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Summary of art 2019



Another year in the books!

Boy, 2019 was a weird year for me. Lots of ups at the start of the year, and then lots of downs. Hoping things go back on the up and up in 2020.

Art-wise I tried lots of new ideas and techniques and improved my skill and style:
- One of maybe the biggest low-key changes was the removal of the third eyelash from my eyes. It used to be that there would be a pointy bit at the top, middle and bottom, but now the middle one has been removed. Someone has offered critique on some problems that they found with my eyelashes and I ended up experimenting with the removal of that middle lash to see how I felt about it, and I ended up preferring it. The middle eyelash was a bit unwieldy and non-essential to the style, so for now it's gonna stay away, in favor of a more streamlined cohesive look.
- In the past couple months I started experimenting with a watercolor tool and found it to be an amazing addition to my toolkit, mainly in the painting of backgrounds. Adding texture to backgrounds often doesn't mesh well with the soft shading of the characters. The texture ends up being too noisy and doesn't feel like it fits in with the style of the characters. With this new technique I've been able to add texture that's much smoother and fits in great, and I've been able to represent much more beautiful wood, dirt, rocks, etc. I'm very excited to keep experimenting with this and upgrading my background game.
- I experimented with more diverse lighting setups. Scenes where the main light source isn't always in front of the character, but maybe to the side of them, or behind them, or below them, and with secondary light sources reflecting light from the back.
- I've explored various ways to add atmosphere, fog, and light rays to pieces to make them more visually rich.
- Numerous little improvements to anatomy, figure, composition, hair flow, expressions, and so on. Plus probably other things I'm forgetting.

I'm a little bummed out that none of the Chinatsus I did fit great for this summary of art pic. She'll be featured again next year, darn it. ;w;

Thanks for reading this far! If you enjoy my work and would like to help me keep making it, please consider chipping in even just a buck to my patreon linked below. It's how I'm able to keep drawing the things I do. :>

And don't forget I do daily drawing livestreams! Visit me every day at:
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Your artwork has always been on the up and up. I'm excited to see what comes in 2020! *^^/