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Art Trade - Mai

By Kuromu
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Fuck dude! This was meant to be a doodle-paint type thing, not some airbrushed to fuck painting with a background and all.

I've never painted roses nor glass before. And as for airbrush... I never use it. Why did I use it today?

Why did I pick that horrible lightsource?

Ah well...

I'm strangely happy with this, despite loathing the majority of it?

Pure digital - which is never as good as sketching on paper, but I'm still suffering from 'can't be arsed to turn on the scanner despite it being fully set up syndrome' - it's a horrible illness! Someone needs to start a charity to help those of us suffering with it...

Character, Mai Kyuu © *Yakkov
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Ohhh, this is awesome. I really like it. ^_^
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Holy, this looks awesome!!
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You are too hard on your work. (But I'm the same, I understand. ;P) I love this. (Also, I can't even draw stick people well.) Try to let your art make you happy. :D You have skill and even your "doodles" are great!
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Very lovely work, Kuromu.

I don't get why you're unhappy with this. As far as i'm concerned, you really did well with it.
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Wow! This is incredible May :3
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Haha glad you like it!
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Hahaha I totally get what you mean about the too-lazy-to-get-the-scanner-going syndrome lmao. I think drawing from scratch digitally is pretty challenging! :/ Anyway, this pic is great, your coloring skills are awesome, and I especially enjoy the lighting. :D
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Thank you! Why is there no charity for the terrible illness we artists suffer?!
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turned out great hun. i like the light and the blurry rose
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