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Next up on the Disgaea block, it's the succubus class!

Her design her is mainly from the one introduced in Disgaea 3.

I really wanted to try out this angle for the hips, and I'm reasonably satisfied with the result. =w=

Enjoy! ❤❤❤

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I love your shape language with this one~! The way how her whole body is arranged in a heart shape makes it absolutely lovely! Great job!

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DAY-UMM! She can drain me anytime!
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First let me congratulate you for having excellent drawing, and thank you for sharing your art.

I also wanted to ask about the girl or succubus, does she usually have that form; or after fulfilling her mission (to put it one way) she opens her back as if she had a closure and removes her human skin from her pink hair, to the sole of her soft feet, leaving from inside her a kind of figure "terrifying" and leaving her skin like a "feminine human skin suit" that she then throws on the floor like an ordinary dress ?, I hope to have been clear with the question.
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Either she got MASSIVE hips or her waist looks like its to small for organs to fit.
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I actually like this version over the original, so are we going to potentially see the Neko girl too XD
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1st what 1st what a cutie
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very lovely and sexy, really nice work :D
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Pretty Succubi... she can suck my soul anytime.
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Mmm, delicious.
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She hella thick, bro! Nice work!
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Looks awesome! 

(Fast fact: because of the disgaea series, I chose the name Overlord!^^)
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man i miss that game... need to get all of them some time.
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Love the way you shaded her skin, looks so smooth!
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I'm such a SUCC-ker for succubi :icondatplotplz:
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I love this series... an this is just... hehehe...
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i wanna give it a hug. 
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Holy crap. This drawing you did of the Disgaea 3 succubus looks awesome. >w<
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Heh, both the new and old designs are nice. I am surprised by how skimpy the one in 1 and 2 was. XD
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Fantastic work :meow:
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I'm reasonably satisfied with the result too = v = )b *nosebleed*
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