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Summary of 2011

By Kuromu
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So here we have 2011! This year has been a loooong year. Not a single time flew by, and yet, I look at January's piece and it seems SO far away! I'm not so sure I improved this year, but I think that's mostly to do with going on medication and going into hospital - I didn't really have the motivation to draw any more and I've finally finally got back into the swing of things, but I've had to sort of brush up on all my skills.

I really tried to find my own style this year and I think I may have just done that. So surprising, however, that it ended up being quite anime-esque, considering I watch NO anime and read NO manga any more and haven't done for over a year, now. I think I'm happy with my colouring style, however.

Let's begin with the break down!

January was one of my favourite pieces. Even now, I look at it and as much as I hate it, I can't do it any better than that. It's still my desktop background on my PC and it was a really emotional picture for me to draw.

February brought with it, the winds of change and I completely started developing a new style, going in a different direction. I think January was the death of #Jikan-no-Kaze for me, and I welcomed new OCs, instead, embracing my own world. The world got much brighter and that's where Euriona was born.

March saw the birth of Hani and Kana. They already existed in #Jikan-no-Kaze, but I really began to develop them and their story in Untouchables. They completely left JnK, and became full-time cast members of Untouchables. I really liked this piece - it was so airy and floaty.

April was begging for some shiny stuff - and I delivered with this piece. It's my best piece of April and yet somehow, a downgrade from March? Shit happens, I guess! Ilka was the most MG of all my characters, but I was still ignoring JnK.

May led me into a dark few months of Hospitalisation, where it was hard to draw and everything had to be done traditionally. When I got leave, I would scan some of my drawings, although several never made it into Photoshop to be lined or coloured, even later on. I focused SO much on :devseriem-spectral: over the next few months.

June was filled with Hospitalisation and arguments with my psychiatric team, and the girl who got me through all of that was none other than Ami and without her support, I wouldn't be here right now. Sucks that I'm nowhere near as selfless as she is, but I still adore this picture I did of her while she was half-listening to one of my boring stories.

July had no art. I didn't draw. My time was monopolised and dominated by a real big prick who seemed to have an issue with everything I did in my life, including drawing. Apparently, I was creating a world and throwing myself into it as some form of escapism. Now I sort of think... why on earth is that bad? He did, however, bully me into writing more of my book. Double standards or what? Lmao!

August saw a new direction in art - and this was my awesome X-Men:Evo style which I still love. I'm just waiting on like two more profiles to come, then I can finally start with my fucking baby! Haha! I do love Matthew in this image. I really worked hard on drawing guys.

September was a month of doodling and painting scrappily over those doodles and never posting them! This was one of the few of those posted and definitely my favourite of the lot. I thought more about Xanthia in these months.

October was stressful, as I allowed someone back into my life, who I probably shouldn't have. Still, whenever have I done what my mind asked me to? Fuck you, mind! What the hell do you know? What do you mean you know my pin number? SHIIII-!

November gave birth to Hani's expression. Nuff said.

December is here at last, and in the final few days, saw a complete change in art style, back to manga - small noses, large eyes, inner circling of the irises and a strange new colouring style that I adore! I don't know if I'll stick with this style, or just use it to differentiate WTF with other little series of stuff I'm involved with, but I do know that 2012 is going to be eventful!

Thank you for being with me all the way through this emotional year! My friends on here are a big important part of my life and without having dA to vent my feelings, I know I'd be one big mess right now. I thought music was my calling, but it's art that has saved me from myself time and time again, and so I think it's safe to say that I don't want to be a hobbyist any more. That's what this year has taught me.

The Original Blank Version of this meme was produced by =DustBunnyThumper! Have a good 2012, guys!

PS: You can see last year's here!
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That's so cool ! :D Great job !
I think I'll do this exercice... at the end of 2012.
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I really liked the coloring for December even though I know you wanted so bad to color like an Asian. Also I can't wait to see those taser tonfas.
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I personally think Feb's was your best in terms originality and such. I really love how soft the colours are. C:
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February's was gorgeous, but I think I realised at the time, that spending 15 hours on a single piece wasn't my idea of fun art haha! I don't get how some artists can spend 50+ hours on something, I would honestly die!

Thank you!