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Emoticon Meme :: Ven

By Kuromu
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I decided to do thsi wi odlderd and more liek hrseleft ven to get teh fleeing fo it.
bUt i hav sleeppill before i do thissio so now icant see wha im doigb becaise my euws hard- == to oepn

3njo7 ylease

is liek beng drusnk


al effror put itono titel
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The expressions are not easy to draw, but you managed to do it amazingly!!!! I love the ^3^ one
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The expressions are vivid and differ from each other, which is always a good thing when it comes to emotions. I particularly like the :P one.

Thanks for the fave, by the way! :D
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I love your style of drawing!
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Thank you!

If you don't mind me asking, what about it do you like most?
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I love the ^3^ its so cute! I love the colors you used, It makes the picture look peaceful and she looks slightly embarrassed, which is adorable.
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Wait is this based off pictures ? 'Cause the expressions are just so good o __o
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I just thought about how the muscles got pulled in my own cheeks, and then applied that to where the muscles in Ven's cheeks were.
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You're kidding ? Dammit, you've got some talent !!

I wish I could draw expressions that well !! Especially since I wish to draw comics .. n__n
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Practise, practise, practise! How long have you been drawing for?
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Haha, that's funny, I thought about asking you this xD !

Well it's hard to tell. I've been drawing on and off since I'm a really young kid :).

I'm 17 now so yeah xD. I could say it's probably been like what, 10 years ? But it's not like I was serious about it all along :).

How about you ??
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I hated art until about four and a bit years ago, personally... but when I got into it, I really dedicated every waking second to it.
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Jesus it's a good thing you got into it !

I should do the same and practice expressions like you can make some ! xD
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Wow this is soo cool !!
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Absolutely adorable. I said "Oh shit" out loud when I saw angry face.. Moar Ven <3
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The sad thing is... The :< face is the best. WHY AM I BETTER AT DRAWING SAD PEOPLE THAN ANYTHING ELSE?!
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waaa this is cool! Nice meme! :love:
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If alcohol didn't taste so...bitter...I would be drunk a bit more often.
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