, related to the topic, and I plan on making a theory video about the greystones/waystones soon! :)