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Chinatsu Love 2


I probably saw it in some gravure video, this combo of red striped swimsuit with a tank top, and I wanted to draw Chinatsu in it. And badaboom, here we have it.

This was in the old pressure cooker for a while. First she looked a bit too muscly in the belly, then the face was bugging me, and then fast forward a few iterations and we're done.


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Shea gorgeus amazing work on this one.
Love the looks of a woman in a swimsuit wearing either a tank top or t-shirt.  She has such an adorable face, and her hips and thighs have a wonderful thickness.  Beautiful coloring and shading work, and the trickling of sweat down her arms, breasts, abs, and thighs is a nice touch.

Thanks for sharing!
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I can't tell if Nero rode the wave of this particular swimsuit, or if she contributed to it.  ^^;

Good to see individual works like this pop up in between the commissions.
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Hm, I dunno if striped swimsuits had particular popularity before, but it's probably likely she made it more popular.
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Very nice Floating Heart (Red) - F2U!  Two thumbs up by hano22 :merry christmas:
I can get down with the thiccness
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I swear she gets thiccer every time you draw her.
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You think so? Hmmm. I've actually been trying to tighten up my proportions. Trying to convey plumpness without making features look big. It's a work in progress. :p
CaveGrue's avatar
No nothing seems off; the proportions are fine (well maybe the waist seems a tiny bit smaller than the last few times which calls more attention to the hips and thighs); just that I swear her thighs and breasts have gotten bigger since I started following you.
Infrasonicman's avatar

This to me kinda says 'Christmas in a country when it's summer' ;P

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Very sexy and greatly done!:D
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