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Pokimono: Rei

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[edit 10/31/14] MAJOR update of species, pic, and info. about time on my part whoops

:iconzoroarkrei-plz: Full Body
Name: Jiyuun Rei (Jiyuun- Derived from Jiyuu [Free] and Unmei [Fate], Rei [Spirit] ; full meaning: “Spirit that is Free from its Fate”)
Age: 21 (October 31)
Pokemon: #571 Zoroark
Village: Scorched Mountain
Job: Bounty Hunter (former Ninja)
Ability: Illusion – Takes the form of another pokemon until hit with a contact move [‘Contact’ is when pain is registered by the user]

:bulletwhite:Facade - An attack move that doubles its power if the user is poisoned, burned, or has paralysis.

:bulletblack: Dark Pulse - The user releases a horrible aura imbued with dark thoughts. It may also make the target flinch.

    +Noboru | Breaking a person down | Sadistic Dominance | Masochistic Pain | Torturing whoever he chooses | the cowering screams of his victims | (almost) Anything remotely entertaining | Splattering blood |Gloves | Scars | Spicy food +

    — Priest/esses | Snow/Cold Weather | Boredom | Stupidity | When he’s been outwitted [rare occurrence] | Broken Promises | Feeling Numb | Over-energetic energy | Literally getting  his hands dirty —

    ~Tricky | Charismatic | Charming | Loyal | Hard-Working | Persistent |Smart | Willful | Narcissistic | Wrathful | Sado-Masochistic | Hedonistic~

Rei is a tricky personality.
    Rei has a dilemma of having a high rate of being bored yet having rather low tolerance/energy for people, and so usually picks his sources of ‘entertainment’ carefully. Rei’s way to get to entertainment in the interesting part (which is one he’ll usually keep secret until it happens). When Rei’s enticed or excited he will seek out victims and try to find his favorite thing in people: their ‘Core’. This is the point that the person’s at their lowest and most desperate, the point at which the person will react to a situation whether it be the person retaliating with physical anger, vocal outbursts, or the like.  Rei feels the most satisfaction with each time he tears that out of a person’s being before annihilating it into oblivion. It’s the best, most blissful form of fun for him~:heart:
    When not on the crazed hunt for entertainment (aka bored), Rei is actually rather calm and collected. He doesn’t particularly like to make small talk or have social interactions unless he has too and would rather do more productive things like research. He likes learning new things and will thoroughly learn about anything that strikes his fancy. Rei’s rather smart and inquisitive as well as bold and ruthless. Rei, however, also has an intense anger if coaxed to it, one that could probably tear into the hearts of any who fall victim to it. Much like how he ‘breaks people down to their core’, he will not think twice about berating you into a mental breakdown if you get on his bad side. [You have been warned]
    Rei’s trust and loyalty is a challenge for anyone to gain as well as a formidable one if you have it. The Zoroark is not likely to give two shits about you or even your being (even less if you’re nothing more than a toy to him) and so for most he will give you a hard time if you are not deemed worthy to him. However, on the rare onslaught of a miracle there are those who can gain his merits, Rei’s loyalty to you is fierce. No matter the task, the problem, the risk, he will be there for you, fight for you, and perhaps even sacrifice his life to you. Like a two-sided coin, Rei will either kill you of fight for you, but that just depends on your luck...
“Either way… what would life be if you didn’t have fun with it~? :music:

Rei’s beginning was a mysterious one that involved the [Story of Young Foxes], but his views are as follows.

    The first thing that the Entity remembered was the suffering, blood-curdling screams of a child. Not fully sure how they came to be, this Entity would only guess that the one who screamed was the one who was in charge of the vessel they were in. The screams would persist for an agonizingly long while before finally ceasing. At last it was then that the Entity spoke up with an enigmatic echo.
"…Let me be your SHIELD, and I will set us FREE."
Those were the words that would start it all; a promise of Protection, a promise for Freedom, and the promise for Reunion with the one whom the child held dear…

    But to whom were the words addressed…? It was then that the child he had tried to tempt responded. Ren, a young and entrapped Zorua, would exhaustively and wearily bark back his denial still seeming to have vitality in his spirit. The Entity was of course disappointed by this, but surely… the boy could not deny them forever. So the Entity would wait. Day in and day out, after many sessions of malicious torture, miserable beatings, merciless persecutions by beings that preached Spiritual Reprieve on the young boy with pain, the Entity would wait to persist again and again with the same offer upon the young Zorua--with the same answer of denial each time. If only Ren knew that with each day he insisted to wait, the Entity would become stronger with their pursuit. Ah… but then the day arrived that the young boy would break and the Entity would be able to show off its strength. After about a year’s time of Ren’s captors enacting spiritual experiments of pain-filled outcomes did the boy’s vitality finally weaken to a single withering thread. ‘Impressive’ the Entity thought. Still though, this was the opportunity for the Entity to take advantage of. Again, they made their offer and this time… it was accepted.

     It was time. The Entity had finally gained control with the consent of Ren who was in a state of deathly stupor. After that it was all a big and fast-paced blur, the color of white being splattered with the color of crimson and filling the air with the smell of iron and screams while the Entity wreaked havoc upon Ren’s holy captors… that is until everything cut to an image of a girl that slowly fell to the ground after the Entity had stabbed her with a weapon in their bloody grasp. The boy’s body would then abruptly cease all function.
[…Who… Who—was that…? What… was I… doing again? Ah… that’s right… Just need to get out of this awful place… I need to find someone, my sister Lin, Because… I’m—Ren…]
The thought would echo endlessly within ‘Ren’s’ head while the boy slowly trudged out of the place to find her, Ren’s most precious treasure… Slowly but surely they left the place in pursuit of her.

    Five years would pass since then, the Zorua finding himself in various places along the way. Dark Forest being the first, Ren would hone in on the skills of ninjas, exploiting those skills of stealth to gather information for his own gain. It was here that the Zorua discovered his own passions of sado-masochistic behavior and warranting a reputation of being ruthlessly psychotic. Ren traveled around Pokimono searching for clues to find Lin, as well as looking for victims to relieve his boredom with dark entertainment that often ended in killing people with or without an actual reason. During this strange adventure Ren would meet notable reoccurring people in his life, like a Fluffy Eevee and a Foxy Vulpix, to which he finds either persistently amusing or useful. He also takes notes of some more interesting meetings, such as a certain Puffy Jumpluff to which ends up being a rather cherished reoccurring toy to him later. Meeting and annoying new people, Kami Trio War times, and many miscellaneous happenings would occur, but Ren dealt with each with a casual apathy, though occasionally an interesting highlight worthy of his time would spring up here and there.

     Still, even with all the entertainment in the world, none could lead him in the right direction of his goal—his ABSOLUTION—that he frustratingly strived for with all fibers of his being... Until it neatly presented itself one day in the form of a Dream to which the Zorua was more than obsessively happy to pursue. The Dream would lead Ren through a crazed, blood-filled rampage to the barren and icy wastelands of Ice Bay’s territory—the place that Ren was so inhumanely held tortured in youth— to finally meet her. In pursuit of a game, Ren commenced in battle with his sister, both equally skilled and just as lethal with their attacks against each other. But amidst the fray of the fight, Lin had opened up his eyes to the truth: ‘Ren’ was not the REAL Ren.
The ‘Ren’ that had been present until then was in fact the Dark Entity from the beginning and the girl whom they stabbed was in fact Ren’s sister, Lin. Neither Ren nor the Entity knew that Lin was even there at the time. During that pause of realization, Ren suffered mental trauma from killing Lin which led to his mind breaking down and being locked into unconsciousness. This gave the opportune moment for the Dark Entity to take over control as a defense mechanism. Ren also locked his own memories away, causing the Entity to not remember killing Lin and instead only remembered their own promise made to Ren—to escape the prison, to protect Ren, and to reunite Ren with Lin.
     Lin, whom at this point was but a strong-willed spirit of Ren’s sister,  took advantage of the situation and had ‘unlocked’ the prison within Ren’s body to allow Ren’s mind to resurface again, leaving the Entity to return to their original state as a psychological defense mechanism—a shield. Lin would then disappear after she had done the last thing she needed to do. The Entity accepted their role soon after, becoming Ren’s last resort—or ‘shield’—on the brink of death and making sure that he did not die. At the same time, the Entity knew that they were now on a thin line themselves, waiting for the moment that Ren would enact judgment on either letting them exist in an unconscious form or to disappear from existence forever. In a small way, the Entity knew all too well that this was to be their fate.

     However the story continues. After about another year’s time of reclusion for the Entity, Ren’s original captor made his existence known. Daigo Rei—a power-hungry Alakazam who ran the facility that imprisoned Ren—reappeared after many years and endangered Ren’s life once more. The Entity would take over with their defensive role to rid of the threat that Daigo was. After a long journey’s return to the frozen wasteland in Ice Bay, Rei would challenge Daigo only to find out what the Alakazam’s goal was in capturing Ren: to create an army of ‘soldiers’ like the Entity that would be easily under the Alakazam’s control. Rei, although succumbing to Daigo’s domination with a ‘word-triggered mind control,’ broke through the obstacle and ultimately granted the end of Daigo Rei’s life.

     Upon the end of Daigo, who was the ‘ultimate antagonist to Ren,’ the Zorua would then enact judgment on the Entity. The Entity had been fully prepared to be erased or to only exist as the shield they were… but to the Entity’s surprise, Ren chose neither of the choices. Instead, Ren granted the Entity with rewards: 1) that the Entity will in fact exist as a being in Ren’s stead, 2) they will be granted strength in the form of evolution, and 3) giving the Entity their own name—Rei. Ren ultimately chose to die in order to be with the only person that mattered the most to him, and Rei—fully confused and enraged for their own reasons about this situation—was then left with a ‘granted’ Absolution rather than an ‘earned’ one. It took some reconciliation on the newly named Rei’s part, but in the end they were granted life, and to that he could not help but be grateful.

     Rei now is with the one that he cares for most in the world while learning what it is to be a ‘family’ with them much like the one that Ren and Lin once were.

Additional Info:
* LONELY natured, Highly Persistent.
* Height: 5’11” | Weight: 150 lbs

* Relations: Ren the Zorua [Original Body Host; Deceased], Lin the Zorua [Ren’s Twin Sister; Deceased], Noboru the Jumpluff [Soulmate], Keichi the Eevee [Toy One who can fight], Rose the Vulpix [Toy Two who can sew],

*(in case it was confusing), Rei was originally a second personality—a Dark Entity—formed inside of Ren due to Physical and Psychological trauma Ren experienced that manifested into its own being.
*Rei became his own person and a Zoroark on August 15, 2014.
*Ren named the Entity ‘Rei’ because: 1) Rei means ‘spirit’ which the entity became, and 2) because Ren wanted to piss them off by ironically giving them the name of his captor.
*The name Jiyuun is more imposed from Noboru despite Rei’s persistence that the name is stupid. Rei keeps it anyways because it’s supposed to mean that the two of them are Family-connected.
* Even though Rei’s not formally a ninja anymore he still has connections with associates there that he visits to collect information when he needs it.

* His Magatama necklace was originally the jewel shared between Ren and Lin until their departure which caused it to change shape. The item is very precious to Rei and if you DARE to take it or even touch it be prepared DIE.
*Rei makes up nicknames occasionally for people he meets for either identification for him to remember or just to annoy the heck out the people he names.
*His Illusions have gotten stronger after evolution. As a zorua he was only able to illusion himself into other forms, but as a zoroark he’s now able to mess with the perception of what people see and manipulate how people perceive their surroundings as he so chooses. At least until he register’s pain or gets bored that is.
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HAH YES! XD i find tails just look sooo good on foxes in general, why should zoroark be different?? 6 v 6~~
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T_T fluffy collar... :icongrabbyhands:
i never thought Pokimono had masochists... *is scared* BUT HE'S SO AWESOME I DON'T CARE.
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lol they can be anywhere apparently--they're NINJAS OAO~~ /shotforlamenesslol
but lol thanks! XDD
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:iconiloveitplz: He's so cool!
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pffffff thanks xDD
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Okay. Let's try Ren first. She can early bump into him since their in the same village. XD

Yomi walked through the woods near the village. The last job was a hard one. Tired and bleeding slightly from a wound, she just wanted to get home. She rolled a shoulder as the village lights came into view. "Finally..." She was almost there as a figure came into view. "Great People.." She walked past the Zorua and gave a small smile. "Hello~" She bowed lightly before walking again.
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lol logical enough! xDD

*Ren decided to stop by his progressing village for a bit of R&R and to get his weapons sharpened; He still intended to return to Scorched Mountain for his goal, but a little break is good after his last session with a certain jumpluff.* Haa~h... too quiet under all this 'Noir' isnt it~? = u = *he kept walking until what looked like a sunkern girl greeted him; he could smell the blood on her and got curious, so he decided to follow after her* hmm~ hello there~ get back from something intense~? :iconheythereprettyplz:
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Yomi looked over her shoulder to Ren and raised a brow. She hope he was not to much trouble. She was pretty tired. "Hi." She nodded her head for a moment. "The usually. avoiding blade, and grabbing of stolen good to return. Just more man than I counted on..." She gave a small smiled again. "But in the end their dead and I'm not." She looked the man over. "I'm Yomi. Nice to meet a fellow ninja." She said keeping a hand on her wound.
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*Ren chuckled wearing his trade-mark toothy smirk* heheheh Ren, and Why avoid them? the cuts and bruises are a sign of an enjoyable time in my book- Death is a better prize for either them or myself! :D *he swyed his body and shrugged imagining the whole chaos of the lovely pain. in a way he was trying to distract himself from the blood that yomi was shedding. he looked back at her placing a hand under his chin* Hm... let's see... I'm gonna call you... ah- Goma! o 7 o b (jap. for sesame seed) *he pointed his finger up looking too cheerful for his own good*
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Yomi laughed lightly at his words. "It's not bad unless it's bone deep. I have enough stitches for now." She blinked at him. Was this guy for really? She was in pain and bleeding and he was giving her... well... a pet name. "Goma? Okay... Guess that make sense with me being a Sunkern..." She smiled a little but really wanted to get home. "Well it was nice meeting you Ren, but I'm about to pass out. So unless you want to carry my bleeding body home I have go." She waved lightly and started walking yet she had a feeling he would follow her. The cheerful nature he was shown seem.. off. Was he after something?
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hahah that's the bast kind of pain though- to feel it so deep *sigh* so amazing~ *he.... creepily wiggled his body thinking about further sensations even though his body was covered in cuts, slices, and bruises* And of course~ you are a new face in my library, so i MUST give you a name~ :heart: ahahah and as for the servies~-- *he swoops himself around to Yomi's front side* if you can repay me with the red seeping out of you i would be more than likely to help~ B3 *glares at her with a certain daunting gleam in his eyes*
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"Well I don't might names. I give them a lot to people as well. A dark cherry comes to mind when I look at you." She laughed but than her mouth nearly dropped to the ground at his words to his last words. "W-W-WHAT!!!" She gave him the weirdest look before laughing her head nearly off. She blinked some tears away after calming down. "You want my blood? That's what you want?" She grinned at the idea of being carried home for ones. "You help me get home and you talk as much as you like as long as I don't pass out. Do make sure the wound is also clean and taken care of before you leave again..." She held her bloody fingers out to him and grins.
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Oh~ i'm glad- Cherries just so happen to be my favorite! ^^ *he grins before chuckling again from Yomi's response. he did so enjoy the faces of those he bothers and is almost hearty when she laughs too. he smirks as he watches her extend her hand towards him* I will certainly try my best-- *he takes her hand into his, giving a slight bow as he he SEEMING goes in for a kiss on the hand... but instead laps up the reminisce of blood that was there* ---but there are no guarantees~:heart: B3
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Hmm.. o3o I wanna RP with him with Cheri again, but he's probably bored of her XD Unless he cuts her >3>
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lol sorry for answering back so late QwQ''''

we can, but i think it would take more than cuts and bruises to get him though ^^'''
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I noticed~ >w> And It's okay~
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Every time you draw him, he keeps getting sexier and sexier :iconpoker-faceplz:
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lol that's good to know? xD
thanks though- ANATOMY TUTORIALS ARE AMAZINGGGGG :iconzorualaplz:
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:iconfuckthisshitplz: YES THEY ARE
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lol xDD
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stop being so awesome! QAQ

:iconcutekiriplz: KITTEEEHHH :iconsandslashlaplz:
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lol xD

:iconren--plz: Sandehhhh~ :iconzorualaplz: B3
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AMG! Abs XDDD and He's soo cool with his... fluffiness too.. .. >w> ......... <w< ................. *takes*
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