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Feral Horror Bidoof (Pokemon Repaint) :iconkuromizuri2:Kuromizuri2 1 0
Blood Pearl the Bloody Mare (MLP Custom) by Kuromizuri2
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Kuromizuri2's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
nuqneH. choleghlaH'a'? qalegh.

This account is mostly dedicated to Star Trek, David Bowie, Fallout 4 and MLP but some of my old works are about Raoul Silva, Pokémon, Alice Cooper etc. etc. etc.
I cosplay, sew, crochet, draw, paint, sculpt, write, animate... Whatever.
I use mostly reused and recycled materials in my plushies, costumes and other things. Reusing is important to me.
I like to paint and draw with a realistic style with a twist.

I speak English.
Puhun suomea.
Jag talar svenska.
Je parle français ;)
tlhIngan Hol vIjatlh.

jIlaD. jIghItlh. jIghoj. Qel vIlob. :D

Tumblr: bowie-star-trekking, yuch-vighaj, qstionableanswers
AO3: Spocko_My_Man
Youtube: People Are Turning To Mold (I post occasional animations and maybe performances)

My commissions are open.

I also take drawing/painting commissions, digital or traditional, if someone's interested.

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust - stamp by kas7ia David Bowie - Space Oddity - stamp 1 by kas7ia Stamp - David Bowie 3 by fmr0 Bowie stamp by TheStampQueen Your Dreams Stamp by TwilightProwler I Love Bowie by Giggle-Monster Ziggy Stamp by TwilightProwler Ashes To Ashes .stamp. by Little-Miss-Helena David Bowie Album Covers by Harizonia

STAMP Star Trek TOS by ForeverSonu Vulcan Stamp by explodingmuffins Kirk and Spock stamp by ForeverSonu Vulcan Stamp by GerudanWerewolf McCoy Stamp by almanah

Star Trek TNG Stamp by Spade6179 Worf Stamp by explodingmuffins Picard Stamp by almanah Data Stamp by almanah
Geordi Stamp by explodingmuffins Klingon Stamp by explodingmuffins Andorian Stamp by explodingmuffins Fan of Q stamp by nachtmahre

006 // clowns by Sissystamps Clown Lover by solarDesolation
i love singing - stamp by gumeimi

Discord by Marlenesstamps

Recycler by Skiler-The-Blind

Art Status: Commissions are Open {Ice and Snow} by Queen-of-Ice101

You may thank me for favouriting your work if you wish to, I just won't be replying to those messages because I get so many of them :)


It's Q o' Clock
Real Q hours in the void. It's ironic since linear time is just an illusion created by the feeble minds of mortals, says Q.
Decoupage on a vinyl record. I printed all the Trek pictures, the center of the clock is a picture of MIR in space. I found it from a magazine.
Q Haute Couture
Here are some high fashion Qs inspired by my Tumblr friend Weepylucifer's Continuum Chic tag. These outfits are from fashion shows etc.
HB pencil, watercolours, glitter glue. 4 pages of A5 paper.
The reference and inspiration for this was a screenshot from the TNG bonus documentary on Netflix, the one after the series finale All Good Things. There was a scene where John de Lancie told about the evolution of his character behind the stage, and he had all his make-up on, a ton of eyeliner and gray lipstick. I wanted to capture that moment because he looked really pretty. He also ended up looking very anxious and desperate as I drew and painted him. Plus the large-looking eyes.
HB pencil, thin black markers and watercolours on A4 watercolour paper.
Ce Matin (Picard/Q)
Twoo guuys chillin on a bed zero inches apart because they are gay. (I had to)
I don't know, I just had an urge to draw these dorks discussing in the morning. Maybe they're sharing thoughts about the universe.
I am very pleased with Q in this! He looked good even after erasing the pencil lines.
HB pencil, thin black markers, watercolours. A4 watercolour paper
Jean-Luc Picard Bust
Here's a little bust sculpture project. I sculpted a Lapras for my big sister from an air-dry clay and was left with a half of the clay blob left. I decided not to let it dry, so I made a Picard bust. Took me around half an hour to sculpt. He's around 15 cm tall.
I call him "Raasu" ("Poor thing") because of the expression he got as I made him. Another name is "Could you back off a bit, Q?" for he looks like tilting his head away.
Air-dry clay (white, similar to DAS)
a block of wood
white glue
Liquitex matte varnish
Hello there! This is my commission info and price list.

I have cats and a dog, so beware if you're allergic. I don't smoke or use perfumes or fragrances of any kind.

I am taking plushie commissions. You name the character and size as well as possible fabric preferences and provide me reference pictures if it's an OC, and I make it.
If you wish to commission me, send me a note where you tell what you want.
International shipping. Payment via PayPal only. The shipping costs will be added to the final price of the plushie.
The overall price of the plushie consists of: size, materials, difficulty (how detailed and how much time it took), and shipping.
The starting price is 20 euros. Please use a currency converter to know what it is in your currency.

So the base price is 20 euros. That should cover the basic materials. I will charge 10 euros per hour (I am fast at sewing). So, if I finish the plush in five hours, the cost will be 70 euros plus shipping. Considering that it's a fairly basic design and I don't need to buy more material or something else.
Base: €20
Per hour: €10
After finishing: 10% of (Base price + 10 euros*amount of hours (* means "times" here, so 'x times y' etc))
(+ additional material costs)
+ shipping

The calculations above don't make much sense, do they? I know. Here's an example:
I get a commission of a detailed character. It is about the size of a mid-sized dog. It takes me seven hours to make. the materials cost me a total of 35 euros. The post office charges me €40 for shipping it overseas.
So it would be Base €20 + €15 for additional material + 7*€10 = €115
10% of 115 euros is 11,5 euros
€115 + €11,5 = €126,5
+ shipping €40
So in total, it will be 166,5 euros. Please also notice that PayPal takes a little extra.

I use reused materials when I sew. I use clothing and pillows, blankets, duvet covers and so forth. I always wash them thoroughly before use and choose the materials in best condition. Reusing and recycling is important to me.

The price of the plush is an estimation of the hours it takes me to make.
I haven't added the base price here.

Small size, simple plush (about 30 cm), 20 euros, such as Vault Boy and Amber here:
Fallout Vault Boy Plush by Kuromizuri2  Amber plush by Kuromizuri2

A simple rag doll-like caricature with a flat, drawn face and basic shapes is 50 euros, like Aladdin/Ziggy here:

Ziggy Stardust/Aladdin Sane plush by Kuromizuri2 He's about one metre tall.

Medium size plush (around 30 to 50 cm), advanced details/unusual material, 60 euros, such as Ludo and Mewtwo:
Labyrinth Ludo plush by Kuromizuri2  Amber plush by Kuromizuri2 (Mewtwo here is in the same picture with Amber, I didn't have a separate deviation for him)

Medium size plush with very detailed features and unusual material, 70 euros, such as Jareth the Barn Owl:
Jareth the Barn Owl plush by Kuromizuri2 

Medium size plush with lots and lots of small parts and unusual material take a lot of time and patience. Mr Handy (Fallout 4) would be about 100 euros.
Fallout 4 Mr Handy Plush by Kuromizuri2

Big Chinese and European / other dragons and Draconequus like Discord (long but thin, quite detailed) are about 100 euros.
Discord Plush (MLP) by Kuromizuri2 This Discord is about 150 cm long.

Big plush (around 75 to 100 cm), humanoid, extremely detailed, 200 euros, like Spock and David Bowie:
Spock Plush Doll (TOS) by Kuromizuri2  Thin White Duke plush doll by Kuromizuri2

Huge plushies (around 2 metres) will be 300 euros because they take a lot of material and especially stuffing, plus they are slower to make. (If the plushie is snake-shaped and long, it goes to the same category as Discord earlier, if it's not very wide.) An example here is Mewtwo:
Life-Size Mewtwo Plush COMMISSION by Kuromizuri2

If you have questions, please ask me in the comments.


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