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Summary of art 2018



2018 is now in the books, and it was a pretty good year in art for me.~

I forget what exactly my art resolutions were, but one of them I'm pretty sure was to improve my expressions, and I'm happy to report that I managed to do that. :3
Especially smiles, that's one I felt especially constrained by and I feel better at them now. But I'm still partway there. There's tons more I want to improve at faces in general, so that'll be a resolution of mine again this year.

Also worth reporting is the improvement to assorted background stuff. I'm better at doing water foam, rocks, vegetation, night time scenes and other lighting. There's certain types of scene lighting and camera framings that I still have trouble with, and I'll be focusing on trying to solve those.

And I also got better at a bunch of other smaller things too. :>

Thank you to everyone who's been following me, and hope you're excited to see me continue to improve and draw more. :3

If you wish to support me you can do so in many ways!
- By joining my Patreon. Even $1 helps, and you get to suggest characters and help decide who I draw next. At the higher tier, at $20, you can even get yourself a custom sketch in return. ;p
- Checking out my daily draw streams. I'm over on Twitch and Picarto every night drawing and chatting with people live. Right now I'm trying to get my avg viewer numbers up on twitch so I can apply for the partner program, so this is an especially helpful thing
- And of course, following, commenting, favoriting, sharing/retweeting my posts on here and Twitter helps a lot too.
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Very great works :la: