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Inuyasha Gone Succy :iconkuronohime:KuroNoHime 24 3
Tale of the Unfortunate Prince
Inuyasha franchise and characters © Rumiko Takahashi.
I make no monetary profit by writing this story.

This tale, like many tales before it, began long ago. In the spring day when the first white flower bloomed.
I hear the wind, it flows far from me.
I see the light, only from this side of the shadow.
My footsteps on the great arch weigh so much.
My heart is burdened.
The laughter has abandoned my soul.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young prince. One day the prince left his castle to go outside and he wondered across a grand fortress. The fortress was that of a princess. From the shadows of the forest he laid his eyes on the princess who sang a song to all the flowers and the trees in her garden. Her beauty was so godly that he found it difficult to believe that she truly was just a mere mortal.
From that day on he returned to her. In the shadows he lurked, watched her, day and night. When she strolled the gardens, in secrecy he marvelled her ki
:iconkuronohime:KuroNoHime 6 1
Mature content
Inuyasha Gone Cliched :iconkuronohime:KuroNoHime 6 8
Inuyasha Gone Tempted
Disclaimer: The only "yasha" I have owned was my black alley cat, Nekoyasha. (Yeah, yeah, super original to name her "Cat demon")
Inuyasha © Rumiko Tahakashi
Inu - Dog
Inutachi - "Dog gang" or just as stupidly "The fellowship of Inuyasha"
Shikon - Sacred jewel
Hanyoo - Half demon, Finnish translitering. American version would be "hanyou"
Goshinboku - Sacred tree
Yookai - Demon, Finnish translitering (also "youkai")
Taiyookai - Great demon or Am. "taiyoukai"
Hakama - Traditional Japanese pants
Miko - Priestess
Kun - Japanese suffix, used while referring to young boys, can also be applied to girls who have masculine traits or who are tomboyish. Female equivalent would be "chan". The reason Kagome doesn't add "kun" after Inuyasha's name, is because when people reach a certain level of intimacy, they are privileged to call each other just by their name. Lack of suffix is usually a sign of intimacy
:iconkuronohime:KuroNoHime 20 2
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“The One Who Loves You”

Great. Peachy. Awesome.

Kagome paced back and forth in the relatively small confinement of her room. She could already see the carpet starting to wear on on the path where she had repeatedly walked on. For the umpteenth time, she slumped to her chair and slowly sunk her head to her hands.

How she wished Inuyasha had an interdimentional cell-phone or something so she could get a hold of him immediately. She had tried concentrating all her priestessliness holy powers and half-seriously telepathically call for him but of course that did nothing.

There was always the option that she simply waited in her own time long enough until Inuyasha would grow impatient on the other side and come to retrieve her. Since all the other options seemed far worse off, the girl decided it would be the best course of action. Just sit. And wait. Lay on her bed. And wait. Then again get up and pace some more.

Kagome rubbed her aching temples and watched the lights slowly dying on the other side of her bedroom's window. Early fall painted the leaves of the tree that grew by her house in vivid warm colors. Beyond, the twilight horizon was cloudless and serene. It would be a breathtaking night sky for many people tonight. For Kagome, it was a sleepless and long one.


It had been three days already, three days. Three. Days. The girl in her seifuku stressed and unwittingly chewed on the blunt end of her pencil while not paying even the slightest attention to whatever fascinating facts her mathematics teacher was spewing on equations. For once when she had been able to attend school, the teaching was pretty much wasted on her. Those precious tidbits of knowledge slowly drained down her grasp like fine sand.

She took the pencil from her lips and pretended to take notes. In actuality she was just coloring in the squares of her checkered notebook while cursing one half-demon in her mind.


For the love of kami, whenever she asked a permission to stay longer at home, Inuyasha was always quick to refuse. Even when he gave her permission, he still more often than not, still came early to complain that she had been away for too long.


So why did it have to be now when she actually wanted him to come and get her, he had to loiter.


Kagome scrambled up her seat so fast, she bumped her thigh on her desk and her chair let out a deep screeching sound as her legs pushed it backwards almost screaming her reply “H-hai, sensei!”

The rather uptight looking woman in her late 30's prodded her glasses back on the bridge of her nose and cleared her throat.

“Your answer to question six, Higurashi.” Sensei Sato inquired for the fourth time.

Kagome's eyes darted back and forth between her notebook and the chalkboard. Her doodles of black squares and cats gave her no kind of aid to the question at hand. She swallowed slowly and made a wild guess. Because a wrong answer was better than no answer when concerning sensei Sato.

“Ugh. 12?” Kagome managed and tried to look like she wasn't trembling or sweating.

The teacher looked flabbergasted for a short while before a disbelieving smile tugged her tight lips upwards. It gave a rare smidgen of hope for Kagome.

“My, Higurashi-san. You've outdone yourself.” The teacher commended as the smidgen of hope grew in size to a grain of hope.

“The correct answer is distance and I'm nearly impressed how little you've paid attention to this class.”

The grain quickly shrunk back to a smidgen.

“Higurashi. You'll be taking over Matsushita's and Yamazaki's cleaning duties and will clean the homeroom by yourself.”

And the smidgen was gone.


Kagome grumbled to herself as she was swiping the floors and shifting the chairs and desks to get to every last one of spec of dirt and eraser flakes. If she ended up being held back by a year, a certain fluffy-eared numskull would never hear the end of it. She emptied her dustpan to a trash bin near the classroom door and clang the dustpan so violently against the bin, she almost knocked it over.

'Baka, baka inu!' She repeated the all-too-familiar mantra in her head.

Why she? Why she had had to be the one reborn a miko. Why couldn't it have been Kotomi Tachibana from class D for example. She was far more suited. A dux of her year. Came from an old and respected family. Composed, articulate and very athletic. That girl could deliver some serious damage with an bow and arrow in a tight spot, that was for sure.

But alas. It was Kagome Higurashi. Math-illiterate and a klutz - your run-of-the-mill-nobody. Who had fallen in love with an imbecile sawdust-for-brains half-demon.

She was fuming with herself and almost missed the subtle knock on the classroom window until she coincidentally happened to go open the windows to dust out the cleaning cloths someone in the previous cleaning duty had neglected to clean properly and now they were dried out with chunks of rubbish hanging off the fabric.

Kagome almost squealed when she pushed the window open, on the third floor, and there was a man dangling outside.

“INUYASHA!” She yelled – half scolded before clamping her mouth and grabbing a hold of any part of the fire rat garment she could and pulled him through the window.

The dog demon nimbly landed on his feet and rolled to an upright position standing next to Kagome.

“Wh-- what are you doing here!? How many times have I told you – you cannot roam around Tokyo dressed like that!” She bellowed while observing how his ears were not concealed.

Inuyasha's eyebrow's knitted together and he crossed his arms in his patented trademark fashion.

“Well, maybe ya ought not to disappear for days withou' tellin' anybody, you stupid girl!” He defended himself and raised his chin up in a balky manner.

The dog demon's eyes glistened with a daring flame. Edging for her to fight him back, but Kagome dodged the, albeit, alluring bait and tried to ignore his belligerent attitude.

“I had to stay away.” She began explaining. “Inuyasha...” Kagome halted as she was not quite sure how to continue revealing arguably the stupidest thing she had done so far. “I... I did something dumb which may or may not affected... people's behavior in your time.” She sharply inhaled through gritted teeth and smiled awkwardly.

“Watcha goin' on about?” Inuyasha retorted and scratched lazily behind his ear.

“I... Uh... I put a spe--” Inuyasha abruptly grabbed Kagome by the arm and whispered. “Someone's coming.”

Kagome's eyes darted around the classroom.

“Quickly, to that closet!” Kagome murmured under her breath and yanked Inuyasha to a supply closet in the back of the classroom.

She managed to cram herself and Inuyasha into the closet and close the door at the exact same time as the classroom door was slid open.

“Higurashi?” Her math teacher called entering the room. When she couldn't see Kagome anywhere, the girl in the closet hoped she would return to the faculty room. Instead the teacher sighed and shut the door behind her, making it obvious that she was going to stay in the room. She had a leather case in her left hand which she placed on the teacher's desk and sat down. Inside the case were probably some tests she had commissioned one of her classes.

“Oh no...” Kagome whispered while peering through the little slit between the supply closet's doors.

“What?” A low voice asked looming from behind her ear.

“She's going to grade math tests.” She replied from the corner of her mouth.

“What?” The low voice raised in intonation.

Kagome sighed irately.

“It means she's working and will be here for quite a while.”

Inuyasha shifted his weight uncomfortably from one foot to another in the tight space.

“What gives? Why can't we just bust outta here, she's just a human.”

If Kagome had had any room to turn around and smack the demon on his head, she would have.

“You thickhead!” She hissed a bit too loudly she noticed and continued in a more quiet voice. “If my teacher catches me after school in a supply closet with an older boy, I'll be expelled! You being exposed as a demon would be the least of my worries at that point.”

Inuyasha had nothing to counter her argument with so he settled to just grunting exasperatedly.

As the minutes trailed by, the air in the closet became more and more stifling. The classroom was quiet save for the shuffling of papers now and then as Mrs. Sato finished with one test to move on to another on her stack of papers which didn't seem to be diminishing the slightest. The demons hot breath felt like a humidifier puffing straight against her neck in their small confinement. Kagome wanted to sit down, but there was no room for it. Her feet were starting to ache and she kept lifting her legs up and down to get some blood circulating better in her lower limbs.

“Stop wriggling, woman.” Inuyasha snarled and grabbed the girl by her hips to hold her still.

“I can't help it!” She hissed back and tried to swat his hands away without making a sound. “It's uncomfortable and Tessaiga keeps poking me!” When she managed to move Inuyasha's hand away, she tried to reach her hand behind her back and move the hilt of the sword to a better position.

The hard object she felt up in her hand was not the hilt of a sword, that much she knew, but it didn't register what it exactly was until Inuyasha reacted exaggeratedly to her touch. He gasped so loud it made Mrs. Sato jerk her head away from the pile of paperwork she had been immersed in. The whole closet nearly shook from the startle both Inuyasha and Kagome had.

Kagome still had her hand wrapped around... Inuyasha's equipment and she was unable to yank her hand away since the half-demon had instinctively grabbed her wrist in a self-preservative reflex. And now both of them were too scared to breath – let alone move a muscle since Mrs. Sato had raised from her seat and walked to the window nearest to their hiding place.

The human girl felt the hard object in her hand twitch and throb. It also emitted incredible heat even though there was several layers of clothing between her hand and his... delicates.

The teacher was circling the class, letting her gaze sweep across the room and halt at the supply closet. She began to take ominous steps towards their hiding place regardless of Kagome praying otherwise. She would be dead to society if she was caught hiding with a demon – holding his dick in her hand nonetheless. Her mother would be ostracized. And poor Souta, the reputation of his wanton sister would ruin him as well. They'd be forced to move away. From Tokyo. Maybe Japan all together.

A deity, whoever it was, heard her silent chants and the mathroom door was knocked upon. The teacher changed her course and went to open the door.

“Ah, Minami-sensei. Did you get the fax from Yoshitaka?”

Whilst Mrs. Sato and the other teacher engaged in idle chitchat, Inuyasha panted and noted “You... don't have to grip... so hard.” He managed to utter between pants now when there was enough background noise and they dared to move and speak again.

Kagome quickly relinquished her hold, cheeks burning so bright she was half surprised that the whole closet didn't catch on fire.

“What are you thinking you... perv!” She scolded him and tried to squeeze her body against the closet door, creating whatever distance she could between their bodies.

“Oy! You were the one who kept grinding your ass... against me!” He rebuffed and snorted.

Feeling her honor offended, Kagome retaliated.

“I'd never do such a thing! It's not my fault this closet is five square centimeters!” She fumed in a barely audible voice.

“Yeah, sure, you just accidentally have a windmill up your skirt.” He was riling her up again on purpose. And Kagome fell for the bait.

Her eyes slanted dangerously. “If I intentionally wanted to grind my ass against your dong, it'd do it like this!”

She took advantage of the fact that Inuyasha was pressed against the wall behind her and had nowhere to escape. She bent her body and pushed her skirt-clad behind against his crotch. Feeling his hardness between the valley of her cheeks, she began to gyrate her hips. That stupid, stupid dog!

Inuyasha tilted his head back and grabbed Kagome by her hips again. This time he didn't try to stop her movements, but slightly squeezed her soft flesh. Kagome self-voluntarily pulled her ass away from his lap and Inuyasha whimpered with the loss of contact.

“Don't stop.” He whispered, his voice laced thick with desire.

“What are you talking about, baka inu! I... I was just trying to make a point!” She exclaimed and tried to pry his hands off her hips again, but failed as Inuyasha pulled her back in, lowering his lips to the level of her ear.

“Yeah. Like I can't smell you're pretty worked up yourself.”

The burning sensation of her cheeks descended to her neck and upper chest. She bit her lower lip in silent refusal. That stupid sexy dog! She tried to squash her thighs together, battling the wetness that threatened to seep out from within her core.

Her half-demon companion of their unwitting enclosure pulled her closer still and unbashfully rubbed his hard member against her backside and only released her momentarily to fumble his pants loose.

“Wait. What!” Kagome nearly squealed. “You can't do that here! You're out of your mind!”

He planted his ravenous mouth on the side of her neck and breathed heavily into her ear.

“You're goddamn right I'm loosing my mind when the woman of my dreams is standing right there are smelling come-hither.”

She shivered at his confession whilst his hands ventured to the front of her skirt and quickly located the button that held the waistline of the skirt tightened. He fumbled around a little, but still managed to open the button quite efficiently. The offending garment dropped to Kagome's ankles and she was very taken by his talent considering that feudal attires didn't feature any buttons.

“Since when did you became a pro at opening buttons?” She dryly laughed and kicked her skirt away from her feet.

“Since I've been making dry runs about it in my mind for forever now.” He replied with a husky voice and looped his clawed finger through the elastic side wing of her minuscule underpants. “I know you fuss about that skirt being expensive.” He murmured as his claw sliced through her panties. “But you've never said anything about these meager undergarments.”

The air hit her moist nest as the panties snapped off from where Inuyasha made a clean cut through them.

“Sure, I can go over them with you. Let me just grab my notes.” Mrs. Sato cheerily replied to something her conversational partner had just asked.

Both Inuyasha and Kagome froze until Mrs. Sato fetched something from the drawer of her desk and exited the classroom. They kept still for a while until Inuyasha turned their positions in the closet around and hoisted Kagome up on his lap and pressed her against the back wall of the closet.

Kagome intuitively wrapped her legs around the half-demon's waist and waited for him to make some kind of a move.

“Can I kiss you?” He demurely inquired and gently lowered her on his lap until their faces were on the same level.

“At this point when were both naked at the waist down, I think that's a pretty redundant question.” The girl laughed.

“Then can I or can I not?” He impatiently repeated, frowning his forehead like a little kid.

Kagome didn't answer but without thinking licked her lips to moisten them and softly began moving her head forwards. The hanyou came to meet at her half way and her lips connected with the waiting ones of the hanyou. He hungrily accepted her mouth and pushed his tongue past her lips. Their tongues entwined in a heated battle and Kagome moaned softly into his wet caress.

He never broke their kiss as he edged Kagome higher on his lap to position his throbbing member against the wet opening of her lower body. The way she unconsciously helped him to get a better angle to her entry, he knew that he needed not permission for what he was about to do next. She needed this as much as he did.

He grabbed ahold of his shaft and teased her slippery entrance with the tip of his manhood. Kagome squirmed to his touch and her heated smell intensified to a point Inuyasha could barely make it. He had wanted to properly warm her up, making her as light-headed as he was, but the hanyou realized the limits of his own body. He couldn't possibly prolong their joining any longer or he would loose it.

Having gone past the point of no return, he guided his tip to her opening and pushed apart the soft folds.

“I'm sorry, Kagome, I... I can't stop now.” He gasped and slowly eased himself inside her. Her wetness made the slide easier, but she was so unbearably tight, he had to stop before he was completely sheathed. Kagome tried to hold back her moaning, clamping her mouth against to the side of his neck. She had lost her hymen long ago in her vigorous physical activities, but the insides of her had never accommodated anything bigger than her own finger before. The way he completely stretched her out was painful. She felt the burning in her muscles she'd never used before so his pause was welcomed.

Meanwhile Kagome was trying to get used to the strange invading sensation, Inuyasha used all his might to hold off his orgasm. He had never thought a woman would feel so tight, so hot. Her passage way was pulsating and coiling around him in a way he knew no technique of jerking off would ever simulate or compare to. She felt so good he was ruined forever.

“Fuck.” He grunted and tightened his embrace on Kagome.

“I'm already... You just feel so good.” A strangled apology was whispered from his lips.

When Kagome felt she was a bit more comfortable, she wickedly smiled at her lover and pushed downwards with her hips, making Inuyasha's manhood hit the hilt. A low hiss erupted from the demon's lips.

“Don't...” He warned through gritted teeth. “I'm too close.”

Kagome cupped his cheeks in her small hands and looked him in the eye.

“We have the rest of my life to take things slow. But for now, we're still in this closet and the teacher will be back any minute. So stop holding back and fuck me already.” She commanded wanting to get out of the closet quickly. And she really, really wanted to see what kind of face Inuyasha would make when he came.

The dog demon growled and didn't wait for her to tell him again to fuck her. He gave one sloppy and heated kiss to her lips before beginning to plow her through the closet wall. The whole room shook, Kagome swore she could hear the windows rattling in their frames. He held nothing back.

Kagome bit down onto her own hand trying to hold back her moans, but Inuyasha gripped her hand and slammed it to the back of the wall.

“Don't hold back. I want to hear you scream.” He was so lost in his lustful haze he could care less who saw or heard them. The only thing he wanted was to come inside her while she was screaming.

“Inuyasha... Inuyasha... Ah, no!” She chanted and tightened her thighs around his waist. The burning sensation was subsiding and making way to a whole new sensation. Something that knotted inside her tummy and radiated to her whole body. She had managed to make herself orgasm before when she had played with herself in her own privacy. Fantasizing about scenarios like in which she currently was. Imagining Inuyasha's hard thing inside her. But the orgasms had been different when induced by clitoral massage. The feeling which she now was having was building from the deepest depths of her body.

“I'm starting to... also...” She admitted when Inuyasha picked up his pace.

He could smell it, the looming peak of her arousal. He wanted nothing more than to take her over that peak but he knew he wouldn't last that long. But once they were out of this closet and maybe back at her place... He'd take his time with her.

“Is your family home?” He asked between ragged pants and huffs. Kagome's head lolled in the throes of her lover's passion, but she managed to shake her head.

“Good.” The demon growled again “Then I'm going to fuck you more properly there...” 'and make sure you come first' he wanted to add, but he was too close now.

His speed accelerated even more, to Kagome's astonishment, briefly before he came to an abrupt still. His body was completely frozen save for the slight trembling running up and down his body. Kagome had no experience on these sorts of thing from before but she knew he stopped because he was orgasming – evident by the violent throbbing of his manhood inside her body. Kagome moaned at the sensation and Inuyasha reflectively pumped in and out of her a few times until he stopped again and the throbbing became even more intense. Was he having a multiorgasm? Kagome pondered in passing before focusing on the fact that him pumping in and out of her just now had caused their love juices to spill out and down her legs.

Inuyasha felt so fiercely blissful, he could have literally died and gone to heaven. Not a single one of the past orgasms he had induced on his own compared to this one. It was like pebbles to mountains. He kinda almost understood now the obsession guys had on sex over jerking off. He thrusted his hips exploratorily for a few times, earning more of those sweet sweet moans from Kagome. He kept leisurely pumping his still rock-hard manhood in and out of her violated passage, first very slowly and then a bit faster. He realized he was effectively starting to fuck her again and they didn't have the time for that now. He resignedly pulled his engorged, still pulsating dick out of her body and elicited a disappointed whimper from her.

He eased her back on her feet and pressed his forehead against hers.

“That succeeded any and every fantasy I've ever had about sex.” He contentedly admitted and hugged her softly while planting a small peck on the top of her head.

Kagome was happy in hearing that. Even though he had come twice and she hadn't come at all. And now there was a lake of fluids she was swimming in.

“You better go ahead to my place. I'll stay behind to clean this place up and then I'll come home and we can...” She blushed and sheepishly bit her lower lip.

“Say no more.” He smiled and gave one last tentative kiss to her lips before picking up his pants and opening the closet doors. The classroom air hit them like a brick of fresh mint. The closet had been really, really steamed up.

Kagome also dressed herself and watched Inuyasha leave by the same window he had entered. The girl sighed and walked up to the window, or rather waddled a little awkwardly since she was pretty sore down there.

She leaned her elbows on the bottom frame of the window and looked the setting sun against the horizon.

Hopefully the spell had finally broken. Had he been unaffected the whole time or did the spell just kick in when he arrived to the modern era? Kagome would never know for sure. But what she had learned was that her little hanyou definitely had a fetish for sex in public places.


“The Other One Who Loves You”

Great. Peachy. Awesome.

Kagome paced back and forth in the relatively small confinement of her room. She could already see the carpet starting to wear on on the path where she had repeatedly walked on. For the umpteenth time, she slumped to her chair and slowly sunk her head to her hands.

How she wished Inuyasha had an interdimentional cell-phone or something so she could get ahold of him immediately. She had tried concentrating all her priestessly holy powers and mentally call for him but of course that did nothing.

There was always the option that she simply waited in her own time long enough until Inuyasha would grow impatient on the other side and come to retrieve her. Then she could explain this whole debacle to him without rapist wolf, flea and glob demons trying to attack her every blink of an eye and turn of a heel.

But the thing was, she wasn't sure if the spell only affected men in her proximity or if it had affected the whole Sengoku era even in her absence. If the latter was the case, she would have to return immediately before she had caused the largest statistical divorce spike in the recorded history. She rubbed her face trying to wipe away her tiredness and indecisiveness and balled her hands into fists. No. She had to return. Those lecherous males be damned!


Kagome's head popped over the ledge of the well and it turned around like a periscope scanning for any suspicious activity. Her eyes darted from a bush to a nearby tree, trying spot possible lustlorn demons. When she couldn't see anything causing concern, she carefully sought for sloppy footings on the slippery walls of the well and scrambled herself over the ledge of the well. Unceremoniously she landed down on her behind and shuffled up dusting her skirt. So far, so good.


Kagome made all the way to Kaede's village before she bumped into first people. Gladly the people she encountered were only local wives and maids. At least they didn't exhibit any hyper sexual interest in her – even though they gave her the usual wrink of the nose when they saw the odd miko in her questionable futuristic garments.

It was pointless to even ask them for help, so Kagome wished she'd either run into Sango or Inuyasha pretty soon before--

“Kagome!” A familiar voice exclaimed excitedly from Kagome's sidelong direction and hurried at her.

“Shippo!” The young woman breathed and waited until the little kitsune reached her before she embraced him tightly as the little boy happily lunged at her lap.

“Kagome! Where have you been?” He cheeped and nuzzled his cherub face against Kagome's cheek. “I missed you!” The small kitsune complained and tilted his head like a puppy.

“Aww, Shippo-chan. I'm sorry. I had... some things to take care of.” She smiled apologetically and patted the head of her small companion. Maybe things had calmed down here. There hadn't been any attacks on her since her arrival. The town was not burning up in flames, people seemed normal. A sense of calm relief filled her chest.

“Kagome.” Shippo whimpered and kept nuzzling Kagome more intensely. “Kagome.” He repeated and closed his eyes. “You make me feel funny in my belly.”

Aaaaaaaand that calm relief in her chest was gone.

“OH NO!” She screamed and tossed the little boy off her lap. Her eyes bulged in sheer horror. The young boy only dreamily stared at her. “Nonononononononononono.” The young priestess chanted and ran away faster than Inuyasha with literal fire under his tail. The spell had gotten even Shippo! Not her little Shippo!

Where to go? Where to hide? Where the hell was everyone?

“INUYASHAAA!” She wailed while running aimlessly amok.


She was trudging through the underbush in the Inuyasha forest, stopping here and there listening to her surroundings trying to stay aware of dangers looming in the shadows. Only trace of the fire rat armored hero she had come by had been an empty container of ramen noodles next to an abandoned campfire. 

Maybe this had been a terrible idea. She should just go back home, stay put and wait for Inuyasha in the safety of her own time. It was pointless trying to search for him since he could literally be anywhere or in any time. He could be meditating at the mountains, been after a shinkon jewel case with the others or maybe even with the undead abomination of a priestess having a good laugh together. Kagome sourly thought about Inuyasha's whereabouts and picked up a smooth rock from the ground. She swore if he was having a romantic getaway with that clay doll while she was in trouble she'd happily jump at the next guy that made a pass at her, Kagome bitterly thought and tossed the rock into the depths of the forest.

The rock came in contact with something supple and ricocheted back in Kagome's direction. An angry gurgled noise rumbled in the air an a vexed swamp demon rose from an afternoon nap from its mossy mattress, rubbing its neck where the rock probably had just hit it.

“GWRABAAARGHBA!” The demon roared and trashed it bryophyte arms in large swings, trying to locate the one who had disrupted its sleep. Kagome took a very careful, slow step back and but of course snapped a rather loud branch underfoot. The demon immediately spotted the wincing girl, but instead of lunging at her in blind rage, the demon breathed in deeply and sighed in a gruff and somewhat muffled voice.

“Mmmmm... Maaaaate.” It gurgled and began approaching Kagome.

Okay. Scratch the idea of jumping at the very first guy then.

The demon didn't have time to get to Kagome before an invisible clean cut tore through its torso. Dumbfoundedly, both the girl and the swamp demon watched as its limbs neatly disembodied. After the demon had been shaved of its limbs, it head tilted forwards and dropped to the ground, being cleanly severed as well.

Kagome knew without being able to see her savor who it had been.

“Sesshoumaru?” She called and the inu youkai prince appeared behind her without making a sound.

“You should maybe consider other past times besides getting yourself in trouble with youkais.” An impersonal voice suggested and Kagome turned around to see Sesshoumaru was standing only few inches from her. She was past the stage of being startled by this dog demon's antics and she simply crossed her arms in defense.

“Trust me, I take no pleasure in this hobby either.” She huffed and rubbed her temples in a manner that gave away her frustration. She still wasn't entirely sure if Sesshoumaru was under the effect of the spell or not, but that much was sure that he was acting way more friendlier than usual. But at the same time he didn't revert into a sex-crazed lunatic either, like Miroku had.

“Sesshoumaru?” She decided to just bluntly ask him. “Have you been feeling odd lately?”

The beautiful man raised an inquisitive eyebrow and pursed his lips slightly.

“What do you mean?” He countered her question with another question.

Kagome was too embarrassed to ask him if he had felt the hots for her, even though all things considered and the mess she was in, maybe she ought to.

“I mean... Have you experienced strange attractions lately?”

The cold eyes of the demon slanted subtly and he answered with what one would have normally expected. “I think that is not of your business.”

The young miko grew irate, she wasn't prying these things just to amuse herself; it was a matter of national safety.

“Listen. I know you like to keep things to yourself. I respect that. I would not ask if it wasn't important.”

A trace of smile crept on the dog demon's lips.

“Are you looking for a specific answer?” 

“N-no! I'm just... Uh. Something's clearly affecting all the other demons. I wanted to know if you... had also...” She trailed off, unable to look him in the eye. The entertained gleam in his eyes mocked her plight and she was feeling more foolish than ever. She was a priestess, she knew perfectly well of the dangerous territory messing with spells came with, yet for her own selfish objectives she had subjected everyone she cared about to the horrible ramifications. It had been childish and she felt terribly embarrassed of it all – even without a sneering sociopath reveling in her misery.

“All the other male demons are experiencing a sudden sexual desire towards you and you want to know if this Sesshoumaru is also lusting for you?” He explained the matter in the straightforward words Kagome had been unable to.

The skin of her face flushed with an embarrassed deep rouge.

“E-essentially, yes.” She admitted, feeling incredibly tiny, wishing she would shrunk away.

A cold hand gently nudged her head upwards, forcing her to face his eyes.

“So, do you have a preference as to what my answer is?” He asked, his voice deeper now and his eyes having lost their coldness.

The girl blinked her eyes in confusion. What was he implying? Sesshoumaru's eyes patiently studied her features as he waited for her reply. Was he teasing her? His eyes calmly continued to map her face until stopping at her lips. Her heart was drumming in her chest, making her breathing accelerate and her legs shake underneath which none she was able to hide from him. She unwittingly buckled and Sesshoumaru caught her in his arm.

The young woman was held tightly against his chest, his arm supporting her body like a metal rod, making his strength evident. She must've weighted nothing to him. Every fiber of his existence emanated raw power. If he wanted, he could undo her right then and there, and she would be completely helpless against his offences. This savage, clever beast.

Kagome rested her hands on his chest and she could feel how tight his pecs felt under the layers of pristine white cloth.

“Do you...?” She whispered. This was not her heart's doing. Maybe the spell was now getting her light-headed as well. There was no other way this would be happening otherwise. 

Sesshoumaru moved his face closer to Kagome's, leaving his lips hovering half an inch away from her mouth, wanting for her to make the decision whether she wanted him or not.

How would his mouth taste? She pondered as she unconsciously licked her own dry lips and parted them just the slightest bit. He was like a big cat inside the cage of a songbird, about to devour his prey, wanting to first tenderize it with fear. Would she survive this dangerous game, she thought as she closed her eyes and pressed her lips against his.

After she had given him the non-verbal signal of wanting to initiate mating, he greedily commanded her lips under his authority, his primal instincts taking control of his body. He began walking away from the woods, holding her in his arms, battling her tongue into submission. She coiled the front of his haori into tight knots in her fists while feverishly kissing him back and even biting his bottom lip in playfulness she could not believe she had the nerve for. He growled at her disobedience even though it immensely excited him. This human obviously didn't know how demons mated or how female demoness' were supposed to be compliant to their males. It turned him on more than any encounter with the fairer sex had in a very long time.

He brought them out of the forest to a nearby meadow clearing. The scenery was lush with flowers of different colors, a very romantic setting any human female would have maybe thought. In reality, Sesshoumaru could care less about the sentimental aspects of their place of mating – he simply wanted to find a place that didn't offer enemies many hiding places as the forest did.

Kagome felt herself out of breath and dizzy, hardly registering the reality of the fact that she was engaging herself with Inuyasha's blood sworn enemy. If Sesshoumaru had allowed any time for her to contemplate, she would have stopped things from progressing. At this point she still convinced herself that this was nothing more than maybe a dream, and if not, she wouldn't go beyond the line of compromising herself.

“Take off your clothes.” A low command was breathed into her ear as Sesshoumaru dropped her to the ground and began, for a man with one arm, rather nimbly undress himself.

It didn't take long from the killing perfection to disrobe himself whereas Kagome was still fully clothed, fear and panic starting to settle in the pit of her stomach. Was he actually serious about this?

“I... I can't!” She squealed and hid her eyes from the view of naked, trimmed, pale flesh in front of her.

“I don't know what you take me for, but I've never done anything like this! I'm still...” She didn't want to admit she was a virgin, but that was the simple truth. Not that she'd probably be all happy-go-lucky about rutting with an enemy demon even if she wasn't.

Sesshoumaru knew she was untouched. A fact that made him depreciate his brother even more. What a fool he had for blood. If he had been this woman's companion, he'd make sure to make her his and make the whole world aware that she belonged to him. But in no means was he disheartened by the fact that she was unclaimed, on the contrary. If this was something he could take away from his brother, he gladly would.

Sesshoumaru walked behind Kagome and turned her around, forcing her hands away from her eyes.

“If you cannot, I can.” He brazenly announced and kissed her. His confidence absurdly arousing her. This was a man who had known women, knew how to touch them and didn't shy from taking what he pleased.

“If you wish to keep your clothes intact, I suggest you remove them now.” He commanded again in a husky, molten voice.

Still hesitating, but in an overpowering erotic trance, abandoning her reason, she shakily unbuttoned her skirt and allowed it to drop to her ankles. Then she slowly, tormentingly so, opened her shirt and tossed it over her head until she was only clad in her undergarments. Apparel that made the demon man curious. He had never seen anything like them. He didn't know if they were for practical purposes or for vanity, but that was a discussion he had no patience for now. He wanted inside her and those things were embargoing him from that goal.

Sesshoumaru let out a guttural growl and hooked his claws through the narrow strips of her bra and undies, neatly slicing them off her body.

Briefly, Kagome was so upset about her underwear that she forgot to be timid about being exposed to the demon man in front of her.

“Hey, baka! Those were expensive!” She chided him and slapped his clawed hand away.

Sesshoumaru wasn't discouraged by the slightest, only amused by her defiance and pushed Kagome on her back on the ground.

“You should have obeyed, you were too slow.” He growled into her neck and nipped the delicate skin in the crook of her shoulder and neck. Kagome squirmed underneath him until she had her mouth on his shoulder and gave a sharp bite in retaliation.

A defiant female proved indeed to be a surprising turn-on for Sesshoumaru.

“Are all human females as hardy as you?” He laughed a deep, sexy laugh Kagome realized she had never heard before. His adam's apple bobbed up and down on his muscular throat. Kagome felt confident enough to allow her gaze to venture downwards, and as she had expected, he had a perfectly sculpted chest. It was not a boy's chest, but a broad man's chest under a flawless pale skin. Kagome raked her nails up his sides, not bothering to be careful if it hurt him.

“No. It's just me.” She audaciously proclaimed and earned another chuckle from the man who was pinning her down with his body.

He thrust his hips hard against hers eliciting a shocked gasp from her soft pink lips. He was very generously endowed she thought in a stomach tingling mixture of apprehension and desire. Was this really happening?

“Guide me to your opening, Kagome.” Sesshoumaru demanded, this time more softly, kissing the shell of her ear gently. He had to use his one arm to prop himself above her, so he couldn't execute the task himself.

Hearing her name being tenderly spoken to her ear was reassuring and even little charming. The human girl apprehensively fumbled her hand between their bodies. Searching for his hardness which was impossible to fail to come in contact with. It was huge. She gripped the tip of the massive shaft, marveling the supple and soft, yet hard, texture. It was hot and throbbed slightly at her touch. But the mere girth terrified him. How could she possibly envelop something so large. Sesshoumaru inhaled sharply through his gritted teeth, indifferent to her nervousness, enjoying the exploring, timid fingers around himself.

When she faltered, Sesshoumaru whispered her name again.


As if saying not to be afraid, lulling her to a romantic reverie.

Finally she complied and placed the head of his hardness against the opening of her entrance. Slickening his member with her own juices for easier access unintentionally as she searched for the right place.

Usually he would have taken his time to make sure the female was teased and prepared enough, but he feared losing control if he postponed their joining any longer. He was more excited than he cared to admit.

Kagome wrapped her thighs around his hips, closing her eyes and waiting for him to take her. Everything in her ached for him, a realization she would only come to fully understand a long while after all this had transpired.

“It will hurt a little, but it will get better soon.” He quietly assured her as he pushed his hips slowly forward, enveloping himself in the succulent warmth which was this woman, inch by inch.

She gasped, partly due to the pain, but mostly for whole other reasons.

Her desire smelled potent. He had the option to make it easy on her, he decided not to. He wanted to contest this delicate small creature, test her strength and fuel her hunger as much as his own.

As soon as he was sheathed fully inside her, he began to plough her in full abandon.

Kagome moaned and scratched his back, drawing blood even, but it was a small price on his part compared to the burning she had to deal for accommodating his full length. It was a true testimony of the female physic that enabled childbirth and ridiculously large penii.

She kept still for a while until she gradually became accustomed to his size. He pushed in and out of her unmercifully and she clawed into his back loudly moaning, only urging him on.

When she finally had gotten used to the strange invading sensation, she began to enjoy the pressure it was creating in the bottom of her tummy. She buckled against his hips exploratorily and evoked a low grunt from his throat. He enjoyed her proactivity, a rare thing from his past lovers who usually just passively submitted to his actions.

“Aghhhn!” Kagome squealed as he hit a deliciously tender spot within her body. He adjusted his angle enough to provoke that delicious sound from her again.

The girl moaned and raked his lower back with her blunt claws.

“Mmmmnh. Yes.” She sighed, unaware she had just commented out loud.

This was the first time he had taken any consideration of his partner's pleasure, but he simply wanted to hear her wanton moans more. Know that he was breaking her in with pleasure. He wanted, no, needed, her to be ruined for all her lovers to come. He wanted to be the one to make her unravel uninhibitedly.

“Tell me when.” He grunted while pistoning her relentlessly with abandon. He could slowly feel her muscles tightening around him. She was close.

“Almost.” She panted and buckled her hips even harder against his.

Sesshoumaru was confident in his abilities and assured himself he'd be able to bring her down multiple times.

He trashed his hips almost at his maximum speed, feeling his eyes starting to seep with crimson. Too bad she was a mortal, otherwise he'd be able to give her his all without having to worry breaking her.

“Annnnhn. Yess... I'm... I'm... So...” She moaned and arched her body beneath him.

Had he had the use of both of his arms, he would have helped her cross the border with the flick of her clit, but he knew she'd be able to go there without aid as well.

He nibbled her neck, careful not to mark her, even though his inner beast demanded the action. But Sesshoumaru knew it would only complicate things so he fought back the urge to do so.

“N—now!” She screamed and Sesshoumaru was sure he'd be able to ride through her orgasm as he had been able to many times before. But this body was different. Where previous partners had stiffened and cried a little, Kagome pulled him in with her thighs and violently clamped down on his length. Her insides milked him demandingly with powerful convulsions. She trashed her head from side to side, crying out in throes of pleasure.

Sesshoumaru thought he would be able to plow through all of it, but he was sorely mistaken.

He hardly lasted through the couple first convulsions before he felt his body betray his concentration. She felt overwhelmingly good.

He wanted to take her. Really take her in the sense of how his kin mated. Make her his, claim his dominance over her body. Her neck was stretched out, revealing her pulse to him. It demanded his bite. His eyes were completely taken over by crimson, his mouth latched on her throat, his canines scraping the soft skin. The ache inside reaching a fever pitch. He had never wanted anything as much as he wanted to break her skin, to become her master as he came crashing.

But he could not.


Kagome roused from her sex-stupored rest and moved away from Sesshoumaru who was still laying on the bed of flowers. Kagome scoured the ground for the remains of her underwear and her discarded school uniform. Her nether regions sore from their previous joining.

A rouge of shame blushed her cheeks as she picked up her clothes and threaded her shirt back on. She had just done something she could not reverse. No amount of penance would ever restore her lost innocence. Was it worth it? Would there ever be any sort of future between them? Did he really care for her? Could she have small hope for something... impossible? To feel his touch again.

Sesshoumaru had also risen and begun to pull his clothes back on. They both dressed in silence. The earlier passion shared now only evident in the stains on the ground and in the sore flesh of their bodies. Whatever hope she had in their future was quickly crushed by what he said next.

“You do realize that continuing this affair would be fruitless.” He coldly stated as he fixed his armor on his chest.

It hurt. It hurt her so unbearably much she couldn't even understand it. Kagome shot an angried glare at him, her eyes glazed with tears she was too proud to shed in front of him.

“I know.” She solemnly replied and clutched the tattered remains of her undergarments in her hands.

'I'm a fool.' She cried inside and turned away from him. What had she honestly expected from this doomed encounter with a demon. The spell was broken, magic of the moment worn out. She walked away from him, not saying a word as she left. There was nothing to say.

Sesshoumaru watched as she disappeared back into the forest of Inuyasha.

In time, she would find solace in the arms of his brother. He clenched his fist. What use was it to be her first if he could not be her last... But he knew the affairs of mortals and demons always ended in heartbreak. He had seen it firsthand. It not only brought misery upon themselves but to their posterity as well. This way it would be easier for her.

'I am a fool. A fool for loving her.' He achingly though and closed his eyes to smell her lingering scent on the vibrant petals of early autumn flowers.

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Inuyasha Gone Under a Love Spell

by Kuronohime

All characters and franchise of Inuyasha © Rumiko Takahashi
I make no monetary by writing this piece of fiction.

There he was. The prince of her adolescent dreams and fantasies. Napping on the limb of the ancient tree he was. Inuyasha.

Kagome sighed and flung her backpack over her shoulder. Another week had gone by in the Sengoku era and she was heading back home to the future. Infernal stack of homework awaited her return. She passed Inuyasha on her way to the well which worked as the magical gateway between the two different worlds. Between her world and his world.

Kagome wasn’t exactly sure of how much time had gone by since they had first met. More than a year surely. Over the course of time, they had become friends and the trusted ones of each other. She had saved his life as many times as he had saved hers. Slowly but surely Kagome had also grown to love him, not only as a friend and fighting companion, but as a man. She had thrown herself at danger out of love for him. Many times her feelings had clouded her judgement and she had made some poor decisions on the battlefield in order to save Inuyasha.

What hurt her most was that Inuyasha had not done the same for her. Hadn’t permitted his feelings to cloud his judgement. He seemed to show displease whenever Kagome allowed her feelings to get in the way of their mission or duties. She knew that he cared for her deeply, but refused to let anyone see it. He kept holding himself back and often tried to hide his feelings behind hostility and snarky comments. He could not allow himself the freedom to love. Kagome believed that it was all because of his past experiences with love. Everything he had ever cared for turned against him, poisoned and wounded his heart. Everything he had loved had been taken away from him.

Kagome turned around to take a last glimpse at the tree and the man in his fire rat garments before she would be too far away to see him.

She was resolute on making him once again be able to feel the love he denied himself of. How? That was still in the works.


Kagome had just returned home and tackled the pile, or a mountain, however one wishes to phrase it, of school assignments. She had only a moment ago finished with her English paper when she got a phone call.

Oh hey, Kagome! You actually picked up for a change!” Eri’s cheerful voice greeted her.

Kagome made a guilty grimace and bowed her head in apologetic gesture even though Eri wouldn’t naturally see it, “Ah, sorry, sorry! I know it’s been a while. But I do want to thank you for dropping by at my place to bring me the homework!” Kagome sighed, “I honestly don’t think I could have survived junior high without you.”

There was a forgiving laugh on the other end of the phone and Kagome’s features relaxed, “So what did you call me for?”

You know that there’s a spring event on the Nakata square, right? Since Ayumi is sick and Yuka doesn’t feel up to it, I thought that it was high time you made amends for all the time we’ve lost and came with me. What say you?”

Kagome was munching down on her pen and peering at the clock on the wall of her room. It was midday and she probably would have the time to finish the rest of her tasks in the evening. Probably. It sounded good enough.

“Okay, you talked me into it. I do have my math assignments to be done, but… I think I’ll save that treat for later.”

She swore she could hear Eri grinning over the phone and the two girls agreed to meet in an hour at the Nakata station. Kagome closed the phone and stretched out her achy muscles. She was in a need of distraction. Mathematics schmathematics.


An hour and twenty later, Eri and Kagome were circling around the market, their bags stuffed with all sorts of trinkets and toys. Kagome was seriously a bit concerned over Eri’s obsession with Helly Kitty franchise. It was not healthy for an (almost) adult woman to be collecting stickers with cartoon cats on them. At least, not to the extent where Eri went with her addiction. They also stopped by to eat some takoyaki and later proceeded to catch gold fishes.

Kagome’s stomach was hurting from laughing and all the sweets she had stuffed herself with. The day had been great, just what she had needed. To get her mind off things. And people. Okay, one certain person.

They were just about to call it the day when Eri happened to spot a fortune-teller’s tent. Kagome didn’t really buy into that stuff, but she had extra 500 yen to spend, so why the heck not take her chances with the cards. Or the stars or the glass orb or whatnot.

Kagome slipped inside the tent while Eri waited outside. To her surprise, there were no gadgets, thingamajigs or rabbit feet dangling from the ceiling. As a matter of fact, there was nothing except for two chairs in the middle of the tent. On the other chair there sat a young woman in normal clothing. She had worn-out pale blue jeans and an oversized turquoise long sleeved shirt that had some sort of floral print on it. The woman looked like she was in her 20’s and she had ordinary brown eyes and long black hair.

She signed with her hand for Kagome to sit down. Kagome looked around before she seated herself. Whoever was behind this business idea had obviously no idea of how to sell a performance. She had at least expected an old hag in black robes or a candlelit table with stuffed crows on display.

The woman in front of her gave a shy nod of her head as a greeting.

Kagome gave a small nod in return and tried to find the most comfortable position to sit in, “So, how does this work? Do I give you my palm or are you going to cast some bones and read from them or…?”

The fortune-teller blushed and quickly shook her head. “U-umm. No. That’s not how I’ve been taught to do it. B-but I can see that you are a woman who herself possesses a p-power, a gift.”

Kagome frowned. Was she pulling stuff from her… air or was she actually able to sense that she was a priestess. Or at least had been. Whatever the case, the stuttering really didn’t add any credibility to her fortune-teller routine.

“I-I don’t think that it is a soothsayer you really need. I can see that your path has clearly been made k-known to you and you have no intention of straying from that course. Umm… It is the matters of the heart that trouble you, I sense?”

More or less all people had love problems, so it was a safe bet on most customers. Kagome was almost sure that the fortune-teller just said whatever things popped into her head. But she decided to go along. “Yes. There is someone I care for but…”

The fortune-teller cut her in the middle and continued, “… he is unable to reciprocate to those feelings of y-yours.”

Kagome tightened her lips and nodded slowly.

“Hmm. I-I think I know what you need.”

The fortune-teller opened her arms and looked like she was trying to embrace the surrounding air. She advised Kagome to close her eyes.

“N-now, think of the man you love. Concentrate on your feelings for him. Surround your mind with thoughts of him.”

Kagome sighed and did as she was told. She thought of her prince in the red fire rat garments. Perching on his tree, crossing his arms while being annoyed, giving Shippo a hard time… Picking his nose and laughing hard at Kagome who stumbled on a rock and fell on her backside…

Kagome began having the very familiar throb in her temple which she had christened the Inuyasha-headache. She was just getting fired up when the soft voice announced, “T-thank you for coming. The man y-you love, will come into realization of his feelings for you the next time y-you meet. I hope…”

And with those words, she was back outside. Kagome’s mouth just hung open in disbelief - that was it? Eri was looking at her with a raised eyebrow. Kagome hadn’t quite realized when she had stepped out of the tent, but she really didn’t feel she had gotten any run for her money. Was something actually going to happen overnight after that? She doubted it.

Kagome simply huffed and the two girls headed back to the train station. Before they separated, Kagome had compensated two pounds worth of Helly Kitty keychains from Eri.

Back home, Kagome was having some major issues with algebra. If x4 was divided by z-3 then what? The question was why? Why did God hate humanity so much that he had allowed the birth of the guy who invented algebra? Damn those Persians.

Kagome slumped against the table, surrendering. She would never make it to any university. Why hadn’t she asked the hack to enchant her into the finest university in Tokyo?

Her mind began wondering. What if the spell would have actually worked? What would really happen if Inuyasha would come out and confess tomorrow? Her face welt hot when she thought about it. Would he get down on one knee and then what? Fat puppy-dog-eared grandchildren?

The clock on her wall gave her no slack. It was already past eleven and she felt exhausted. Tomorrow would come soon.


And it did. She had promised Inuyasha to return for Sunday since she had no school on that day. She’d be back home by the same evening to attend school on Monday.

As she crossed the magical port of the two time eras and entered the ancient Japan, she was amusing herself with thoughts of Inuyasha singing her a serenade or reciting her love poems. She climbed out of the well and headed towards Kaede’s village. What if he came to her house and stood outside her window with a boombox. She snorted at the image in her mind.

When she reached the town, she went straight to Kaede’s hut. Miroku was outside doing some exercises with his shaft. And no, it wasn’t a euphemism. Kagome greeted him and walked pass him. She entered the dimly lit hut to find Prince Slumber taking a nap on the floor. Even though Inuyasha supposedly hated cats, he shared more than two things in common with Buyo. Having a great passion for loafing around being one of them.

Kagome softly called Inuyasha’s name. Nothing. She called out his name a little louder. Still nothing. She coughed audibly. Nada. Then she threw her bag on the floor.

A very loud thump woke Inuyasha and he sprung to his feet. Two groggy eyes registered a young human female who had her arms crossed and foot tapping the floor.

“Good morning, sunshine!” Kagome forced a smile on her face.

Had it worked?

“Whadya wake me for? Dammit, wooo-oooman.” Inuyasha yawned in the middle of his sentence.

Kagome’s hands slumped to her sides and she shook her head at herself, “Could you please fetch firewood so I can make some breakfast for us?”

Inuyasha was rubbing his eyes and muttering something Kagome chose to ignore on his way out of the hut. When Inuyasha was gone, Kagome went over to her backpack and dug up ramen ingredients. The stuff was starting to come out of her ears, but what would a woman not eat for the man she loved. She was occupied by cutting up some fresh vegetables when she heard noise from the doorway. Kagome didn’t bother to turn around but just said to Inuyasha, “You were awful fast. Hungry, are we? Could you fill the kettle with some water while you’re at it? It’s on you left.”

A low voice whispered huskily to her, “Lady Kagome… I…”

Kagome turned around to see someone else at the door. The man stood in front of the light, his body blocking the beams of the sun so that Kagome could only make out the contours of his shadowed features against the daylight. He had shed his shirt off and his pale skin was glistening with sweat. He seemed exhausted. She could hear how laboured his breath was.

“Oh, sorry, Miroku! I thought you were Inuyasha. Did you need something?”

Miroku took few steps closer to Kagome, his eyes fixated on her body, “You look so very lovely today, Lady Kagome” He said with an abnormally deep voice.

Kagome smiled nervously and kept gripping her knife, “Umm, thank you, Miroku, I guess. Uh, is Sango outside?”

Miroku came even closer and shook his head, “No, they are all out. It is just you and I, Lady Kagome.”

Kagome was about to say something when Miroku beat her to it, “Lady Kagome, for a while now, I have found myself in the need of telling you something. I just never have found the opportunity to express myself at the right moment. “

Miroku kneeled in front of her and Kagome backed away.

“My dearest Kagome. I… I am in love with you!” Miroku yelled desperately and tried to lunge at her.

“EEEEEEEEEEEH????” Kagome screamed and dropped the knife in her haste and shock. She had barely evaded Miroku’s glomp and tried to crawl away from him. Miroku turned around and took a hold on Kagome’s leg.

“Please, my goddess, do not refuse me.”

Kagome kicked Miroku in the face and was able to free her leg, “What on earth are you talking about?! Come into your senses, Miroku! Stop joking around!”

Miroku rubbed his aching chin and looked at Kagome. His eyes filled with love and admiration. “But this is not a jest, my love. I have fallen for your graces.”

This time Kagome wasn’t able to duck from his hug-attack and Miroku pushed them both on the floor. Kagome tried to shove him off, but the man was relentless. His strong arms refused to loosen their hold on her. Miroku kept her pressed against the floor with his own body. His hips pushed against hers.

Kagome was swinging her hands at him. Hitting his face with open palm slaps. His cheeks were covered with red handprints, but he didn’t either seem to care or had grown immune to them. The monk swiftly and effortlessly caught her hands in his own and held them in place above her head.

“Please, my love, no more games of this sort. Your resistance has only increased my desire for you. If you insist on teasing me like this, I might not be able to control myself. ”

His skilfully trained hand ventured down her body creating such sensation Kagome would deny having felt if anyone ever dared to ask. He nudged his head against the crook of her neck and placed delicate kisses along the skin until he reached the shell of her ear. Then his hoarse voice whispered unimaginable confessions to her ear. So shocked was she that she simply forgot to fight back. In the moment of her lapsing attention, Miroku quickly manoeuvred his hand under her skirt. Kagome grunted and tried to squash her thighs together, but couldn’t do much since Miroku’s hips were between them.

She tried to scream for help, but Sleeping Handsome was probably taking a siesta somewhere. Cold sweat glued hair to her forehead and cheeks when she felt his shaft, yes, a euphemism, rubbing against her lower regions.

She had to resort to her last option.

Kagome turned her face to Miroku’s and soft, moist lips were forced down on his. She opened her mouth and sneaked her tongue past his lips and twirled it against his tongue. Miroku moaned into her mouth and released her hands. Kagome brought her hands down onto his back and clawed her nails against his skin. Long, red marks followed the trails of her fingernails and stood out on his ivory skin.

Miroku hissed in pleasure and roughly thrusted his pelvis forward. Kagome let out an unintentional whimper and wrapped her legs around his. They were entwined with each other, their mouths locked in an intimate touch. She could taste him in her mouth.

On the sly, by using her hips, Kagome pushed Miroku on his back so that they switched positions. Kagome sat on his lap, stroking his body with her own. The monk’s hands were on her chest, massaging her bosom through her blouse. Kagome tried to ignore the small burning in her abdomen and focus on the task at hand.

She stumbled up, her tresses in a mess, lips swollen and heart beating. She looked at Miroku who gazed at her in awe. The monk’s face was all flushed and his body trembled. Kagome felt sorry for him, but only for a moment.

“I’m sorry, Miroku”

And then she kicked him in the groin.


Kagome ran out of the hut. After the blow she had given him, Miroku would not be coming after her. At least not for a good half an hour. As she jogged towards the well, she tried to sort out her messy hair and ruffled clothes. She passed Inuyasha who was carrying an armful of twigs and branches. Kagome didn’t even bother to give him a look as she hurried pass him. She had a bone to pick with a certain fortune-teller. If she could get a hold of that witch.

Inuyasha turned around to watch as Kagome continued to haste back to the well.

“What ‘bout food!” He yelled at her back.

Kagome didn’t answer and just kept going.

When she reached the well, she took a moment to catch her breath. She wiped sweat off her flushed face and stared into the pits, leaning her hands against the edging of the well.

What if she couldn’t find the fortune-teller? Would the spell still disappear with time? It obviously hadn’t affected Inuyasha, but why Miroku? She was quite sure that she hadn’t thought of the lecherous monk when the fortune-teller had asked her to think of the man she loved. Was Miroku simply affected by the spell because he was hypersexual and generally prone of going after any woman he met?

Kagome sighed and swung her legs over the edge of the well. Then for a moment she just sat on the ledge, deep in her thoughts. But thinking about her situation wouldn’t do much. She’d have to find the witch first. She was just about to leap into the swirls of time that awaited below when a hand caught her shoulder. She felt a jolt of electricity run through her spine and turned around to face a pair of darkened golden eyes.

“What have you done, human?”



Kagome would have swallowed had her mouth not been so dry, “S-Sesshoumaru. Why are you here?”

The demon lord released his hold on her shoulder and stepped back. His cold eyes scanned over her body and it almost looked like he had an expression of displease on his face.

“I sensed an obtrusive force. It seems to have something to do with you, human.”

Kagome tore her gaze away from his eyes that seemed to not have blinked at all.

“I uhh… I’m just about to investigate that.”

She could still feel a distinctive tingling on her face and his voice spoke out. “You have meddled with powers beyond that of your own, human.”

Kagome suddenly felt a familiar feeling of vexation. She boldly stared back at the demon lord who could rip her head off her shoulders faster than she could utter out the first syllable for the word “jerk”.

“You listen me here, sir, I also have a name. KA-GO-ME. And if you claim to possess manners of a sophisticated being, I advice you to use it when addressing me. Otherwise you have no ground to bark at Inuyasha about his lack of proper conduct.”

Kagome fought off the urge to close her eyes and pray that he would kill her swiftly. Instead, the corners of Sesshoumaru’s tightly compressed lips softened and his eyebrows inched up ever so slightly. It looked like he was taken aback by her remark.

Kagome coughed, trying to cover up her nervousness. “Anywho, I was just about to get to the bottom of this... All this strange stuff that has been going on as of late.”

“By descending to a well?”

Kagome just realized that Sesshoumaru was naturally oblivious to the well’s magical powers. Would it be wise to disclose this secret to a highly dangerous and brutal man who the love of her life just happened to hate? Probably not.

“Ah, of course not! I was just… I… I… Dropped something there.” Kagome swayed her legs back from the well and jumped on the tall grass. She dusted her skirt out of habit.

“But nevermind that. I better go back and discuss… things with Inuyasha. So, I’ll be… bumping into you later then!”

Kagome smiled cheerily and hoped she was out of the hook. She turned around and was about to take her leave when the strong hand grabbed her the second time.

“Wait, Kagome.”

Kagome turned her head back at Sesshoumaru who looked, in a lack of a better word, frustrated. Kagome didn’t try to pry her hand free. She simply stared into those hypnotizing eyes of his and allowed herself to get lost in thought. How could eyes of the colour amber be so cold? But something was indeed disrupting that cool surface. An underlying emotion tried to escape the harsh prison that was his soul and it cried out to freedom through his eyes.

She hadn’t noticed how he leaned closer to her.

“Ah, miss Kagome!” A familiar voice sang from somewhere near.

Kagome and Sesshoumaru turned to the general direction of the sound. Sesshoumaru let go of Kagome’s arm. They saw Ginta, Hakkaku and their leader Kouga approaching them from the direction of the woods.

Is there a mall opening nearby or why the heck is everyone suddenly roaming near the well today?’ Kagome thought.

It had actually been Ginta who had yelled out for Kagome. The two subordinate wolves rushed to Kagome while Kouga took his time to lazily stroll the grass behind them.

“Oh, miss Kagome, how do you do on this fine day?” Hakkaku greeted her.

Kagome opened her mouth, smiling, and was about to answer when he looked at Sesshoumaru. Who wasn’t there anymore. Kagome’s mouth merely gaped open and she turned her head around a couple of times to see where he went. In vain. He had vanished.

“I’m fine, thank you. You seem to be in good spirits yourselves. But what are the lot of you doing here?”

As she was speaking, Kouga joined their presence. He replied her, “We were coming to inform Inuyasha that there’s a plant demon who has a shard of shikon no tama in the northeast,” Kouga looked down at Kagome, scanning her with his eyes, in a very belittling fashion and continued, “So we were nearby. These two however wanted to greet you.”

Kouga found something interesting between the back of his teeth and proceeded in fishing it out with his tongue.

Kagome just stared at Kouga. Dumbfounded. She slowly turned her head to Ginta and Hakkaku. “Th-that’s very sweet of you. As a matter of fact, I’m just heading to Kaede’s village so I can relay your message to Inuyasha.”

Ginta clapped his hands together and pressed them against his cheek. “You are just too sweet, miss Kagome.” Hakkaku nodded his head fervently in agreement.

“Well, I think you have exchanged your ‘hellos’ so we can leave.” Kouga gestured the two wolves to leave, but Ginta and Hakkaku mearly stood in place, staring at Kagome with an expression of awe in their faces.

“But isn’t she the prettiest sight, master?” Ginta sighed.

“Yes, master, she’s a vision!” Hakkaku confirmed.

The two wolves had a peculiar hungry gleam in their eyes. They moved closer to her, like two predators, trying to corner in their pray. Kagome gulped.

Kouga snorted and broke the tension. “What nonsense, you two! Don’t be ridiculous, this human wench is one of the most appalling creatures I’ve even laid my eyes on. Truly a disgusting being.” Kouga huffed and gave the same belittling glance at Kagome as before.

Kagome blushed. This was actually the first time in a very long time when someone had actually managed to hurt her. Had it been Inuyasha who had said that, she would have just brushed it off as his typical badmouthing he deep down really didn’t mean, but to hear such words from Kouga. Kouga.

“Aww, you made her upset!” Ginta yelled.

“How could you!” Hakkaku confirmed.

Kouga sighed in a frustrated manner. “Can’t we just be done with this meaningless chitchat and go on about our businesses?”

“You will pay for this!” The two wolves screamed in unison.

Kagome tried to stop them, but before she could even say anything the three were at each other. They were rolling on the ground; fur was flying in the air almost as frequently as the insults. Kagome looked apologetic and quietly crept further away from the scene.

When she was far enough, she began sprinting back to the village. But suddenly she stopped. God, how had she forgotten all about Miroku. What was she supposed to do? Was he still waiting for her there? Could Sango or Inuyasha help her?

Kagome’s train of though was once again cut short when yet another familiar male voice greeted her. This time the source of the sound sat on her shoulder.

“Greetings, Lady Kagome. Hmm… Your scent… It seems to be especially enticing today.”

Kagome squatted the little flea demon, Myoga. He passed out and fell off her shoulder. She didn’t have time for this now.

What the hell was going on? Had she accidentally gone through the rabbit hole instead of the well?

She was at the end of her wits. She couldn’t go back to the well now, but how could she return to the village where a rapist priest with a vendetta waited her. Kagome slumped down. How was she to protect herself when the next sex-crazed demon came along?

She stared down the ground in defeat when a tall man emerged from the shadows. Kagome looked at him and for the first time in her life, which she quite honestly didn’t expect to have ever experienced, she felt utter relief when she saw Sesshoumaru.

“Please, help me.” She whispered.


“We need a plan.” Kagome huffed while trying to keep up with Sesshoumaru’s fast pace. She had no idea what she should do, but at the moment it felt like the safest bet to just tag along the killing perfection. He seemed to be the only one sound enough to help her. As odd as that realization felt.

Sesshoumaru grunted at her remark.

I mean, I need a plan.” She quickly rephrased her sentence knowing that she shouldn’t be taking too many liberties with Sesshoumaru’s good graces.

They walked. Well, Kagome more or less jogged after Sesshoumaru while he walked in the direction she had originally ran from.

“Where are we... I mean, uh, where are you taking me?” Kagome panted and tried to ignore the burning sensation in her calves. Maybe Inuyasha had been right on one thing. Maybe she should spend more time exercising and less time always riding on his back. But it was still a bit harsh to call her “a chubby, lazy human” as he had eloquently put it.

“Your affairs are not of my concern. The halfling will aid you.”

Kagome shook her head. “I don’t mean to question your help, but going back to the village is not a good idea. Trust me. There’s... situations.” An image of a monk cradling his bruised groin flashed before her eyes. “And I don’t think even your brother will be able to get me out of this one.”

The dog demon came to a screeching halt and Kagome nearly stopped face first into his back.

Some distance away from them loomed two unrecognizable dark figures. When the creatures picked their scent they began approaching fast. Sesshoumaru placed his thumb on the sheath of his katana, Tenseiga. Whoever were coming towards them, they didn’t seem friendly.

A pair of two demons slowed their speed when they were within a hearing distance. Kagome peeked from behind Sesshoumaru’s back. One of the two was a slimy mold-coloured demon and the other looked like rotting carcass of a giant rodent.

“Give usssss the girrrrrl.” The rodent demon gurgled. Thick, murky goo dribbled down its deformed chin when it spoke.

“Maaaaaate.” The slimy one croaked and extended its arms forward, like it was going to come and clutch the human girl.

“Ugh!” Kagome quickly covered her mouth when a horrible odour from the demons drifted to her nose. She unconsciously grabbed a hold of Sesshoumaru’s yukata. She often did so to Inuyasha when she knew he was headed into a fight.

Sesshoumaru felt her small hand curling into a fist behind his back. He felt slight annoyance but the greater annoyance where those two halfwits that had the audacity to soil the air he breathed.

“Leave now or face the steel of my katana.” Sesshoumaru’s low voice rumbled as he revealed his blade.

The rodent demon hissed back at him. “You can’t keeeeep the girrrrrl to yourrrrrself.”

Sesshoumaru’s patience ran thin and he charged at the demons holding Tenseiga up in the air. The silver blade cut through the demons just as easily as they were air. The demons gushed and sploshed. With a long moan they degraded into a pile of gloop. As the moan disappeared into the wind the powerful dog demon slowly sheathed his katana.

Kagome came beside Sesshoumaru and watched how the pile of slime sunk to the soil.

“You are in quite a predicament, Kagome.”

Kagome was startled by his voice. It was very eerie to hear her name spoken so casually by such a man as Sesshoumaru. She felt uneasy even though she had insisted herself that he’d address her by her name.

“Yeah...” She didn’t know how to better answer him.


Sesshoumaru took her to the outskirt of the village to a small cave that looked like it had been occupied at some point. There were two sleeping places in the back of the cave. One larger and another smaller. Kagome pondered if this cave was used by Sesshoumaru and Rin at some point. Come to think of it, she had no idea where Sesshoumaru lived.

“Stay here. I will secure the surroundings. It seems that many are after you.” After stating that, Sesshoumaru was gone.

Kagome was left behind weighing her options.

She couldn’t hide forever. And even though Sesshoumaru was oddly enough willing to help her, she couldn’t rely on his help too much. She was well aware that it wasn’t in his habits to lend out a hand for people that didn’t concern him. Let alone be that person be a human.

“Agh!” Kagome sighed in frustration.

All this has got to do something with that love spell. Everything is upside down.’ The girl recounted in her mind all the events of the day. ‘God, I’m such a fool.’ She slumped down on the small pile of hay that had served as a some kind of sleeping quarter.

All the recent stress and excitement had slowly worn her down. Kagome yawned and tried to keep her eyelids from slipping shut. The day had seemed unusually long since so much had happened. But even more so, she couldn’t allow herself to cuddle to a false sense of security.

Mustn’t...’ Kagome let out another yawn. ‘...fall asleep.


The next thing Kagome registered was a faint smell of food. It was suddenly warm and the tempting odour made her mouth water. It felt like she was in her own bed and her mother had just come to invite her downstairs for dinner.

“Momma, can I have ice-cream for dessert?” She murmured and slowly opened her eyes.

The reality sunk in fast. She was still in the cave. Sesshoumaru was back and it had gotten dark outside. The cave was lit by a small fire where Sesshoumaru sat frying fish on a skewer. The demon lord was looking at her from the opposite side of the cave.

Kagome blushed and hastily got up. A white cloth slid down on upper body. Kagome quickly realized that Sesshoumaru sat there without his outer robes.

This was highly unusual, she pondered. Kagome tidily removed the robe and folded it into neat pile next to the makeshift bed.

“Eat.” Sesshoumaru grunted and pointed at the fish.

The girl stood up and eyed suspiciously her demon host. He had just lent her his precious robes to keep her warm and now he’s making dinner for her. Could it be...?

“Oh my God...” Kagome gasped.

Sesshoumaru was also under the spell. All the pieces fell into place in her mind. The love spell, or rather a curse, had turned upside down the feelings of every man. All those who hadn’t previously been interested in her had sudden feelings for her. And those who harboured romantic feelings for her, such as Kouga, had had their emotions reversed. It still remained a mystery, why the spell hadn’t affected Inuyasha.

But it was clear that the pompous demon lord would not have saved her life, bring her food and have his clothes tainted by the foul stench of humans, unless... Kagome looked at the killing perfection who was calmly gazing straight back into her eyes.

Unless he was now suddenly in love with her.

She needed to get away from him, pronto. Until the spell started to manifest physically. Kagome knew that she would handle a perverted priest with a healthy kick in the groin, but she had absolutely nothing to fight off a horny dog demon.

“I...” Kagome’s voice cracked in a high pitch as panic tightened her throat. “I should be going now.”

She began inching her way to the opening of the cave.

“Sorry to have troubled you. I’m sorry. Thank you.”

Sesshoumaru got up and stood in front of the entrance of the cave.

“Do you think it’ll be wise for you to go outside now? The forest is crawling with demons during the hours of night.” His voice was matter-of-factly, but when Kagome looked into his eyes, they were not cold anymore. Whatever she previously had sensed underlying in them had surfaced. His eyes were soft. Not to go as far as to describe them caring, but there was definitely something soft in his gaze.


She followed how his lips curled around the syllables of her name. She felt her spine electrifying with anxiousness.

“I-I’ll take my chances.” She stuttered and stumbled pass him.

Sesshoumaru didn’t stop her and she was forever grateful for that. While making her way back to the well her stomach gave a loud gurgle. She damned herself for not eating one of those fishes.


Kagome arrived at the well and double-checked that no-one had followed her. She panted and pressed her hand on her burning lungs. She should start definitely to exercise more, and not just when she was running for her life. She jumped into the well.


After a night of blessed sleep in her own bed, Kagome woke up and took the next train to the Nakata square.

This time she was alone. She ignored all the booths and stalls walking straight past all the attractions she had previously indulged herself in with Eri. Today she only wanted to find that one particular tent. For a while she was petrified of the thought that maybe it was not there anymore. Thankfully her fear was needless as she spotted a plain green tent.

Kagome barged right in. That same young woman sat in her lonely chair in the middle of the tent.

“U-uh, h-how may I h-help?” She stuttered nervously.

Kagome didn’t waste any time exchanging greetings.

“That love spell. It backfired! Royally! Now everything is the way it’s not supposed to be! All those who previously disliked me now like me and those who did now don’t.”

The fortune teller pondered what Kagome just had told her.
“I-I don’t know how that could have happened. Is there something u-unusual about your situation?”

Well, just the fact that I can travel between two time periods.’ Kagome thought. Wait. Her thoughts finally took a coherent form from all the crazy mess she had been thrown into. Could it be that the spell got reversed because she travelled to another time period? But she couldn’t reveal that to a stranger.

“I don’t know. Just please undo the spell.” Kagome pleaded.

The other woman shook her head. “I can’t do that. The o-only one who can break the spell is the one who loves you.”

The fate of her love life lay in the hands of the Prince-Oblivious-to-Her-Feelings.

“Great.” Kagome sighed.


If you ship Kagome/Inuyasha, please continue to chapter 5 and you may stop reading there.

If you ship Kagome/Sesshoumaru, please skip chapter 5 and go straight to chapter 6.

If you feel that it's better both ways, feel free to read both chapters.


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I urge everyone who's not acquintanced with her stories to read "What a Mess" and "Spark" by her.

It was about a year ago when I noticed that the Sesshoumaru/Kagome ship is actually getting really common shipping of the series. Here's some statistics on most popular pairings on some fanfiction sites:

1. Kagome/Sesshoumaru (1008 stories)
2. Kagome/Inuyasha (921 stories)
3. Inuyasha/Sesshoumaru (348 stories)
1. Kagome/Inuyasha (26,692 stories)
2. Kagome/Sesshoumaru (10,843 stories)
3. Rin/Sesshoumaru (4,135 stories)


Any friend of the ship should definitely check out YoukaiYume's amazing on-going doujinshi "Raindrops". The best thing? You can read it online here on DA! Check it out, now! -->

(No, Kyska or YoukaiYume don't pay me anything for promoting them. :'< But is allright! Because they are frickin' awesome!)

Why is Sesshoumaru/Kagome such a great couple then? I think it's because how well their traits compliment each other. Kagome is such a loving and vivid human and Sesshoumaru is stern and stoic. It's great when the two dynamics mix. It's the whole Beauty and the Beast thing going with the exception that Sesshy is just drop dead gorgeous. *coma drool*


As of my own stories. I'm currently working on two stories that will include Sesshoumaru/Kagome shipping. The first chapter of "Inuyasha Gone Under a Love Spell" can be read on either, or I'll be posting the complete story here as soon as I finish it (which will be during the following decades, I'm positive)

I'm also working on a story titled "The Prince Who Didn't Want to Be Loved". It might turn out to be a semi-sequel to "Tale of the Unfortunate Prince", but rest assured, the narration style will be "normal". (For those who haven't read the Tale of the Unfortunate Prince - the narration is more like in old, classic children's fairy tales.)

The summary: Set after the series. Naraku has long fallen and all is at peace. However, the peaceful days are threatened when a new evil rises from the east. It is time for old enemies and new friends to join their forces against the dark powers. The war turns into a battle of the hearts when denied passions are awoken even in the midst of darkness.

It will be a long story, so I have no idea when I will be able to post the completed story here on DA. But for those of impatience - follow me on!
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